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The Disney Channel has created several incredible and dubious television shows. IMDb users have given the movie Stuck In The Middle a 6 out of 10. A large Latin American family and each family member’s roles are the sitcom’s subjects. The show centers on Harley, the middle child of seven, and how she copes with her dysfunctional family, who frequently ignores her.

Nine people make up the Diaz family and the main cast. However, unlike many other children’s programs, Stuck In The Middle keeps the plot family-centered, with most of the action taking place in the Diaz home. Occasionally, the story branches out to local events or schools. After three seasons, the show was canceled, and most of the cast has since appeared in other productions.

Stuck in the Middle Cast, And Crew

“Stuck in the Middle” is a Disney Channel sitcom from 2016 to 2018. The I.M.B.D. rating of Stuck in the Middle is 6.2

The main cast of the show includes:

  1. Jenna Ortega is Harley Diaz, the middle child and protagonist of the series.
  2. Ronni Hawk as Rachel Diaz, Harley’s older sister.
  3. Isaak Presley as Ethan Diaz, Harley’s older brother.
  4. Ariana Greenblatt as Daphne Diaz, Harley’s younger sister.
  5. Kayla Maisonet as Georgie Diaz, Harley’s younger sister.
  6. Nicolas Bechtel as Lewie Diaz, Harley’s younger brother.
  7. Malachi Barton is Beast Diaz, Harley’s youngest brother.
  8. Cerina Vincent is Suzy Diaz, the mother of the Diaz family.
  9. Joe Nieves as Tom Diaz, the father of the Diaz family.

Other recurring cast members include:

  • Jenna Ortega also played the character of Darcy in season 2.
  • Lulu Lambros as Ellie Peters, Harley’s best friend.
  • Kayla Maisonet also played the character of Dominique in season 3.
  • Michael Campion as Ethan’s best friend, Jared.
  • Judy Kain as Aunt Rachel, Suzy’s sister.
  • Carla Jeffery as Bethany Peters, Ellie’s older sister.
  • Adam Hochstetter as Joey, a pizza delivery guy, and Harley’s love interest.

Overall, the talented cast of “Stuck in the Middle” helped bring the show to life and made it a beloved sitcom for many Disney Channel viewers.

Cerina Vincent – Suzy Diaz

In Stuck In The Middle, Cerina Vincent plays Suzy Diaz. Suzy is a stressed-out, overworked mother of seven who loves her children but needs time to herself to unload. She defends her family at all costs and makes every effort to show each of her children that they are seen and loved.

Cerina Vincent has continued to act since her time on Stuck In The Middle. Notably, she appeared in several direct-to-streaming and television movies. Laura in Secrets in the Water, Laurie in Killing Eleanor, Jen in The Work Wife, and Melissa in My Daughter’s Psycho Best Friend are all roles she has played. She has also flourished in her personal life, becoming a first-time mother and author of several books. She even has her podcast, “Raising Amazing,” in which she interviews families and advises and encourages parents everywhere.

Joe Nieves – Tom Diaz

Tom Diaz, Suzy’s husband and the bumbling father of seven, is portrayed by Joe Nieves. He owns and operates a store on the dock selling bait, little boats, and other fishing and sailing equipment. He adores his kids and occasionally behaves like one of them. Although he is viewed as a laid-back parent, he steps up when necessary.

Stuck In The Middle Cast
Stuck In The Middle Cast

Nieves has been busy running a real estate company and being a fantastic dad to his kids. On his Instagram account, he posts pictures and updates about his life. However, he hasn’t resumed acting. Since his time on Stuck In The Middle, he has appeared as a guest star in several programs, including Station 19, All Rise, Blue Bloods, and The Dropout.

Ronni Hawk – Rachel Diaz

Ronni Hawk, in the family program, portrays the oldest child. Rachel tends to be a little arrogant and preoccupied with her appearance. But underneath her spoiled exterior lies a girl who cherishes her family and her friendship with her sisters.

Since the conclusion of Stuck In The Middle, Ronni hasn’t appeared in many things. Although her time on the show was cut short by an explosive season 1 finale, contrary to popular belief, the actress’s controversy was not a factor. One of her most significant and notable roles is Olivia in one of Netflix’s best comedies, On My Block. She has also appeared in S.W.A.T. and Legacies as a guest star.

