Who Is Aubrey Plaza Boyfriend, Jeff Baena?

In her husband, Jeff Baena, Aubrey Plaza found a lifelong friend and professional partner. The ultra-private pair were married in secret in 2021 after dating since 2011. Along with being husband and wife, the couple has worked together on other projects, including the 2022 movie Spin Me Round, written and directed by Baena and stars Plaza.

The actress, currently starring in season two of the popular HBO series The White Lotus, attributes a large part of her success to the help of her husband and frequent business partner.

Who Is Aubrey Plaza Boyfriend, Jeff Baena?

Aubrey Plaza, a star of Parks and Recreation, and her long-term partner, director Jeff Baena, got married. In an Instagram post announcing their next film Spin Me Round, the 36-year-old actor referred to Baena, 43, as my spouse. I am extremely pleased with my sweetheart Jeff for coming up with another movie that brings us to Italy to cause more problems.

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How Did Aubrey Plaza And Jeff Baena Meet?

In 2011, Baena and Plaza came into contact. The specifics of their first encounter and the early stages of their relationship aren’t known to the general public.

How Long Has Aubrey Plaza Been Married?

Plaza has been married for a little more than a year as of the time of writing in August 2022. Although it’s unknown exactly when they got married because it was so intimate, she announced her marriage to Baena in May 2021.

How Long Have Aubrey Plaza And Jeff Been Together?

Baena and Plaza have been dating for an impressive 11 years since 2011! As of this writing in August 2022, they have been married for nearly a year.

Aubrey Plaza Boyfriend
Aubrey Plaza Boyfriend

Where Is Jeff Baena From?

Baena was raised in South Florida after being born in Miami. He studied at New York University, and he currently cohabitates with Plaza in Los Angeles.

What Is Jeff Baena’s Age?

According to reports, Baena was 43 years old when he married Plaza in 2021. Baena was born on June 29, 1977, making her 45 years old as of the date of this writing in August 2022.

What Is Jeff Baena’s Height?

Depending on which source you believe the most, Baena’s height ranges from 5’6″ to 5’8″. He is the appropriate height.



What Movies Have Aubrey Plaza And Jeff Baena Done Together?

Numerous projects that Plaza and Baena have worked on together. The first film they collaborated on was Life After Beth, a zombie movie written by Baena and starring Plaza as the titular undead girl. She appeared in Joshy, his film from 2016, and The Little Hours, his movie from 2017.

The couple’s most recent collaborative film, Spin Me Round, is scheduled to be released in 2022. Additionally, they collaborated on the Showtime television programme Cinema Toast. For more information, please visit Digitalnewsexpert.com.

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