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Blue Lock Team Z Vs Team V
Blue Lock Team Z Vs Team V

Blue Lock Team Z vs Team V: Which Team Is Better And Will Win?

Blue Lock Team Z vs Team V: Team Z would triumph over Team V since they are the superior team. When comparing the two teams, it is clear that Team Z has more players who shine throughout the entire game, despite having one fewer player.

Nagi, Reo, and Zantetsu are the three primary players for Team V, whereas Isagi, Bachira, Chigiri, Kunigami, and Gagamaru are on Team Z and they all get along well. Perhaps only one team member has the ability to win a game, but collectively, their team simply possesses more talent, which is distributed across important positions.

Speed: Chigiri vs Zantetsu

The outcome of the match that we have been watching thus far will determine whether Team Z can keep taking part in this competition. The fight in episode 10 was fierce, but Team Z managed to tie the game just before the conclusion.

Early on, it becomes clear that Zantetsu and Chigiri will be competing against one another. They have the same strength, which is amazing speed. Chigiri has a psychological barrier related to his injury, as we have observed so far. He suffered a knee injury during one of his bouts, nearly ending his potential career overnight.

We could contend that they might not have triumphed if Chigiri hadn’t broken through his mental barrier and restored his faith in his skills. While examining this match, this will be something to watch out for. Zantetsu has a substantially better explosive speed than Chigiri when comparing the two prospective attackers. Zantetsu is initially faster, but Chigiri develops a more steady speed over time, and towards the conclusion, Chigiri comfortably overtakes him.

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Strength: Gagamaru And Kunigami

There are no competitors on Team V who can compete with these two, therefore Team Z wins this category once more. Nagi could easily outrun them, but he is too preoccupied with Reo, who directs him as to what to do and where to go next.

Team V is engaged in an extremely challenging battle; although they are excellent players on their own, they are unable to rely on the other members of their team, therefore their performance suffers. Isagi continuously develops new strategies while in Team Z to try and undermine Team V’s agenda. In the end, their strategy worked.

When it comes to strength, Gagamaru and Kunigami are unmatched. Due to his height, Gagamaru may stop the ball from entering into the goal during close games. On the other hand, Kunigami is a very powerful kicker and can easily score from eight metres away if he is placed in the proper position. De learned that he can score from even further distances during the match with Team V.

Intelligence: Isagi vs Reo

Another area in which Team Z excelled. Reo is a player who is very aware of what is going on in the game and how to take advantage of it. He hadn’t come across a player before their game with Team Z who was skilled at spatial awareness and foretelling movements after watching them take place in motion.

When Reo met Nagi, he actually found out what his position was. They attended the same school, and when he dropped his ball by accident, Nagi managed to catch it so that he didn’t notice it till later. Nagi didn’t want to do anything that required him to exert more effort back then. This inspired Reo to make an effort to convince Nagi to join his team.

Blue Lock Team Z Vs Team V
Blue Lock Team Z Vs Team V

Image Source: sportskeeda

Isagi eventually realises during the game that this was actually his special skill all along, despite the fact that he finds himself playing the position of the one who watches the field. He was able to use that information to forecast their next move after he realised it and had witnessed all of Reo’s plays against them by that point.

Special Talent: Nagi vs Bachira

The last two are Nagi and Bachira, who both fall into a highly unique category. They excel in a variety of areas, almost as if genetics were working in their favour. They fall into the category of players who were able to master their skills in a very short period of time with little effort on their part. Despite the fact that they are both still young, their skill sets are incredibly outstanding.

Like Bachira, Nagi is swift, powerful, and intelligent. Imagine all of the above listed components coming together to form one human. They have tremendous on-field skills and seem capable of taking the game by themselves. We are unable to predict who would have prevailed if they had engaged in a direct contest. With Nagi acting as their element of surprise, Team V finds a special spot in their game versus Team Z in which he scores the game’s first two goals.

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