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William “Billy” Loomis is the original Ghostface killer and the major antagonist in Scream (1996 film). As a horror movie lover, he persuades his best friend, Stu Macher, to assist him in committing a killing spree in Woodsboro.

While stating that it is “scarier when there is no motivation,” he confesses to Sidney and Stu that the killing spree is a sophisticated vengeance strike on Maureen Prescott. Billy’s rage derives from his mother’s departure as a result of his father’s romance with Maureen, the mother of his girlfriend. He holds Maureen and her well-known promiscuity responsible for the breakdown of his family unit. In retaliation, he murders Maureen and blames her other boyfriend, Cotton.

Following his success in framing Cotton, he tortures his grieving fiancée, Sidney, in an intricate revenge plot, intending to implicate her father for the murdering spree he undertakes with Stu. Billy, on the other hand, fails this time, and Sidney eventually defeats and kills the crazy duo inside Stu’s house.

It is revealed 25 years after his murder that Billy had an affair with Christina Carpenter, who gave birth to his illegitimate daughter, Samantha, who later faces a killing spree identical to the one Billy engineered.

Skeet Ulrich portrays Billy in Scream (1996). Ulrich reappears in Scream as a reimagining of Billy through his daughter’s hallucinations (2022). Luke Wilson plays him in Stab (1998), a film based on Gale’s best-selling book retelling of the killings.

Billy Loomis Early Life

Billy Loomis, the son of Hank and Nancy, began dating Sidney Prescott and later became friends with Stu Macher. Following the revelation that Hank had an affair with Sidney’s mother, Maureen, Billy’s mother moved out. Troubles in Billy’s childhood were exacerbated by his mother’s abandonment.

Roman Bridger revealed the affair to Billy by showing him a video of Hank having an affair with Maureen, the mother of his girlfriend. Roman persuaded Billy to kill Maureen because she was responsible for Mrs Loomis’s decision to separate from Hank and Billy. Roman instructed Billy to find a docile collaborator and implicate one of Maureen’s other lovers for the murder. Both Billy and Stu were obedient to the plan.

Billy’s daughter Samantha Carpenter was born to another student, likely while he was still with Sidney, sometime before or during the Woodsboro Murders. Samantha didn’t learn the truth about her father’s identity until she was an adult and discovered her mother’s diaries, which revealed that Billy had never met his daughter.

The Woodsboro Murders

Billy and Stu murdered Casey Becker and Steven Orth a year after Maureen’s death. When Stu killed Steven, Billy was the one who contacted Casey. Casey was caught by Billy after she punched Stu at the window. He stabbed her several times and strangled her. After Casey has been stabbed multiple times in the chest, abdomen, and legs, Stu helps Billy gut her and hang her. Since the killer has dressed in a standard Halloween costume, of which many people will have at least one item, identifying him will be extremely difficult. The killer is known as Ghostface throughout the Scream series because of this mask. Billy and Stu plan to attack Sidney the following night.

After calling Sidney, Stu dresses as Ghostface and tries to kill her while chasing her. After Sidney had been severely scared, Billy “comforts” her by appearing at her window. Sidney finds a dropped cell phone, which may have been her father’s but was cloned. She stares at him and pieces together the situation, concluding that he must have been the one who initiated the attack by calling him.

While he yells for her to come down the stairs, she rushes there “Hey, hey, hey… What the heck is going on? Don’t leave us, Sidney. Sidney!” She opens it and is startled to see Dewey with the Ghostface mask in his hand and the police outside her door. Soon after, Billy is taken into custody and taken to the Woodsboro Police Department.

Burke questioned Billy, who was there with his father Hank, about why he has a cell phone, and Billy said that everyone does, denying that he contacted and harassed Sidney. In defence of his son, Hank exclaims, “Check the phone bill for Christ’s sake!” before asking whether he can contact essential phone comp, which keeps records of every phone call.

While in Sidney’s residence, Burke continued to question Billy, asking him why he was there. After Billy stated his want to see her, Burke inquired as to the previous evening, noting that Sidney had mentioned that Billy had entered the house through her window on two separate occasions. Unaware that Billy had left the house, Hank questioned, “You went out last night?” Billy said that he had been watching TV but had gotten bored and wanted to go for a ride. In response to Burke’s question, “Did you happen to ride by Casey Becker’s house?” Billy asserts that he did not and did not kill anyone.

If they don’t have Billy’s phone records, Burke warned Hank, they have to throw him in jail for the night. Then, Dewey shows Burke the Father Death costume and says they sell one every five dimes in the state with no way to trace the buyer. When Burke inquired more, Dewey replied that they were “pulling Billy’s phone bill” and wouldn’t know the results until the next morning.

