Who Is Phoebe Gates? Bill And Melinda Gates’ Daughter Phoebe Speaks Out

Phoebe Gates, a daughter of Bill and Melinda Gates, has discussed the drawbacks of her internet popularity. She revealed to The Information that she frequently becomes the focus of “misconceptions and conspiracy theories”  about her family and her relationship with her boyfriend.

In the past, she had said that people on social media follow her because of her “family name” and probably find it funny to see her dad, one of the richest men alive, being a goofball in her videos. 

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Who Is Phoebe Gates?

Phoebe Gates, 20, is the youngest child of Bill and Melinda Gates and was born in Seattle, Washington. Jennifer Catherine, who is 26 years old, and Rory John, who is 23 years old, are her two older siblings.

She is very close with her parents and frequently expresses gratitude for their support and love in heartfelt messages on social media. At Stanford University, where she met her boyfriend, Robert Rodd, Gates is pursuing a degree in women’s health. In 2025, she will receive her degree from the esteemed institution.

The social media personality utilizes her platform to remark on news events and medical issues since she is passionate about reproductive health and women’s well-being.

Bill And Melinda Gates' Daughter Phoebe Speaks Out

Talking to Vogue, she explained that she wanted to be an advocate like her mother. She said: “When you’re Melinda’s daughter, it’s easy to be passionate about reproductive health. My mom is my hero. She’s a brilliant reformer who travels around the world advocating for gender equality.

“When I started college last year, I wanted to become an advocate, like my mom. So I tried to learn as much as I could about making policy, finding the best data, gathering the best ideas, and educating the right people.” The influencer presently has approximately 200,000 followers on Instagram and around 65,200 followers on TikTok.

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