Former NBA Player Tristan Thompson’s Mother Dies: Who Was Tristan Thompson’s Mother, Andrea Thompson?

Former NBA Player Tristan Thompson’s Mother Dies: This past Friday, sad news from Toronto came to light regarding the passing of Tristan Thompson’s mother. Thompson’s mother reportedly had a heart attack on Thursday while at home, according to TMZ. She was transported to a nearby hospital, but her attempt to revive her proved fruitless.

Despite not publicly responding to the situation, Thompson left Los Angeles for Toronto immediately, per a TMZ story. No other information has been provided on the problem to date.

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Although nothing is known about his mother, it has been said that she once drove school buses. In a previous interview, Thompson discussed his relationship with his mother in detail and noted that the two still speak frequently even though he is an adult.

Thompson mentioned how his mother took extraordinary care of their younger brother Amari, who suffers from epilepsy. Thompson credits his brother as one of the main reasons he keeps up his fundraising efforts for epilepsy research. His mother had to make a lot of sacrifices to be Amari’s 24-hour carer, as he mentioned at the time.

Former Nba Player Tristan Thompson's Mother Dies
Former Nba Player Tristan Thompson’s Mother Dies

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Tristan Thompson’s Mother And Her Love For Children

Tristan Thompson’s mother remained home and watched him from a distance, encouraging her son. His mom’s life was very different from other NBA moms, as he detailed in an interview with NBC Sports Chicago last year while playing for the Chicago Bulls.

Tristan Thompson admitted that there was a period when his mother was afraid to leave the house for even ten minutes to fetch groceries because she would worry about his sibling. Thankfully, the family was able to stop Amari’s seizures. For more information, please visit

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