Are Molly Hopkins And Kelly Brown From 90 Day Fiancé Still Together?

Are Molly And Kelly Still Together: Here, we’ll talk about if ’90 Day Fiance’ stars Molly Hopkins and Kelly Brown are still together in the year 2022. Aside from being a successful entrepreneur, Molly Hopkins is also a well-known television personality.

Her rise to fame is due in no small part to the success of the aforementioned show, as well as the Double Divas. Moreover, she is the brains behind her own label, known as Livi Rae Lingerie. However, Kelly Brown has prior experience in law enforcement from her time with the New York Police Department (NYPD) in Brooklyn.

On May 16, 2021, Molly Hopkins and Kelly Brown announced their relationship to the world on Instagram. She had previously introduced him on her show, 90 Day: The Single Life. Fans now had even more curiosity regarding her rumoured boyfriend, Kelly.

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Molly And Kelly’s 90 Day The Single Life Journey

During the premiere episode of the first season of “90 Day: The Single Life,” Molly Hopkins and Kelly Brown were introduced to the audience. Hopkins explained that Brown, a police officer in Brooklyn, had contacted her through Instagram after watching her on “90 Day Fiancé.” Molly’s time on the main programme started off well; she even tied the knot with her Dominican boyfriend, Luis Mendez. They were married for around six months before they decided to divorce because of the irreparable damage to their relationship.

As a result, Molly was back to being a single adult. Eventually, Kelly reached out to her, and the two discovered they shared many passions. Molly didn’t want to waste any time before meeting the man who had caught her eye, so she quickly made her way to Brooklyn. They began seeing each other and were overjoyed to have finally discovered love. Kelly also paid a visit to Molly’s family and friends in Woodstock, Georgia.

Are Molly And Kelly Still Together
Are Molly And Kelly Still Together

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Kelly, in contrast to Molly’s ex-husband, quickly made friends with Molly’s daughters, who thought her new partner was great. But Molly’s trust issues and anxieties from before began to rear their ugly heads, and turmoil entered their relationship. She’d been through hell with her ex-husband and back, but she was finally ready to go on with her life. When she realised that Kelly’s ex-girlfriend is pregnant, all of her previous worries came flooding back.

Although Molly’s initial worry that Kelly could be the father of the kid was unfounded, her boyfriend quickly put her mind at ease by assuring her that he would treat her better than her ex. While Kelly insisted he was not the father, he did say he wanted to start a family with Molly in the future. But Molly made it clear that having children was not something she was looking forward to, and the pair seemed to come to terms with it.

Are Molly And Kelly Still Together?

If fans found out that Molly and Kelly were still together, they would be over the moon. Since they had a difference of opinion about starting a family, many people began to wonder if they would eventually split up. They were, however, quickly disproven.

Molly assured viewers that she and Kelly were doing OK in a tell-all show shortly after the first season concluded. She said that they were determined to working through the challenges that, like any relationship, were inevitable. Molly added that she had complete faith in Kelly and was excited about a future with him.

Kelly and Molly are currently experiencing the happiest time of their lives together. The couple’s love and devotion to one another is also evident in their numerous social media posts. The couple may be in a long-distance relationship at the moment, but they clearly value their time together and spend it wisely. It’s great to see the happy couple, and we pray that their joy lasts forever.

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