Raju Srivastava Death: What Has Happened To Raju Srivastava?

After suffering a heart attack on August 10, Srivastava was sent to a hospital in Delhi, the nation’s capital.

After passing out from chest pain during a workout at the gym, the comedian was rushed to the hospital and placed on life support.

Srivastava’s family reported last week that he was making slow progress but was still dependent on a ventilator.

In the ’80s, Srivastava began a career as an actor in Hindi cinema.

The 2005 reality show for stand-up comedians, The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, catapulted him to popularity.

When news of Srivastava’s death broke, Prime Minister Narendra Modi led the tributes.

In other words, Srivastava was the comedian of the masses.

He entered this world in 1963, in the city of Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. A poet, Ramesh Srivastava Sr. was his son’s father.

Raju Srivastava, when he was a kid, was quite good at imitating others. Later in his career, he became famous in the Hindi-language comedy industry for his uncanny ability to imitate Bollywood star, Amitabh Bachchan.

In the 1980s, when Doordarshan TV was the primary source of entertainment in India, Srivastava began performing stand-up.

Raju Srivastava Death
Raju Srivastava Death

Hasna Mana Hai (Laughter is Banned) was his debut sketch, and it was released on an audio cassette.

Srivastava, in an interview, recalls riding in a tuk-tuk with pals as the driver listened to a cassette.

“In a playful manner, we said, “What are you listening to, man?” You need to turn this off and put on something more enjoyable. In contrast, the driver answered, “Oh no, brother, this Srivastava makes me laugh a lot.” “His words.

Moving to Mumbai, the country’s film capital, in the late 1980s, Srivastava was able to be further immersed in the Bollywood scene.

In the film Maine Pyaar Kiya, which also starred Salman Khan, he made his acting debut. He then went on to star in other blockbuster movies like Baazigar and Toilet: Ek Prem Katha.

He continued to rely primarily on comedy, though.

As a contestant in The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, Srivastava wowed crowds with his quick wit and unscripted humour.

He remarked in an interview that he preferred to dress in bright colours because “My performances draw enormous crowds during fairs in locations like Lucknow and Patna. People may easily identify me while I’m wearing these clothing.”

Srivastava dabbled in politics like many other Indian celebrities.

He was a Samajwadi Party candidate in Kanpur for the 2014 general election. After that, he decided to drop out of the competition. Later on, he became a member of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Akhilesh Yadav, leader of the Samajwadi Party, expressed his sorrow at Yadav’s passing in a Wednesday tweet. “This man was born into a very humble background. He made an impact on the globe with his abilities and dedication. It’s safe to say that he’s one of the few truly gifted comedians working today.”

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