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Blue Period Season 2
Blue Period Season 2

Blue Period Season 2: Will There Be A Season 2 For Blue Period?

Blue Period Season 2: The manga Blue Period is a coming-of-age drama that debuted in 2017. As of the time of this writing, Tsubasa Yamaguchi’s manga series has published 11 volumes. Due to its immense success, this tale of a troubled high school kid will be adapted into a 12-episode anime series in the year 2021. Fans have been asking if there will be a Blue Period Season 2 because the anime only adapted part of the tale.

Blue Period has not been officially renewed for a second season as of January 2022. Nonetheless, we see it as a likely candidate for renewal given that the manga is still ongoing and the anime has adapted only a portion of the manga, and given that the show was very popular on Netflix. It’s just that we haven’t been given any official word yet.

Blue Period Season 2 Release Date

Adapting Yamaguchi’s first several volumes of the manga series, Blue Period aired for the first time from October 2nd to December 18th, 2021, with a total of eleven episodes. The Blue Period anime series was successful in emulating the manga’s popularity; and while it isn’t quite as groundbreaking as Demon Slayer, it has done more than enough to increase the series’ profile.

Neither the creators nor any of the cast members of Blue Period have mentioned a second season or any kind of sequel. However, we think Blue Period has a good chance of being renewed, given the show’s success and the availability of additional source material for adaptation. However, because we lack such specific information, we can’t say much more than that the show is likely to be renewed in the near future.

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Taking everything into account, we don’t expect the second season of Blue Period to premiere until at least 2023.

Blue Period Season 2 Plot

We still don’t know what would happen in Blue Period Season 2. Even though the future of the manga series is known (eleven volumes have been released so far, and more chapters will be released in the future), how this will be handled in the adaptation is unknown.

Specifically, we have no idea how many episodes the second season would have, nor how much of the currently published material the creators would adapt. So, it’s pretty much impossible to make any informed guesses about the plot.

Yatora Yaguchi, the protagonist of Blue Period, is a good student who hangs out in Shibuya at night with his pals to watch football and drink beer. But he has no plans for his future beyond high school. He participated in an art class assignment out of pure curiosity and received unexpected praise from teachers and classmates alike.

The more Yatora interacts with the art club, the more interested he becomes, and the sooner he joins. As he observes the proficiency of his clubmates, he finds his first taste of motivation to better himself. He inquires amongst his peers as to the best art schools and learns about the rigorous entrance exams and fierce competition that exist at each.

Blue Period Season 2
Blue Period Season 2

Yatora can only apply to the state-funded Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku because his family cannot afford private education. For the duration of the break, he works tirelessly to complete all of the club president’s holiday-season assignments. He then goes with his classmate Yuka to an art college entrance exam prep school in the winter, where he has the opportunity to meet many other talented young people who share his ambitions for the first time.

Blue Period Season 2 Cast

Since we already know that most of the main characters return later in the story, and since Blue Period isn’t the kind of show where a lot of people die, it’s likely that most of the same actors would return for a potential second season. Whether or not there will be a second season of the show (or a movie sequel, as that is also a trend these days) is unknown, but if there is, the original cast from the first season is likely to return (as they did for the movie).

  • Hanamori Yumiri as Ayukawa Ryuuji
  • Mineta Hiromu as Yaguchi Yatora
  • Kawanishi Kengo as Hashida Haruka
  • Miyamoto Yume as Kuwana Maki
  • Yamashita Daiki as Takahashi Yotasuke

How Many Episodes Will Blue Period Season 2 Have?

At present, this is unknown. Season one of Blue Period consisted of eleven episodes, and given the structure of contemporary anime, we can safely assume that a subsequent season would also consist of eleven or twelve installments. There is little reason to believe that this will change from its current season-based format because it is unusual for a modern anime to have a large(r) number of episodes.

Blue Period Season 2 Trailer

After reading the most fundamental details, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that there is no trailer for the second season of Blue Period, and the reason for this is straightforward: the season has not even been announced, which means that production on the second season has not even begun, so there is no trailer for the second season.

Given that the manga series is still ongoing with 11 volumes published so far, and given that the anime still has a lot of material to adapt, and given how popular it was, we think it’s likely that we’ll see a sequel, but until we get confirmation that a second season is going to be produced, as well as confirmation that production has started, we won’t know when a trailer is going to drop.

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