Gillie Da Kid Net Worth: How Rich Is The American Rapper in 2023?

Gillie Da Kid is an American rapper and businessman from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has a successful music career.

His collaborations with other well-known singers such as Lil Wayne, Akon, and T.I. Gillie Da Kid have been a successful businessman and record label executive in addition to his music career. This article will provide an overview of Gillie Da Kid’s bio, age, height, income, and net worth.

Gillie Da Kid’s Net Worth

Gillie Da Kid has an estimated net worth of $5 million. Gillie Da Kid is a well-known rapper and businessman from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

He has a successful music career and is well-known for his collaborations with Lil Wayne, Akon, and T.I.  He has been successful in business as a record label executive and entrepreneur in addition to his music career.

Gillie Da Kid has made a good living through his music career and commercial activities. He has multiple albums to his credit, has worked with some of the biggest names in music, and has his own record company.

Gillie Da Kid Biography

Gillie Da Kid, better known as King of Philly, is a Philadelphia-based rapper and actor. Nasir Fard was born on January 1, 1984, in a difficult neighborhood where he was exposed to drugs, violence, and poverty.

Gillie Da Kid Net Worth

In the late 1990s, he gained fame as a member of the band Major Figgas as a method to escape his surroundings. However, it was his solo career that propelled him to national prominence.

Gillie Da Kid’s personal life has been turbulent, including a brief spell in prison for drug use, but he has always remained committed to his music.

He is noted for his combative and controversial rhymes, in which he frequently criticizes other rappers and asserts his authority in the rap game. He has also appeared in films and television shows such as “Wrath of Man” and “The Wire.”

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Gillie Da Kid Career

Gillie Da Kid began rapping at an early age and joined Major Figgas, a seven-member rap ensemble, in the late 1990s. The trio obtained a deal with Houston-based Suave House Records and recorded many songs, including the breakthrough tune “Yeah That’s Us.” However, the label’s distribution arrangement with Universal was terminated, and the group disintegrated.

Following his time in Major Figgas, da Kid signed with Cash Money Records in New Orleans to pursue a solo recording career. However, publishing complications kept his work from being distributed, and he apparently continued to work for the label as a ghostwriter.

After signing with the independent label Babygrande Records, Da Kid released the 2007 mixtape “The Best of the GDK Mixtapes.” He went on to have a successful song with “Get Down on the Ground,” which was later covered by Soulja Boy. In the years thereafter, da Kid has released two albums: “King of Philly” and “I Am Philly.”

He eventually left Babygrande Records for Relumae Records, where he recorded the albums “Welcome to Gilladelphia” and “Million Dollars Worth of Game.”

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Gillie Da Kid’s Age and Height

Gillie Da Kid is 40 years old and stands 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 m) tall. He has maintained a youthful and vibrant appearance throughout his career and is noted for his characteristic dreadlocks.

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