Are Darcey And Georgi Still Together In 2022?

Are Darcey And Georgi Still Together: TLC’s ‘Darcey and Stacey’ gives viewers an intimate look at the lives of Darcey and Stacey Silva, stars of ’90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days,’ the spinoff of the original reality show. The show follows the sisters as they build relationships and experience the ups and downs of life.

Although Darcey’s failed relationships were the focus of “90 Day Fiancé,” she eventually found love with a Bulgarian named Georgi Rusev. The spin-off series focuses on Darcey and Georgi as they deal with their relationship rather than Stacey’s life.

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Darcey And Georgi Back In The Groove Journey

Darcey Silva came encountered Georgi Rusev on the social networking service Instagram. Georgi, a Bulgarian model and former masseuse, reached out to Darcey over Instagram DMs and asked if she would want to meet him in person. Darcey consented, and the two decided to meet in Miami, where they were staying at that point.

Darcey was swept off her feet at their first meeting due to Georgi’s size and excellent looks. She was absolutely charmed with the Bulgarian and exhibited her interest in him which he thoroughly reciprocated.

The couple started dating, but their stay in Miami was short, and Georgi pledged to come down to New York to see Darcey. She was so enamoured by Georgi that she could not control her excitement and even ended up video phoning her then-new beau while having a bubble bath.

Furthermore, she was touched when Georgi sent her flowers upon arrival in New York as she hadn’t been treated that nicely in the past. While in the Empire State, the two got even closer and ended up being intimate with each other. It was a beautiful event for both, and neither could disguise their excitement.

The attraction and chemistry between Georgi and Darcey were palpable. Darcey’s second thoughts about her choice, however, put a damper on the situation. Georgi told Darcey that he was still married but was in the process of divorcing his estranged wife while the couple was quarantined together and they were both delighted about it. The unexpectedness of the news clearly distressed Darcey.

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For the first time, she questioned Georgi’s dedication to her and their relationship. Darcey considered postponing her wedding to Georgi because the tensions had grown so high. Despite this, they were able to iron out their differences and become engaged in June of 2020.

Are Darcey And Georgi Still Together?

Darcey and Georgi appear to be continuing to date and improve their relationship. The couple had a lot of trust difficulties, which caused them a lot of trouble even after they were engaged. Darcey, who did not have entire faith in Georgi, even talked to his ex-wife. Darcey found out from Georgi’s ex-wife that her ex-husband frequently visited a “Sugar Mama” website. This news, coupled with the fact that Darcey now knew that his ex-wife had information about his pals, brought him to his knees.

Darcey removed her engagement ring during an argument because, she says, she wants to be completely open and honest with her partner. Further, it has been reported that Darcey is not pleased by the fact that Georgi contacted her ex-boyfriend, Jesse Meester.

Are Darcey And Georgi Still Together
Are Darcey And Georgi Still Together

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Until his divorce was finalised, Georgi said he required a room in Washington, DC, and Darcey was constantly worried about that. Darcey and her fiance drove up to Washington, DC after her divorce was finalised, but their trip was marred by miscommunication and they were unable to meet any of Darcey’s longtime crush Georgi’s friends.

There were rumours that the pair broke up because of a public quarrel that was documented in now-deleted social media pages. They appear to have reconciled, as seen by their joint Valentine’s Day 2021 celebration. Since then, the pair has avoided sharing many details about their relationship online.

A nice marriage between the two is implied. Even in August of 2021, Georgi posted a photo of himself and Darcey with the caption “The power of love is stronger than everything.” So, it would appear that the pair is making every effort to remain together till the very end.

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