Blood & Water Season 3 Ending Explained – How Does Puleng Escape The Ship?

Blood And Water Season 3 Ending Explained: Season 3 of Blood & Water will end with a bang or a whimper, and for good reason: after that explosive and dramatic penultimate episode, many questions remain. Will Ama Qamata’s Puleng Khumalo (Puleng) be rescued from the human trafficking ring if he makes it off the boat? How badly hurt is Fikile Bhele (Khosi Ngema) from Lisbeth’s gun? And finally, will the perpetrators inflicting all of this pain finally see justice? (or will there be a teased season 4).

Blood & Water Season 3, Episode 6 Recap – How Does Puleng Escape The Ship?

In the wake of the shocking conclusion of episode 5, it is revealed that Lisbeth shot Fikile amidst the mayhem. Chris and KB’s emotions tank after they see how badly hurt Fiks is. Even worse, one of Lisbeth’s men shoots KB’s dad, Matla Molapo. Lisbeth stands above them all and does nothing. She’s a cold and calculated character, and the season 3 finale reveals just how far she’ll go to cover up her criminal behaviour.

Meanwhile, at the ship where one of the human trafficking cells is under full operation, Janet rings Detective Vaans secretly, asking for help. Amber and Puleng fear for their lives as the realisation dawns that they will be trafficked. Puleng discusses with Amber desperate escape plans.

She needs a liver transplant (by donor), and her stepfather, Brian Bhele, has been told that Fikile does not have a compatible blood type. When it comes to KB’s dad, he’s still around. When KB inquires as to where Puleng is, his father stammers out “ship” before collapsing and requiring immediate medical attention.

After conducting their own independent research, Wade and Lunga discover the harbour where Puleng is thought to be hiding. At the shipping yard, they ring KB and Chris – there’s an initial panic as the duo believes they have lost Puleng’s trail. But “Wade being Wade” figures out that “Mayfair” is the ship, a name they have heard frequently shared, so they need to figure out which ship it is based on that name. This was hardly a lightbulb moment — Mayfair is a popular ship name.

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When they return to the ship, Puleng attacks one of the men, sending the other women into a state of confusion and distraction. In the meantime, Detective Peterson finds out about the ship from Chris and KB and calls her partner, Vaan, to let him know. However, he is involved in the human trafficking cell, so this is a lost cause.

Fiks’s future is uncertain as she waits for a transplant. Anthony, her absentee father, is her last, best hope. He is her only chance. Thandeka meets Fikile’s biological father, and she tells him the truth about how she came to be pregnant and how ultimately, she never told him that she gave birth to a child of his. However, Anthony feels resentment and tells Thakenda how unfair it is of her to come to him years later, expecting him to give away his liver. Thandeka tells Anthony not to punish her for what she did in the past.

Blood And Water Season 3 Ending Explained
Blood And Water Season 3 Ending Explained

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In episode 6 of Season 3 of Blood & Water, we learn how Puleng was able to abandon ship. Desperate, she plunges into the water from the ship as gunfire erupts around her. In order to save Puleng, Detective Vaan kills his criminally corrupt associates and alerts the police.

Blood & Water Season 3 Ending Explained

Friends pay a hospital visit to Puleng in the penultimate episode of Season 3. In an effort to make up for his parents’ behaviour, Puleng extends her apologies to KB. After being alone with him for a while, Puleng finally reaches out to embrace Wade and express her gratitude for all he has done for her. Wade’s confirmation that they are no longer dating by saying they are “friends” hurt Puleng deeply. However, Wade does not believe he and Puleng can work romantically. Meanwhile, Chris reconciles with Lunga.

The third season of Blood & Water has come to an end, and while most of the plot threads have been resolved, there are still some threads left over for a potential fourth season.

Daniels, the school’s principal, gives a farewell address. She calls her time as principal an “incredible honor.” Reece starts the round of applause, and soon there is a roar of approval.

Despite Detective Vaans seemingly covering his tracks, his colleague Peterson arrests him. She has a tape recording between him and Lisbeth. Meanwhile, Sam is found.

When Wendy finally gets back, she plans to pay a visit to Chris. Since he’s developed feelings for Lunga, she wants to “make it work” between them, putting him in a difficult position.

Thakenda is overjoyed by Fikile’s visit to Puleng’s house. They are commemorating the life and birthday of Puleng’s late father, Julius. Puleng’s mother reassures her daughter that it is not her fault that her father died.

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