Did Pastor Keion Henderson And His Wife Get Divorced?

Keion Henderson Divorce: He’s got a lot of skills under his belt. Keion’s incredible interest in hearing speeches began at a young age. He grew up in Gary, East Chicago, and Fort Wayne, Indiana. In 2009, he uprooted his life and settled in Houston.

Pastor Henderson is now well-known as an inspirational speaker and writer. Keion graduated from East Chicago’s Central High School in 1999. His next stop was Fort Wayne, where he enrolled at Indiana University and Purdue University.

After four years at this university, Keion received his bachelor’s degree in IC in 2004. Afterward, he attended the Gary, Indiana, Tree of Life Missionary Baptist Church.

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Who Is Felecia Henderson?

Texas native Felecia Annette Henderson was born on April 23, 1980. She is well-known as the former first lady of Keion Henderson’s Lighthouse Church in Houston, Texas.

The 2019 edition of Closet Chats featured Felecia, who was also involved in her Church’s community, as a guest host. The series featured candid discussions of many aspects of being a woman. They were cohosted by Felecia, WiiN Worldwide Founder and President Earlene Buggs, and The BossLady Network CEO Christina Murray.

Holton Buggs, a prosperous coach and the husband of Felecia, and Pastor Henderson, a minister, both participated in an episode centered on marriage and family.

Who Was Pastor Keion Henderson’s Wife?

There was a report in Hollywood Mask that Keion and Felicia Henderson were married. They were married for only two years, from 2015 to 2016, and their union did not last. They have two beautiful girls who they adore.

It is currently unknown what caused the breakup between the two. Keion used to post numerous photos of them together on social media before they broke up. Keion and Felicia had previously worked together at his Church, The Lighthouse Church, where he serves as pastor.

Keion Henderson Divorce
Keion Henderson Divorce

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Keion never discussed the breakup details, although he did address the topic of divorce in his novel “Shift.”

Did Pastor Keion Henderson And His Wife Get Divorced?

They tied the knot on August 7, 2010, and Keion Henderson is now Mrs. Felecia Marcel. The pastor, who has been married for nine years, reportedly discussed tensions in the marriage during an interview. In 2019, they decided to divorce each other. In an interview with BlessedBeatz Media, the pastor made the announcement.

The court documents were purportedly obtained by vlogger Larry Reid and made available on Patreon. According to Keion’s spiritual coach and commentator, the divorce and custody fight that followed were quite contentious.

In talks and his book The Shift, Keion discusses facing one’s worries and going through one’s hardships. As for Felecia, she has remained relatively silent on their split and has not been very active on social media.

How Rich Is Felecia Henderson?

Compared to her ex-husband, Keion Henderson, Felecia Henderson is neither wealthy nor well-known. She spent a lot of time serving in the Lighthouse Church before she and Keion left. Felecia and her ex-husband began their respective businesses, such as Sugarland Campus. As a result of the schism, though, Felecia is no longer connected to the Lighthouse Church either.

Felecia, Earlene Buggs, and Christina Murray appeared in 2019’s Closet Chats, an internet-based conversation programme. Topics related to womanhood were the main focus of the show. Felecia earned roughly $10,000 from the series.

According to several sources, Felecia Henderson has a net worth of roughly $200,000. She has been greatly appreciated for her work in the Church and on chat shows like Closet Chats. Felecia also benefited financially from her divorce settlement and child support payments. Felecia and her girls thrive in their current environment, and she rarely appears in public.

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