Dewey tells Sidney the next morning that Billy’s phone records are clean and that it couldn’t have been him making those calls to her or Casey Becker, which results in Billy’s release from jail. At Tatum’s, Stu refers to Sidney as “Ghostface” and assures him that he will soon learn the truth about who Ghostface is and how to clear Billy’s name. This, along with the fact that the phone records are checked out, gets Billy out of jail, but it also causes the other members of the gang to stop hanging out with him.

Sidney is taken aback when she unexpectedly bumps into Billy while escaping unkind classmates. Even though she recognises him, she rejects him anyway. Disregarding her emotional state, he asks if she still holds him responsible for the attack. She denies it, but he insists she’s changed since her mom passed away. As a result of his irresponsible statement, Sidney becomes irritated and scolds him. He tries to make light of her loss by drawing parallels between his upbringing and that of Sidney after her mother’s death. He explained his motivation by saying he wanted his lover back. Following Billy’s comments, Sidney goes away in tears.

Billy probably followed Sidney and Tatum while they were conversing on the patio and while they were buying at the convenience store before the party. The girls discuss the tragedy that befell her mother as Tatum spills even more juicy gossip. There were rumours that her mother had been seeing other men (one of whom turned out to be Billy’s father).

Billy Loomis
Billy Loomis

Sidney and Tatum had a heartfelt talk in the convenience shop regarding Sidney’s decision to stop caring about Billy. Tatum tells him that he is unworthy of her love. At this same moment, Ghostface may be seen reflected in the store’s water fountain. It’s clear that Billy is behind this, and he’s framed Tatum to isolate Sidney and fuel her animosity toward him for the things she’s spoken about him.

An event is held. He hasn’t been invited, but he keeps showing up. When Tatum unlocks the garage door to get a beer, she finds Billy dressed as Ghostface inside. After killing her, he sneaks inside the house via the garage. Sidney calls for Tatum to come with him because it’s already time to leave. The silence prompts her to finally ask Stu, “Where are you?” He has doubts. After startling them both, Billy asks to speak with Sidney privately. She gives her assent, and the two of them meet in the master bedroom to discuss the matter further. Randy Billy says he’s sorry, and Sidney, understandingly, admits that it’s partly her fault that she’s so shut down, too. Billy continues by saying he can relate to her plight because of his knowledge gained from watching similar films. She tells him coolly that this isn’t a movie. In his words, “Absolutely, Sid. To sum it up… Everything is just like a giant movie. Except that you just can’t decide on a style.” Sidney says flirtatiously, “Why can’t I be a Meg Ryan movie…?..or even a good porno?” as they resume their intimate exchange.

Next, Billy inquires as to her readiness. She says she is in response. Sidney and Billy have sex not long after. When the other guests learn that their principal has also been killed, they quickly leave to go view his body. After they leave, Ghostface reappears, stabs Billy, and seemingly kills him; he then resumes his pursuit of Sidney. It looks like Billy is mortally wounded but still alive after Sidney is chased and she returns to the house, locking Randy and Stu out of the house (Randy’s own house).

When he trips and falls down the steps, he sustains terrible injuries. If he doesn’t respond, she goes to check on him. She assists him in standing, stating that they need medical attention. He won’t let anyone else open the door or get the pistol until he does. In the end, he allows Randy in but then shoots him in the chest to expose that he was a mastermind in the crimes all along. The two killers, Billy and Stu, took turns killing and switching off with Stu answering calls. They explained that Billy had killed Sidney’s mother for financial reasons and that they planned to frame Sidney’s father, Neil Prescott, for the murder.

As Gale Weathers attempted to take control of the firearm, she noticed that the safety had been left engaged. When Stu realises Sidney is gone, Billy kicks Gale against a pillar, knocking her out. Billy then raises his gun to shoot her, but Stu stops him. After Billy breaks up with Gale, he gets a call from Sidney, who mocks him in the Ghostface voice. She has hidden out and called the cops. While Stu chats to Sidney on the phone, Billy cuts the pillows apart with the knife.

In response to noises, Billy unlocks a door, only to discover that Sidney has deceived him by turning on a Halloween-themed TV show. Sidney, in full Ghostface garb, stabs Billy twice in the chest and strikes him. Sidney is relieved when Randy recovers from his gunshot wound just as Stu bursts out of the kitchen and fights with her after she removes her Ghostface outfit. However, Billy stands up and knocks out Randy as well.

