Madison Brooks Parents: Meet Scott And Ashley

In relation to the alleged rape and death of Louisiana State University student Madison Brooks, four individuals have been charged.

On January 15, Brooks is said to have been sexually assaulted by at least two men and abandoned in the streets before being run over and killed by a vehicle. A 17-year-old minor and Kaivon Washington are accused of one count of third-degree rape.

Everett Lee and Casen Carver are each accused of committing a third-degree rape on one count. An affidavit states that Madison Brooks tested positive for THC and had blood alcohol levels four times the legal limit when she exited Reggie’s Bar near the LSU campus on January 15. The affidavit further claims that Brooks and the four suspects shared a drink at the establishment.

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One of the suspects, Casen Carver, allegedly claimed in an affidavit that he was unfamiliar with Madison Brooks and had never seen her before. He claimed that Brooks walked with them as they left the bar with the other patrons.

Carver reported seeing Brooks and the 17-year-old “huggling and strolling together” and that Brooks was “extremely unstable on her feet,” unable “to hold her balance,” and unable “to talk clearly without slurring her words.”

Madison Brooks Parents

When Brooks was offered a ride home, she stumbled and could not respond. Carver accelerated to a nearby street and parked the vehicle. In the backseat of the vehicle, Brooks and the 17-year-old had sex. Carver claimed that after the 17-year-old had sex with Brooks, he overheard Washington asking him for sex “several times,” and “she consented.”

Carver claimed that while “sex acts were being performed with the victim,” he and Washington’s uncle, Lee, remained in the front seat. Carver then remarked, “We’ve got to stop this,” Carver left Brooks “in a neighbourhood” because he could not determine her residence. Brooks was killed when a car struck him at 2:50 in the morning.

Madison Brooks Parents: Meet Scott And Ashley

Ashley Baustert is her father, and Scott is all that is known about her mother. Her mother is 43 years old, and her father is 51. Keep an eye on us for more information like this,

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