Are Carl And Lindsay Still Together As of 2022?

Are Carl And Lindsay Still Together: Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke had a Summer House relationship that lasted all through the season.

The two Bravolebrities met in 2016 while filming the first season of the show, but their relationship was purely platonic because they were both in committed relationships with other people. During the fourth season, the two had a brief fling before deciding they were better off as friends. In 2021, at a prom-themed party, they reignited their flame and began dating again.

Hubbard and Radke’s strong friendship has been cited as the catalyst for their romance and the cornerstone of their marriage.

“We got lucky because everything lined up in the end!” Hubbard disseminated his findings to the populace. “No other relationship I’ve been in has been this strong and stable. I can’t imagine a more wonderful experience than falling in love with your closest friend.”

Lindsay Hubbard And Carl Radke Meet Filming Summer House Season 1

While filming the 2016 season of Bravo’s Summer House, which premiered in January 2017, Hubbard and Radke became friends. Hubbard was seeing co-star Everett Weston, and Radke was seeing Hubbard’s on-screen ex, Lauren Wirkus, so they were just friends.

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Lindsay Hubbard And Carl Radke Start Dating, But Quickly Break Up

Radke and Hubbard tried to take their connection into romance during season 4 of Summer House, but things turned difficult and they decided it was better to remain friends.

As the fourth season was ready to premiere in February of 2020, Hubbard talked to PEOPLE about her former romance with Radke.

As Hubbard put it, “we both landed ourselves single at the same time,” which is “something I don’t think has ever truly occurred.” “We have become closer throughout the years, and especially after a couple of summers ago, and then fall, winter, spring, we just continued growing closer and closer,” he added. However, “our friendship chemistry is just like so clear that I believe a lot of people were sort of waiting for something to happen.”

Lindsay Hubbard Defends Carl Radke On Instagram

Hubbard explained on Instagram what had transpired between her and Radke during the fourth season’s airing.

Carl “wasn’t quite ready for the kind of commitment I require in a relationship,” she said, adding, “unfortunately going into it, Carl didn’t fully grasp that I’m not dating just to date at this stage in my life (even if he is my best friend). Everything that went wrong can be traced back to the fact that “our expectations were not aligned.”

Following up, Hubbard said “Both he and I have accepted his apology and moved on. It takes time, and you’ll see the results of this for a while yet. There are a total of 14 episodes in this season, and we’re already halfway through them. Let me assure you, a lot goes down this season.”

Lindsay Hubbard And Carl Radke’s Halloween Costume Sparks Dating Rumours.

Hubbard further fueled dating speculations when she and Radke were seen in public on Halloween dressed as Frances “Baby” Houseman and Johnny Castle from Dirty Dancing.

Lindsay Hubbard Confirms She’s Dating Carl Radke

Hubbard stated that she and Radke were back together during an interview with PageSix. She clarified that the terms “girlfriend” and “boyfriend” weren’t being used just yet.

Lindsay Hubbard Wishes Carl Radke A Happy Birthday

Hubbard uploaded a series of sweet images of herself and Radke for his 37th birthday. In the caption, she praised Radke’s parents. “Thank you for bringing this beautiful/incredible man into the world, for raising him with courage, integrity, compassion, and a strong moral compass. I am incredibly thankful to you!” she wrote. “Happy birthday baby! I can’t wait to celebrate you all day today!

Lindsay Hubbard And Carl Radke Celebrate Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, Hubbard uploaded lovely photographs of her and Radke’s trip to Mexico, along with an equally sweet remark.

“I wake up every morning feeling so grateful to have the tremendous love this man provides me,” she added. “There is unwavering security & safety, emotional intimacy, a peaceful happiness, equality, and in the heart of it all, mutual respect for one another … William Carl Radke, I genuinely feel you were put on this earth to be my everlasting Valentine!”

Carl Radke Takes Lindsay Hubbard To His Hometown of Pittsburgh

Radke took Hubbard home to Pittsburgh for an event with canned drink brand Loverboy. Radke is vice president of sales for Loverboy, which was formed by Summer House costar Cooke. He tweeted a lovely selfie of the couple overlooking the city, captioned it in part, “She looks good

Lindsay Hubbard Takes Carl Radke To See Her Family In Florida

The following month, the pair spent time with Hubbard’s family in Florida for Easter. Hubbard uploaded a series of images and videos of her and Radke enjoying some quality time with her loved ones.

Lindsay Hubbard Reveals Where Her Relationship With Carl Radke Began

In April 2022, Hubbard discussed “where it all began” with Radke: season 6’s prom-themed party.

“So like typical proms … when you and your closest friend are both unmarried, you just got to prom together … But the cosmos had different intentions that day,” she stated on her Instagram Story. “carlradke was so damn handsome … so lovely … very thoughtful. He had me cracking up ALL day. And we actually didn’t leave each other’s side that day. Something felt off, and my heart rate increased.”

Lindsay Hubbard Says She’s “Proud” of Carl Radke’s Sobriety Journey

Hubbard gushed about her sober partner on Instagram in May 2022. And, she continued, “he has helped a lot of people along the road.” He “navigated his newfound sobriety last summer with strength and what appeared like ease” (though she acknowledged that it must have been difficult at times with all of us drinking around him). The fact that @carlradke has been so transparent about his life’s path, willing to accept responsibility, and committed to his own development is awe-inspiring.

Carl Radke Congratulates Lindsay Hubbard On Mtv Awards Nomination

Months later, when Hubbard was nominated for best reality star at the MTV Movie & TV Awards, Radke returned the favour. “This one makes me incredibly happy. It’s incredible that after telling her tale for over a decade, she’s finally been recognised with such a prestigious nomination “The man took to Instagram to express his thoughts.

Are Carl And Lindsay Still Together
Are Carl And Lindsay Still Together

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“You’ve developed into this formidable beauty, and yet your best days are still ahead of you. I am continually inspired by what you’ve done for others.

Lindsay Hubbard And Carl Radke Move In Together

After dating for a while, Hubbard and Radke decided to take their relationship to the next level by moving in together. Hubbard told PEOPLE, “We’re buying a brand-new apartment unit and building to start fresh and start this new chapter together.”

They had been “essentially informally dating since, I would say, October,” she said, clarifying when she first learned they were a couple. “I found out we were boyfriend and girlfriend when he went on Watch What Happens Live in January.”

Carl Radke And Lindsay Hubbard Attend Limitless Premiere In New York City

Chris Hemsworth and his partner attended the New York City premiere of the National Geographic miniseries Limitless. Radke wore ripped jeans and a grey suit jacket, while Hubbard wore a black cropped blazer and little skirt.

According to an Instagram post by Hubbard, “Carl and I went to the Limitless with @ChrisHemsworth premier last night and it was awesome!” “I had a good time, cried a little, got some good advice, and am now a better person for it. It has a lot of emotion for a miniseries.”

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