Are Austen And Olivia From Southern Charm Still Together?

Are Olivia And Austen Still Together: Southern states are famous for their charming manners and warm hospitality. The film “Southern Charm,” which follows a group of wealthy Charlestonians around a year, aims to capture this ethos through a portrayal that is at odds with the real thing. Produced by Bryan Kestner and Whitney Sudler-Smith, this reality show gives viewers a glimpse into the personal and professional lives of the ensemble members as they explore the rich cultural heritage of the American South.

Rising popularity of Bravo’s ‘Southern Charm’ since its premiere in 2014 can be attributed to the show’s focus on the love relationships of its cast members and the unique characters they portray. Austen and Olivia’s relationship stood out to fans in season 8 because of how frequently the show’s love dynamics changed.

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Austen And Olivia’s Southern Charm Journey

Since joining the cast of “Southern Charm” in Season 4, Austen Kroll’s professional and romantic fortunes have been less than stable. His professional life has advanced significantly due to his new entrepreneurial endeavours, but his personal relationships have been less steady. The initial friendship he had with Chelsea Meissner led to many others with other cast members, including Lindsay Hubbard, Ciara Miller, and by season seven, Madison LeCroy. Olivia Flowers, however, became Austen Kroll’s love interest after joining the group in season 8.

Austen and Olivia had known each other for almost a year before the show aired, and their relationship arc is extensively covered. Despite this, the latter was a Production Assistant and model in Los Angeles before the COVID-19 pandemic. Her return to the programme was confirmed after she was enamoured by a DM from Austen while she was back in Charleston with her parents. It wasn’t until May 2022 that Austen confirmed to US Weekly what had been rumoured since late 2021: he was dating Olivia.

The “Great Katsby” birthday celebration for Kathryn Dennis was where fans first saw the pair together. Though their relationship bloomed rapidly, it was put to the test on a few occasions. As a first impression, Olivia was turned off by Austen’s agitation surrounding his ex-girlfriend Madison LeCroy. Later, at a party, Austen was awkwardly placed next to the other woman; however, she and her friend were able to put their disagreements aside and become friends.

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Olivia was caught off guard by a comment Austen made in one episode about how she hoped to take things slowly with her. Since Olivia had already made plans to attend Patricia Altschul’s dog wedding with another man (Marcie Hobbs’ friend), Austen decided to spend time with his ex-girlfriend Ciara Miller and some of his other pals. They were initially awkward around each other, but eventually cleared the air after Austen told her he only had eyes for her.

Are Austen And Olivia Still Together?

It’s not entirely clear where things stand between Austen and Olivia right now. Pictures from a couples’ trip to Napa that Austen and Olivia took with Taylor Ann Green and Shep Rose in May 2022 (Green and Rose have since broken up) show the two looking happy and holding hands. They appeared to be very happy with one another and went out frequently after returning from their trip. Olivia assured the interviewer in another that everything was OK between them, and that they were taking their time deciding what to do next.

According to Olivia’s statement to Us Weekly in the first week of August 2022, she and Austen are “in a good place” and dating. She said, “We had a wonderful summer together, and we travelled, and things are still well between us.” We are merely joking around. We visited some amazing sites, and travelling together is a surefire way to deepen your bond with a friend or loved one. Once the cameras stopped rolling, we were able to take it easy.

Are Olivia And Austen Still Together
Are Olivia And Austen Still Together

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She said she enjoyed watching their friendship develop into love on the show and added, “We just kind of truly got to know each other and figure out if this was something we wanted and we’re definitely in each other’s lives.” Their popularity was largely due to their closeness, but recent events have raised concerns that things may be tense between them. After the reunion programme aired, rumours began to circulate that Olivia had stopped following Austen on Instagram.

Many of their admirers were left wondering what was going on in light of the lack of any other hints of a breakup other than the posts they saw on social media. Whether a separation was the impetus or whether it was done for some other reason is likewise unknown. Therefore, the future of their relationship is uncertain until one or both of them takes a firm stand. We hope that nothing bad happens to Austen and Olivia and that they have a wonderful future together.

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