Amanda Perrault Obituary: How Did She Die?

When the police arrived and discovered Amanda Perrault dead in her house, the residents of a peaceful community in Eatonton, Georgia, were perplexed. Although it was initially thought to be a suicide, the detectives quickly picked up on the suspicious activity and concluded that she had been brutally murdered. This tragic story is explored in depth on CBS’ “48 Hours: The Death of an Officer’s Wife,” which also details the investigation that startlingly brought the police to one of their own. Therefore, if you want to learn more, we can help.

How Did Amanda Perrault Die?

Sherron Leach Brookshire gave birth to Amanda Perrault on August 18, 1975, in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Amanda Perrault attended Winder-Barrow High School until she graduated. Her loved ones recall her as a happy lady who was kind to everyone and adored her family. Before she met Michael Seth Perrault, a patrolling cop from Eatonton, Amanda already had two children named Allison and Reed from her previous marriage.

Before being married in June 2017, the pair had been dating for six years. Michael and her biological mother shared custody of a young girl from a prior relationship. After their marriage, Amanda stayed with him in their Eatonton house and started caring for the place. On February 3, 2020, when Michael hurriedly dialed Chief Kent Lawrence, his boss at work, a catastrophe befell the Perraults.

Michael called for assistance immediately after saying that his wife had shot herself. Officers discovered Amanda dead on the couple’s bed with a single gunshot wound to the head when they arrived at the couple’s home. The 44-year-death old’s from a gunshot wound was verified by an autopsy, but the inquiry quickly established that it was a murder rather than a suicide.

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Who Killed Amanda Perrault?

When questioned, Michael stated that when he and Amanda were lying in bed and bickering, Amanda suddenly pulled out a firearm and shot herself in the head. Howard R. Sills, the sheriff of Putnam County, though the former’s version of events was fairly doubtful. When Chief Lawrence radioed him, he believed the murder scene did not support Michael’s claim that Amanda’s death was a suicide and that the police had already arrived at the Perrault home.

Sheriff Sills requested permission before entering the home and observing that Amanda’s body was lying on the bed, resembling a coffin with no signs of blood on her or her arms. Additionally, the pistol had a loaded bullet about a foot and a half from her left foot, while the gun’s magazine was next to her right hand.

Amanda Perrault Obituary

Not only that, but the ceiling fan and two live rounds of ammunition were in the folds of the bed cover, and there was blood on the other side of the room. This suggested that the murder scene may have been slightly manufactured and refuted Michael’s statements that he did not touch or move the gun or Amanda’s body.

The fact that Michael had been detained just five days before Amanda’s passing was also taken into account by the investigators. After his wife reported him to the police on January 28, 2020, he was charged with battery-family violence and third-degree child cruelty. Officers observed red markings on Amanda’s neck and chest upon their arrival at their residence, which indicated physical abuse. Michael’s 8-year-old daughter also reported witnessing her father hitting and pushing her stepmother.

Based on this occurrence, Michael was detained and freed the next day after posting a $1,500 bond. Surprisingly, Amanda declined to ask the judge to issue a restraining order against her husband because he had nowhere else to go, so he returned home with her. Nevertheless, Michael was placed on unpaid administrative leave while the battery claim against him was being looked into. The pair was at odds over this because he allegedly wanted his wife to retract her insistence on the incident on January 28. Keep an eye on us for more information like this,

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