Call The Midwife Season 13: Is It Renewed Or Cancelled?

Call The Midwife Season 13 will be back as it is announced officially. Trixie and Matthew were wed in a ceremony full of the tragedy at Call the Midwife’s Humpty-Dumpty, fairytale-style nuptials. Even so, it was a type of fairytale wedding and the ideal way to end the summer with a street party that brought the happy couple back to Nonnatus House in the center of Poplar to cut their cake.

This is perfect, right? Fans are anxiously awaiting the release of the upcoming season because there are still many unresolved issues and pressing problems.

What is known about Call the Midwife season 13 is listed below.

Call The Midwife Season 13 Potential Release Date

Fortunately, because Call the Midwife has been extended through 2026, the question is not whether the show will return but rather when.

This translates to more drama, kids, and intricate social issues for viewers to get their teeth into.

Heidi Thomas, the show’s creator, hinted that more emotional tales might be forthcoming while also adding:

Behind the scenes, on screen, and in front of the television, we are a family, and I’m pleased that we are all entering the 1970s at the same time.

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“[The renewal is] a wonderful success and it’s a credit to the passion and dedication of our cast and crew, of whom I’m incredibly proud,” added the show’s executive producer, Dame Pippa Harris.

Season 13’s premiere date is still unknown, however, it has been confirmed that seasons 14 and 15 will have an identical eight-episode run and run for 60 minutes each. We predict that season 13 won’t be any different.

Despite the tight lips concerning the release date, it’s probable the show follows its typical schedule, which means a 2023 Christmas episode followed by a fresh season release in January 2024.

Cast Of Call The Midwife Season 13

A few people’s futures were uncertain near the conclusion of season 12. There is no chance that Trixie (Helen George) and Matthew will become content in their marriage and decide not to come back, as many fans had predicted.

Actor Olly Rix, who played Matthew, stated to the Irish Mirror:

“Their concentration is on changing things around them. They don’t appear to have the slightest inclination to put it all behind them and settle into a calm existence. They don’t identify as that.

There is no indication that he is trying to free himself or herself from that.

Cast Of Call The Midwife Season 13
Cast Of Call The Midwife Season 13

He continued, “His wealth is something that helps with that, but whether he has wealth or not, that’s where his heart is.”

George added, “They have so much work to do there and they’re both incredibly driven, so I can’t see them moving away.” in reference to that.

Rix’s fans will be happy to know that he intends to continue acting in Call the Midwife through season 13.

The actor revealed to Digital Spy the following when questioned about his plans beyond the upcoming season:

I don’t know what the future holds, so all I can think about right now is Call the Midwife because it’s right in front of me.

“Till 2026, I’m not sure if the show wants me. They might decide against going there. I’m not sure. Although one never truly knows, I’m not on the lookout for the next big thing.

I’m not trying to grab the next branch. I’m currently holding onto the branch with both hands and giving it everything I’ve got.

Meanwhile, Sister Monica survived the season’s penultimate episode despite being in a gravely ill condition, which means that Judy Parfitt will resume her habit in the following one. Zephryn Taitte is also expected to return in his role as Cyril.

We also expect the return of:

• Jenny Agutter plays Sister Julienne
• Rebecca Gethings plays Sister Veronica
•Linda Bassett plays Nurse Phyllis Crane
• Laura Main plays Shelagh Turner
• Stephen McGann plays Dr. Patrick Turner
• Max Macmillan plays Timothy Turner
• Georgie Glen plays Miss Higgins
• Cliff Parisi plays Fred Buckle
• Annabelle Apsion plays Violet Buckle
• Daniel Laurie plays Reggie Jackson

Although fans are anxious to see Lucille, played by Leonie Elliott, return, they are worried that she won’t because she was absent during Trixie’s wedding.

Elliott is a crucial part of Call the Midwife, so we hope to see her soon riding her bike through Poplar. It’s difficult to picture the show without her.

Megan Cusack is yet another possible leave. The future of Cusack’s Call the Midwife character Nancy is also murky.

The option to live with her daughter Colette was presented to Nancy in the final episode of the series. If she accepts, Cusack, who has been a part of the program since season 10, will have to leave.

Plot Of Call The Midwife Season 13

The fates of Nancy and Lucille will be the focus of attention. The house of Nonnatus will bear the scars of losing the two characters. Without them, the show simply won’t be the same.

The destinies of Lucille and Cyril are interconnected. He might be there at the beginning of season 13, but if his wife doesn’t show up there, he might depart and go live with her in Jamaica. Yet if he doesn’t, his marriage might dissolve, which would change how his future plays out in the program.

The two had previously been trying to conceive a child; may Cyril be transitioning from family man to bachelor? Hopefully not. The dating world is difficult.

The good news is that Nonnatus House will survive another day. By purchasing the Poplar Institute completely, Matthew has prevented it from having to close its doors and relieved them of their rent-related worries.

Sister Julienne pledges that the new nursing program, which Nonnatus is collaborating on with St. Cuthbert’s hospital, will bring new students to the Nonnatus door.

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We anticipate finding out which new cast members will be joining the crop for season 13 as new students often signify a cast shuffle.

Seasons 1 through 12 of Call the Midwife are currently streaming on BBC iPlayer.

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