Sarada And Her Friends Save The Academy From A Terrorist In Boruto 268

A new episode of Boruto, 268 has just been published, providing viewers with a glimpse of Kawaki and his friends’ preparations for the upcoming school festival. Unfortunately, an assassin still lurks in the Academy, so Kae is not completely safe. Kawaki will keep going on his quest, putting his life on the line to protect Kae from the hired killer.

Eiki’s efforts to prove Kawaki is a fake Shinobi were the subject of last week’s episode. Several familiar faces from previous episodes returned in Boruto 268: “Target: The School Festival” to help the Academy out. It also provided speculation among viewers about the identity of the killer.

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What happened In The last Episode?

Kawaki and his fellow students were practising for a school play on the fabled Sannin. Himawari’s real-looking headband was mistaken for a fake by her brother, who was trying to help. The girl warned Kawaki to keep it hidden since it could be used to identify him. Unfortunately, Eiki caught wind of it, and she spent the next several days scheming up ways to establish that Kawaki did not belong in the Academy.

The Academy Festival

The events of Boruto Episode 268 began with Kawaki defending Kae from the unknown assailant. The noise awakened the girl, who questioned Kawaki as to his presence in the nurse’s office. Kae was escorted home by the young man with dark hair later that evening. He swore to defend the girl on his own after learning that telling Naruto would prevent her from entering the festival.

Kawaki’s classmates spent the next day sprucing up the Academy for the celebration. Hana, who was in charge of supervising her class, stayed up late working. Himawari went up to her brother and inquired as to what had caused him so much concern the night before. He told his sister nothing had happened so she would be protected, but that was a lie.

Once the festival began, we overheard Boruto and his pals discussing how great it was to see Kawaki make her acting debut as Lady Katsuyu in the school play. Himawari was astounded by the big turnout for her festival. Hana bent over in pain, gripping her head, as the other children chattered excitedly. The instructor excused herself from class to take a nap in the nurse’s office.

Fans started suspecting Hana after her dramatic outburst of agony, making her the prime suspect for the arc’s killer. Similar to the previous episode, the teacher vanished at the exact moment the killer was about to reveal themself. Some supporters think the woman has multiple personalities, one of which is plotting Kae’s death.

The Festival Attractions

Episode 268 of Boruto resumed with scenes of Boruto and his generation revelling in the festival. While Teams 7 and 10 were engaged in a Kunai accuracy game, Team 5 was exploring the scary house the kids had constructed, while Chocho was sampling Konashi’s homemade treats.

From the school’s front entrance, Himawari, Kae, Osuka, Sosha, and Kawaki took in the festival as they got into character for the next play. Osuka’s mom came to the Academy to watch her daughter’s acting debut. Kawaki asked Kae if Batora was coming to the festival after spotting the elderly lady. The girl’s response was that the boyfriend had to go out of town that day for work.

_Boruto 268.
_Boruto 268.

Kawaki was concerned because Batora may have played an important role in protecting Kae. While thinking this over, the young man spotted two masked people amid the crowd and sprinted in their direction, certain that they were killers. The two people who encountered the black-haired youngster turned out to be a civilian man and his daughter. The true killer, in the meantime, kept an eye on the celebration from above.

Fans were overjoyed to see Boruto and the gang return to the show. The best moments involving the blond guy, Sarada, Mitsuki, and the rest of the cast were widely shared on social media, especially Twitter.

Final Thoughts

Boruto episode 268 was a great way to revive the series’ interest after last week’s slow and boring instalment. Fans never knew when the villain would strike, making even the quietest moments stressful with the presence of an assassin in the classroom. We can only keep crossing our fingers that the killer’s identity will be revealed shortly.

In next week’s show, we’ll see how the students handled the fallout from the festival. Kawaki was taken off the assignment because he did not immediately notify Naruto of the assassin’s identity. That won’t stop the killer from continuing to try to kill the victim, though. We’ll have to watch how things progress in the episode.

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