Selena Gomez and Chris Evans Dating History And More Information!

Because certain Selena Gomez and Lizzo romance rumors appear to be connected to Chris Evans’ dating history, let’s take a deeper look at his past relationships. As Captain America, Chris is one of the more well-known aspects of his life.

Most of you probably don’t know that he’s been romantically linked to several well-known people you’ve long since forgotten about, including his all-time fav celebrity crush. It’s now or never.

Chris Evans’ Dating History

If Evans is now unattached, here is a list of all of the notable women he’s been associated with, whether they were actual relationships or just rumored to be.

Kate Bosworth – Dated from the Year 2000

After meeting on the set of The Newcomers, where they worked together as a team, there is a story that Kate and Chris were romantically involved in 2000. As cute as they were together, it was a joy to watch.

Jessica Biel – Dated from the Year 2001 to 2006

In 2001, Chris and Jessica began dating, a relationship that lasted until 2006. Jessica claims that the two had even considered getting married as early as 2005. Jessica believes they’ve always discussed it. Both of them aspired to eventually get married and start a family. The rumors that they were engaged were false, as it turned out.

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Emmy Rossum – Dated From Early 2007

Emmy Rossum and Chris Evans were reportedly observed having sex at Teddy’s in Hollywood in March of 2007, according to reports. According to Rossum’s spokesman, even though the two were thought to be friends, they were nothing more than friends at the time.

Christina Ricci – Dated from the Year 2007

It appeared as though the two were head over heels in love as they went hand in hand down the red carpet at the 2007 Met Gala.

Vida Guerra – Dated Sometime In the year 2008

It’s worth noting that Vida Guerra, a Cuban model, was photographed out and about with Evans a couple of times in Los Angeles in 2008.

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Kristin Cavallari – Dated from October 2008

At the time of their Cabana One debut at the Mayfair Hotel in Miami in October 2008, Cavallari personally informed everyone that the two were just good friends.

Amy Smart – Dated from August 2010

Reports of a romantic relationship between Smart and Evans surfaced in the summer of 2010, although Smart’s representative denies it ever existed.

Dianna Agron – Dated from February 2011

As recently as February 2011, a source claimed that the former Glee star had an erotic encounter with the Knives Out actor at a pre-Oscars celebration. In the past, after a brief connection, the pair had a brief relationship before going their ways.

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Ashley Greene – Dated from March 2011

Ashley Greene, the Twilight star, was spotted all over Evans in March 2011 while out and about in Hollywood. According to an insider, there was a lot of sexual chemistry between the two of them. As far as their relationship was concerned, it appears that their connection terminated there.

Minka Kelly – Dated from the Year 2012 to 2014

After a few flings in the mid-’00s, it became clear that Chris and Minka were not intended to be together for the long haul. Sources claimed to magazines in 2013 that the couple cared for each other even if they didn’t want to be together because it didn’t make sense.

Sandra Bullock – Dated from the Year 2014

Several years after meeting at a Vanity Fair Oscar party, Chris ended up dating Sandra, his celebrity crush. He was in love with Sandra Bullock as a child, and she was his first and only love.

Lily Collins – Dated from the Year 2015

According to our knowledge, they have only been out for dinner once, thus we cannot be sure if this constitutes dating or not.

Jenny Slate – Dated from the years 2016 and 2017

As everyone’s favorite couple for a short time, these two couldn’t stay long for a variety of reasons. Jenny and Chris had chemistry on the set of their 2016 film Gifted, but their relationship ended in divorce in February 2017. However, they’ve been spotted together since October of that year, and they’ve even flirted on social media, according to reports.

Lily James – Dated from the year 2020

Chris and Lily were spotted together in the summer of 2020, but neither of them made any public statements about their relationship at the time. Harper’s Bazaar UK spoke to Lily about their relationship, and she refused to confirm or deny that they had ever dated.

Selena Gomez And Chris Evans

Lizzo Circa – Dated from April 2021

This isn’t the first time that Chris and Lizzo have flirted on social media. Lizzo said on TikTok that she had gotten Chris’s Instagram DMs after slipping into his comments on the photo-sharing site.

Selena Gomez – Dated from October 2021

In the fall of last year, Selena and Chris were reported to be dating, and the internet was ablaze with reports about the duo. There was some “evidence” that might be examined here, even though they were only fanfiction. Immediately, Selena’s attention was piqued when Chris began following her on Instagram. Chris and Selena had previously been quoted in 2015 as claiming that they both had feelings for one another.

Alba Baptista – Dated from the year 2022

Recent reports claim that Evans is dating Alba Baptista, an actress best known for her part in Netflix’s Warrior Nun series, who is 24 years old and from Portugal. Even if he does not meet the woman he has been looking for, fans can still hope that he and his family will be able to live happily ever after.

However, we’ll have to wait and see if Chris Evans can maintain this connection for the long term. For his sake, let us pray for him.

That his all-time favorite celebrity infatuation has been linked to several people you’ve probably forgotten about is something most of us have no idea about. It’s time to act… is a great place to keep up with the latest news.

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