Jordan Poole Girlfriend: Who Is He Currently Dating And What Does She Do?

Jordan Poole is a rising NBA star known for his impressive skills as a Golden State Warriors guard. As his career progresses, fans have become increasingly interested in his personal life, particularly his relationship status. Poole’s girlfriend has been the subject of rumors in recent months, with many fans wondering if he is in a committed relationship with Kim Cruz. In this context, it’s worth delving into the identities of Jordan Poole and his girlfriend, as well as what we know about their relationship, if any.

Unfortunately, little is known about Jordan Poole’s relationship status or his girlfriend Kim Cruz. While some rumors suggest that the two are in a serious relationship, neither of them has confirmed this. It’s also worth noting that, despite their high-profile careers, Poole and Cruz have kept their personal lives relatively private. Despite this, the media and fans continue to speculate about their relationship, particularly since Poole agreed to a major contract extension with the Golden State Warriors. In this post we gonna talk about Jordan Poole Girlfriend.

Who Is Jordan Poole’s Girlfriend?

Kim Cruz is a popular artist and blogger from the Philippines. Despite being born in 1997, she has amassed a sizable fan base on her various public social media platforms. Her Instagram profile currently has 431k followers. After beginning her career as a TV host, the 24-year-old discovered her calling in the art world and joined an art gallery.


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Many of her creations have since been shared on her public Instagram profile. When Kim Cruz was seen wearing one of Jordan Poole’s shirts in October 2021, fans began to speculate about her relationship with him. Her post of a photo from a Golden State Warriors game fueled the rumors.

Where Is Jordan Poole’s Girlfriend From?

Jordan Poole is said to be dating Kim Cruz, a Filipino blogger, and artist born in 1997 in Manila, Philippines. Kim has received recognition in the Philippines for her one-of-a-kind art pieces, which she has sold in a number of exhibitions.

Jordan Poole Girlfriend
Jordan Poole Girlfriend

While it is unknown how or when they met, rumors of their relationship began to circulate in October 2021, when Kim was spotted wearing one of Jordan’s exclusive shirts and shared a photo from a basketball game, leading many fans to believe they were dating. However, neither Jordan nor Kim has publicly confirmed their relationship, so the specifics of their relationship are unknown. Let’s check out Who is Paul From Love Is Blind’s New Girlfriend.

Where Do Kim Cruz And Jordan Poole Meet?

In October 2021, there were rumors that Kim and Jordan were dating. Jordan once caught Kim wearing one of his unique shirts. They probably date because she also posted a picture from a Los Angeles Lakers-Golden State Warriors match. They haven’t publicly acknowledged their relationship, though.

Kim Cruz, Jordan Poole’s Girlfriend Works For What?

Kim Cruz is a young and successful Filipino artist and blogger with a large social media following. She was born in 1997 and has always had an interest in art. She pursued her passion by earning a degree in Art Business and Multimedia Arts, and she later worked for an art gallery to advance her career. Kim, in addition to being an artist, is a popular blogger who posts about her life and art on her Instagram page, which has over 426 thousand followers. Paintings, sketches, and illustrations are among her creative works, which she shares with her followers. She is well-known for her distinct style and the way she expresses herself through her art. Let’s take a look at who Harry Styles is Dating Currently.

Conclusion: Jordan Poole’s rising NBA star has heightened interest in his personal life, particularly his relationship status. Little is known, however, about his rumored girlfriend, Kim Cruz. Kim is a talented artist and blogger from the Philippines, known for her one-of-a-kind artwork and large social media following. Despite the fact that rumors of their relationship first surfaced in October 2021, neither Jordan nor Kim have publicly confirmed their relationship status. Despite their high-profile careers, they have kept their personal lives relatively private. The specifics of their relationship remain unknown, as fans continue to speculate.

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