Sarah Hyland Plastic Surgery: What She Said About The Rumors?

There are many Sarah Hyland Plastic Surgery rumors on the internet. Sarah Hyland has demonstrated to the world that having scars is not something to be embarrassed by in spite of the fact that she has them.

Thursday was the day that the actress from Modern Family took to Instagram to show off the scars that remain on her stomach as a result of having a kidney transplant, and while she was doing so, she gave a shout-out to Ellen DeGeneres.

“Hello, @theellenshow,” I tweeted. I know that you and Jen are best friends, but I was wondering if Jen ever wears her panties outside of her jeans as I do. She captioned the image with the hashtag “#showyourscars” and included a mirror selfie in which she was wearing Ellen DeGeneres underwear and exposing the lower half of her torso and her legs.

Sarah Hyland Plastic Surgery
Sarah Hyland Plastic Surgery

Sarah Hyland Plastic Surgery

In case you missed it, Hyland was born with kidney dysplasia, which means his kidneys were not fully developed when he was born. In 2018, the actress revealed to the publication Self that she had undergone a total of 16 surgical procedures by the time she was 26 years old.

Two of the operations were kidney transplants: the first one took place in 2012 when her father gave her one of his kidneys, and the second one took place in 2017 when her body rejected the kidney that her father had given her and her brother donated one of his kidneys. During the tearful interview, Hyland admitted that she has always had the impression that she is a “burden” to those she cares about.

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“I had gone through [my entire life] of always being a burden, of always having to be looked after, and having to be cared for,” she said at the time. “I had gone through [my entire life] of always being a burden.”

She also revealed that at the time, the state of her physical health was having a negative impact on her mental health, and she was having suicidal thoughts. She added, “For a long time, I was thinking of ending my life because I didn’t want to fail my little brother as I failed my dad.” “I didn’t want to fail my little brother like I failed my dad.”

But, over the course of the past year, the woman who is now 28 years old has been posting photos of her scars on social media. Just one month after she was admitted to the hospital for treatment of an unspecified health concern, she published a series of selfies in July 2018 in which she exposed her scars.

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