Then, he tries to strangle Sidney, but she manages to stab him in the neck and escape. But that only infuriates Billy more, and he draws his knife in preparation to stab the ground. After Gale shoots Billy, the latter crumples to the ground. The survivors were startled when Billy opened his eyes and grunted, just as Randy had predicted he would. Sidney, however, showing a certain survivor’s edge, confidently wields the rifle and fires a single shot into Billy Loomis’s forehead, putting an end to Billy’s life.

The Windsor College Murders

The new film Stab, which is based on the events of Scream, had already been released by the time Scream 2 was released. In the film, Luke Wilson portrayed Billy Loomis. He appears in the now-famous moment where he and Tori Spelling’s character, Sidney, fight over how different their moms’ deaths are.

When Mickey was ineffective and still helpful as a scapegoat, Nancy Loomis killed him in an attempt to avenge her husband’s murder with his cooperation in a second murder spree. During a phone call, Randy had called Billy a “rat-looking, homo-repressed mama’s boy,” and this prompted her to take his life. The mother eventually has Sidney answer to her for her son’s death. Sidney puts up a good fight, but Mrs Loomis manages to capture him in the end. Sidney’s life was spared thanks to Cotton Weary’s bullet.


Sidney saw her bedroom set for Stab 3 at Sunrise Studios and recalled their chats. She was amused by his amiable qualities before she considered his darker nature. When she hears noises on the set, she does what she always does: gets her mace and presses the closet door against the bedroom door. She becomes alarmed as she sees her “door” move on its own, and she quickly retreats to the room’s window out of fear. Despite her best efforts to recall, she failed to realise that Billy had entered her home via an open window during the chaos. The murderer suddenly materialises behind her, seizes her, and drags her out “her window.” Roman even refers to him after his big announcement, while he’s explaining his retribution strategy.

15 Years Later

On multiple occasions in the fourth instalment, Billy was mentioned.

Billy Loomis
Billy Loomis

Trevor implied that Billy was Jill’s ex-boyfriend by saying that he had once crawled through her window and made other overt displays of sexual interest. Sidney said that she and Billy were similar, and she found the parallels interesting.

Jill doesn’t appear to be as upset by Olivia as Sidney expects her to be because she is a female “Billy.” Sidney and Jill’s bonding scene follows, inspired by the time when Billy and Sidney reconciled and Sidney lost her virginity to Billy, but Jill did the same for Billy. As female cousins, Sidney and Jill share a touching family moment, but Sidney can’t shake the notion that there’s a familiar vibe between them.

Jill and Sidney’s reference to the pursuit at Kirby’s house, in which they both make a beeline towards Kirby’s bedroom, is another example of a reference that was reciprocated. Billy and Sidney were having a nice conversation when Stu rushed in and pretended to stab him, sending Billy “unconscious” on top of the bed and sending Sidney running. This time, however, Sidney instructs Jill to hide UNDER the bed as she runs away, claiming she is on her way to fetch aid. She, like Billy, is revealed to be a murderer after jumping out of bed.

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The fact that she is related to Sidney and goes by the name “Jill” implies that she is a female version of Billy. By her mannerisms, feminine replicas of his clothing, reciprocating and comparable actions, repressed grief, wicked sense of humour and love of horror movies, and killer instinct, Jill has symbolised a mix of Billy and Sidney. In that he holds down his feelings for Kirby, Charlie alludes to a facet of Billy (the new version of Sidney). About three-quarters of Billy’s and one-fourth of Sidney’s references came from Jill, while Charlie accounted for the remaining quarter.

2021 Woodsboro Legacy Murders

Samantha Carpenter, Billy’s illegitimate daughter, sees him as a hallucination while under the influence of her medication. The hallucinations eerily mimic Billy in his true form, constantly pleading with Sam to give in to her murderous impulses. Eventually achieving success.

Sam first sees Billy in the hospital as she bends over to get a drink and he emerges behind her as she stands up. He makes fun of her for holding the secret that led to the attack and worries when she’ll tell Tara the truth. As soon as Sam’s phone rings, Billy vanishes.

After being insulted by Mindy Meeks-assertion Martin that she is the killer, Samantha drives away from the Meeks House. On the way, Billy appears in the rearview mirror and tells Sam that it’s time to find the killer and “chop some fucking throats.” Sam yells “NO!” and just escapes getting T-Boned by another vehicle. Once again, Billy vanishes.

Once Richie Kirsch’s identity has been revealed by the Killer, Billy reappears in a mirror within the home and indicates the position of the knife Richie had dropped. In the end, she can control her darker impulses, and with Billy’s encouragement, she uses Richie’s knife to stab him multiple times before slitting his throat to murder him.

As Sam takes Tara away in an ambulance, she has another terrifying hallucination of Billy standing behind her, proving that he is still a presence in her life.

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