9 Best Anime Movies of All Time

Best Anime Movies: Anime had had a relatively niche fan base, but nowadays, people all around the world watch and appreciate Japanese animation. However, the name “anime” is still most commonly associated with television programmes, despite the fact that there are innumerable masterpieces in the form of films that are routinely overlooked.

Indulging in a fantastic anime series requires time commitments spanning weeks, months, or even years, depending on the number of episodes. So, if you don’t have that much time to spare, you should probably start watching anime. Here are a few of the best anime films to watch if you’re thinking about it.

1. Jujutsu Kaisen 0

There are many excellent ongoing manga and anime series, but JJK stands out as one of the best. The new movie does the story respect. How was the film’s performance at the multiplex? In fact, it earned the most money at the Japanese box office in 2021. With a total of 13.5 billion earned as of April 2022, the film is the 15th highest-grossing Japanese film of all time. The movie has a lot to offer, from animation to the growth of Yuta’s character.

The film’s protagonist, Yuta Okkotsu, is afflicted with a curse known as Rika. Their friendship is strong, but Saturo Gojo hopes that by enrolling the youngster in the Tokyo Prefectural Jujutsu High School, he may finally master his spirit.

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2. Dragon Ball Super: Broly

While we have seen Goku and Vegeta battle in other films and television series, their attempts to destroy Broly were legendary enough to place this film at number eight on this list. Incredible animation, thrilling action scenes, and, of course, mind-blowing scores marked this film.

After the mayhem of The Tournament of Power, it appears that all is calm. But Goku doesn’t stop training, because he knows this peaceful period will end soon. In the near future, Goku and Vegeta will battle a Super-Saiyan warrior by the name of Broly who is significantly more powerful than anyone they’ve faced before.

3. Ghost In The Shell (1995)

When it comes to cyberpunk works, Ghost in the Shell is the gold standard. And the Ghost in the Shell movie from 1995 is the one that fans love the best, even if there have been many others in the series. The film’s excellent animation and score have helped it maintain a cult following since its 1995 debut.

The film is set in 2029, when cyborgs are prevalent and people may access the internet from within their skulls. Motoko Kusanagi, a cyborg police officer, is searching for Puppet Master, a criminal who commits atrocities by controlling the minds of other cyborgs.

4. Akira

The Matrix, Kill Bill, The Dark Knight, Godzilla, Inception, Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell, and countless more have all cited Akira as an inspiration for their own works. You can only begin to fathom how iconic this film from 1988 has become.

31 years after the atomic bombing of Tokyo, a group of bikers known as the Kaneda gain notoriety when they attempt to rescue their friend Tetsuo from a government project. They’re up against anti-government activists, legislators, scientists, and more. In the midst of the fight, Tetsuo’s psychic abilities also begin to emerge.

5. Perfect Blue

Perfect Blue is one of the many anime films and television series from the 1990s that have stood the test of time and remain popular today. The film’s relevance to the present day remains intact despite the passage of time. Fans of this generation will probably find the film’s depiction of the seedier side of social media and the celebrity industry to be the most resonant.

Mima Kirigoe, a famous pop singer, has decided to switch to acting instead. Her professional goals, however, necessitate that she shed the “innocent girl” persona. After an obsessed fan begins following Mima, her already difficult existence takes on new challenges.

6. Wolf Children

Wolf Children is unlike any other film we’ve seen before in its radical reimagining of the mother-child bond. The movie is an emotional roller coaster with a few moments of comedy thrown in. On the whole, it succeeds in entrapping the viewer and not letting go until the very end.

Hana falls for a man who eventually displays his werewolf transformation ability. They’ve had a kid named Yuki for the lady and an offspring named Ame for the boy. Hana’s husband perishes in a tragic accident while out on a food hunt one day. Hana is now on her own to care for her werewolf offspring, and she does her best to keep the family a secret.

Best Anime Movies
Best Anime Movies

7. Your Name

A film’s place in history is assured when it comes from the mind of a master filmmaker and storyteller like Makoto Shinkai. Makoto is the mastermind behind and the author of such classic works as The Garden of Words, 5 Centimeters per Second, and Weathering with You. Your Name was a huge financial and critical success, winning dozens of prizes in many categories.

The movie has a novel plot about two kids who switch bodies for no apparent reason. They meet one another because of their shared interest in this strange phenomena.

8. Grave Of The Fireflies

The fact that this film was inspired by real events made it all the more endearing. This film is based on the life of Akiyuki Nosaka, who endured much hardship during World War II. Grave of the Fireflies was less concerned with the greater themes of the war than it was with the individual pain it caused.

There is little time left in World War II, and the United States’ bombing of Japan has made the country’s situation dire. Though they’ve lost their parents and their home, two young siblings are determined to make it through each day.

9. Spirited Away

It’s tragic that some truly excellent anime films were never recognised with an Oscar. Spirited Away, however, did the impossible by becoming one of only a few of anime films to ever win an Academy Award. To this day, it remains the sole winner of the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature that was created in the anime genre. You can probably guess why this film is widely regarded as the pinnacle of anime cinema.

Chihiro Ogino and her dad are walking home when they come across a deserted amusement park. They find out that the eerie seeming park is actually inhabited by ghosts and spirits. Her human parents have been transformed into swine, leaving her to fend for herself. Chihiro’s parents are dead, but the strange spirit Haku helps her bring them back to life so they can flee.

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