Kayla Maisonet – Georgie Diaz

The second-born Diaz child, Georgie, is portrayed by Kayla Maisonet. She can be spirited and restless. She struggles with anxiety, which she tries to cope with by playing basketball and working out.

Maisonet has kept up his actions. Thelma in Girls Room and Izzy in Speechless, a groundbreaking series that follows a child with cerebral palsy and his family, are two of her most notable roles since the end of Stuck In The Middle. Additionally, Maisonet has appeared in a few episodes of the television series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Diary of a Future President. For updates, her Instagram is fantastic. Based on her posts, she seems to be modeling a lot and establishing herself in the fashion industry.

Isaak Presley – Ethan Diaz

Ethan Diaz, the family’s third-born child, is portrayed by Isaak Presley. He feels an immediate connection to Harley. Ethan enjoys all media art forms, including music, film, and drawing. He typically has a laid-back demeanor and is flexible.

You might also think about the following:

Isaak Presley has since performed in several different genres. With his roles in Hubie Halloween and Fuller House, he maintained his success in comedy. He has tackled drama with One Nation Under God and fantasy with Total Eclipse. Isaak frequently posts photo dumps of himself on Instagram displaying his tattoos. He reveals he’s been concentrating on songwriting in a post from January 6 this year, inspiring his fans to wonder where this endeavor will lead him.

Jenna Ortega – Harley Diaz

The series’ Latina lead is Jenna Ortega. She portrays Harley, the show’s central character and the family’s middle child. She is risk-taking and has an inventive mind. Harley is the glue that holds the family together, even thobeingy forgotten or overlooked, as Ethan told her in the pilot.

In Hollywood, Jenna Ortega has excelled for a while. She has appeared in several notable shows and films that have attracted domestic and international attention. She portrays Ellie Alves in the popular television program You and Tara Carpenter in the most recent Scream. Along with X, Ortega has appeared in Yes Day, The Babysitter: Killer Queen, and other films. She recently went to the Met Gala for the first time, and her career is still strong.

Nicolas Bechtel – Lewie Diaz

Nicolas Bechtel portrays Lewie Diaz as one-half of the twin duo in the show. He frequently orchestrates the crazy schemes and mischief he and his brother engaged in. They often find themselves in trouble.

Kayla Maisonet tweeted that Cast picnic. You can take a look below:

The best teenage years of Nicolas Bechtel are ahead of him. He posted a picture of himself wearing a tux on April 30 and wrote, “First prom was a success.” He is still acting; he played Jared in the K.J. Apa and Britt Robinson film I Still Believe and Rory in the season one finale of American Horror Stories. He also played a recurring character on several episodes of General Hospital, a role he has held since 2013.

Malachi Barton – Beast Diaz

The other actor in the twin duo is Malachi Barton. Even when he doesn’t want to, he is the younger twin who tends to follow Lewie’s lead in everything. They cause chaos whether the parents are present, which has become a trope in Disney Channel shows.

Malachi has stayed true to his Disney roots in recent years, guest-starring in Bunk’d Roll With It Elena of Avalor episodes and in the 2021 remake of Under Wraps. Additionally, he appears in the June 3 premiere of the new Disney Channel series Villains of Valley View. He also provided the voices for Fancy Nancy and Dora and the Lost City of Gold, where he played a young Diego.

Ariana Greenblatt – Daphne Diaz

The youngest Diaz child, Daphne, is portrayed by Ariana Greenblatt. Daphne is very disorganized and occasionally bossy. She frequently swindles her siblings for cash, treats, etc.

Since her time on Stuck In The Middle, Ariana has flourished in Hollywood. She co-starred with Josh Brolin in Avengers: Infinity War when she played a young Gamora, Gina Rodriguez in Awake, Dylan O’Brien in Love and Monsters, and Gina Rodriguez in Awake. She will be appearing in the upcoming Barbie movie with Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie; it was also recently announced. Since appearing on Stuck In The Middle, Ariana has matured considerably. She posts exquisite works of art on Instagram, and on Twitter, she expresses concern for wildlife and animal abuse.

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