Are Joey And Kariselle Still Together And Truth Behind The Relationship

If you enjoy watching reality dating programs, you’ve undoubtedly binge-watched the entire season of Perfect Match on Netflix. This new program pits some of the greatest reality stars on the site against one another in an effort to find love. Viewers were curious about the location of the opulent property in the tropical setting where Perfect Match was filmed, while others wanted to learn more about the Perfect Match actors and where they had previously seen them.

And one couple, in particular, drew the interest of the crowd. The show’s strongest couple was Kariselle and Joey, who started dating right away and remained together throughout the run. It’s not surprising that Perfect Match viewers have been asking if Joey and Kariselle are still together, just as viewers want to know if the show’s winners, Georgia and Dom, or last-minute matchup Nick and LC, are still together.

Kariselle And Joey Remain A Couple?

The relationship between Joey and Kariselle is over. Recently, Joey disclosed to Netflix Tudum, “You are attempting to communicate with each other even though you dwell in different cities. We both seemed to respect each other enough to be able to leave the conflict and give each other some time, space, and separation.”

And he said: “Since we love so fervently, both the highs and lows can be really intense. Even though we both genuinely want to work on our friendship, we realize that we’re probably better off apart at this moment.”

Are Joey And Kariselle Still Together
Are Joey And Kariselle Still Together

In other words, it wasn’t the first time the two had parted ways. Joey and Kariselle were romantically involved before they appeared on Perfect Match, and they talked about it when they did. Though they had fun together, Joey wasn’t ready to be in a relationship when Kariselle traveled to LA to spend time with him. The couple split up after some on-and-off dating before reuniting on Perfect Match.

What Happened In the Perfect Match Between Joey And Kariselle?

Joey proposed to Kariselle in one of the series’ final episodes, and the two became engaged at the finale. Following their decision to declare their relationship as an official in the second batch of episodes, it observed. Kariselle was hesitant to give Joey a second chance when they originally arrived on the show together because of their failed relationship outside of dating. At one point, she thought about pairing with Chase DeMoor from Too Hot To Handle.


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But in the end, she went with Joey, and they kept picking each other as a match all the way to the series’ conclusion. The couple breezed through the remaining batches of episodes in spite of their rocky beginning, which included a dramatic compatibility challenge in which Joey acknowledged he was still fixated on an ex.

They appeared to end the series quite satisfied with one other, calling Joey’s mother to announce their engagement and share the news with the cast, even though they lost the grand prize to fellow Perfect Match participants Georgia Hassarati and Dom Gabriel.

Where Are Joey And Kariselle Now?

Netflix released a ‘Where Are They Now?’ video on YouTube(opens in new tab) with the Perfect Match cast, in which Joey and Kariselle separately shared how their relationship had not worked out after filming ended.

In the clip, Kariselle said: “That was the craziest time of my entire life.” She went on to say, “Things with Joey, they were good,” but added that it was a rollercoaster between the two until eventually the pair “just couldn’t get it back.”

She said: “I feel like I knew it was over when we talked about being a power couple. Joey said we were like the next Batman and Robin, and I was like, ‘Who’s Batman?’ Does this boy really think I’m like a sidekick?”

Since the show ended, it looks like Kariselle has been working on her career as a vocalist, recently announcing on Instagram that she’ll be releasing some new music this year. Meanwhile, Joey said in the Netflix video: “Relationships are hard, and going on Perfect Match is like relationships on steroids.”

He added, “Sometimes we’ve had to laugh about it. I’m like, you think some people will be surprised that we didn’t make it? Look at us! Sometimes we’re so up, we’re so down, but we love so hard.” Joey said, “Without going into details, things just weren’t the way they were supposed to be.”

Since his appearance on Perfect Match, he’s been sharing plenty of behind-the-scenes clips from Perfect Match on his Instagram(opens in new tab), and it looks like he’s still on good terms with most of the cast members.

As to whether the pair will reunite in the future, Kariselle said: Joey and I can never rekindle and never get back together, but it’s Joey and me. How am I supposed to sit here and look you in the face and say, ‘I don’t see myself ever getting back with the man I almost spent the rest of my life with.”

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