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Battlefield 2042 Season 3 Arrives On EA Play

Battlefield 2042 Season 3

Battlefield 2042 Season 3

Battlefield 2042 Season 3: Battlefield 2042 will be on EA Play and Game Pass Ultimate when Season 3 hits in “few weeks,” according to DICE.

The developer update announced some of Battlefield 2042’s Season 3 and beyond improvements.

Season 3’s new multiplayer map, Specialist, weaponry, and Battle Pass include Bad Company 2’s XM8 and Battlefield 3’s A-91. It’ll also change Manifest and Breakaway maps.

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. Players should expect better cover, visibility, and HQ flags closer to the action. DICE claims the flags have been carefully considered to “better focus [their] attack and defence when playing the objective.”

Battlefield 2042 Season 3

In the “early portion” of 2023, 2042’s 3.2 upgrade will rebuild Breakaway. This adds new ice and snow shaders, substantial reworks for the town and neighbouring foundries, a repositioned oil rig (closer to the action), new flags, and the elimination of the Outlook flag for a “more exciting game of Conquest”.

.DICE has started pre-production on “all new content” for Season 4 after Season 3. Post-launch support promises more map reworks.

Battlefield 2042 will get a free trial on all platforms before its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Play releases. Xbox’s is December 1–4, whereas Steam’s is December 1–5. . DICE’s blog has details.

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