10 Black Female Anime Characters You Must Know

You’d be surprised how many black women you see in anime who are just stunning. Sometimes anime misses the mark when it comes to portraying other marginalised groups. In particular, when it comes to Black characters. A lot of the time, when I encounter a Black character in anime, especially a Black female character, I’m happy to see that they aren’t a racist caricature. That’s not really asking for much.

Thankfully, there has been a significant uptick in the number of Black characters featured in anime since I was a kid. I like that there are more strong Black women featured in anime now than ever before.

1. Miyuki Ayukawa – Basquash

Miyuki is the perfect combination of intelligence and beauty. She’s a prominent figure in the programme who helps greatly to mech developments (huge robots) (giant robots). I appreciate how the artists created her loss and that she is a Black engineer, therefore maybe her persona may inspire other young ladies to pursue professions in engineering. One of the most prominent Black Female Anime Characters.

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2.  Mila – Rose Bleach

Mila Rose is a secondary character in the later volumes of Bleach. At the time of Espada’s story! Even lieutenant-level soul reapers will have trouble taking on Mila. While her look may be reminiscent of Bleach, it doesn’t hide her gloomy personality (wink wink). It could be heard clearly from a distance.

3. Urd – Oh My Goddess

She’s the main character’s older sibling, Bell-dandy. As any good sister would, she keeps an eye out for her. Urd is a really interesting individual with a high IQ and a sharp wit. Her sardonic demeanour and caustic remarks may seem hostile at first, yet they invariably have a favourable impact. Among the most well-known and loved black women in anime.

4. S.A.M. – Cannon Busters

The acronym S.A.M. refers to a significant character in the new hit Netflix anime series Cannon Busters. She has a concealed strength that is more than just a hook, despite her honeyed demeanour and desire to make friends with everybody and everyone.

5. Hilda –  Eureka Seven

Hilda is a recurring supporting character in Eureka Seven. A mecha show with secret Christian overtones. She can be a bit insistent and has a low tolerance for crap. Among the most well-known and loved black women in anime.

6. Carole – Carole & Tuesday

Carole has persevered despite the difficulties she has faced. She is a member of the band and the series’ namesake character in Carole & Tuesday. Besides her fashionable appearance, hard work ethic, and musical talents, what I admire most about Carole is her determination to realise her dreams.

7. Sister Krone – The Promised Neverland

Sister Krone is a major figure that shows up about halfway through the show. As a secondary figure, she is introduced as “the opponent.” She looks to thrive under pressure and has the physical prowess, power, and speed to outrun the kids.

Black Anime Female Characters
Black Anime Female Characters

8. Casca – Berserk

At the beginning of Berserk, she is one of the Band of the Falcon’s most powerful and talented commanders. The character holds a special place in my heart despite the fact that I haven’t always agreed with the choices she’s made throughout the years. She’s arguably the most well-known Black woman in anime history.

9. Canary – HunterXHunter

Canary is an intelligent and resourceful young lady who acts as a vicious entourage for the powerful and dreadful Zoldyck family of assassins. She has incredible fighting skills, but she is also very kind and caring.

10. Yoruichi Shihoin (Bleach)

A list of Black women in anime would be incomplete without including Yoruichi from Bleach. She was raised in luxury by an aristocratic family and given the title of the princess at birth, but she does not carry herself as such. Aside from being fierce, clever, and funny, she also wins a lot of fights. I respect her cool demeanour and her ability to switch gears from chill to fierce in an instant.

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