Who Are The 4 Characters In Attack On Titan?

Several hundred imaginary people populate Hajime Isayama’s manga and anime adaptation of his work, Attack on Titan. In this world, people live in cities protected by massive walls built as a barrier against the Titans, giant humanoid monsters who eat humans for no apparent reason.

After their hometown is invaded and Eren’s mother is eaten, Eren Yeager and his childhood pals Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert enlist in the military to combat the Titans. Graduates of the 104th Training Corps serve in the Garrison Regiment, Survey Corps, and Military Police Brigade, among other branches of the military.

Paradis (, Paradi), the place where the Walls are located, is revealed to be the final realm of Eldia (, Erudite). Others exist beyond their mother’s womb, and one such nation, Marley (, Mre), has penetrated Paradis.

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Main characters

Eren Yeager

The protagonist (or antagonist) of the show joins the Survey Corps after seeing his mother killed by a Titan as a child and vows to destroy all Titans. On his first assignment as a full-fledged Titan after graduating fifth in his cadet class, he is devoured by a bearded Titan.

Then, shortly thereafter, he reappears as a 15-meter Titan who can stand his ground against other Titans in a fight. Those who regard him as a tool to exterminate the Titans, other humans who can become Titans, and those who perceive Eren as a rebellion-inducing threat to the status quo are all interested in him because of his abilities as a Titan.

After being recruited into the Survey Corps’ Special Operations Squad, he tries to rein in his Titan-changing power and finds that he has other skills as well. As the story progresses to its climax, Eren transforms into the primary antagonist, certain that the only way for Paradis Island to survive the endless conflict and racism against the Eldian people is to unleash millions of Colossal Titans in a genocidal jihad against the rest of the world. Eren’s Titan form was based on the body of middleweight MMA fighter Yushin Okami, according to author Hajime Isayama.

Mikasa Ackerman

Eren’s family took in Mikasa, a friend from their youth, when she saw the terrible murder of her parents at the hands of human traffickers. Although she was never formally adopted by the Jaeger family, she felt a deep sense of gratitude toward Eren’s parents and the other people who took care of her, as well as Eren, who saved her life and gave her an iconic scarf. The sudden loss of her parents had a profound effect on her, and she gradually became aware of the cruelties of the world.

As a result, she became much more reserved and silent, only showing emotion when she was with Eren and her friends. In her role as Eren’s devoted caregiver, she feels driven to follow and defend him at all costs, including by joining the Survey Corps alongside him.

She graduated first in her class from the Training Corps, where she was hailed as a prodigy and genius by her superiors and estimated to be worth more than a hundred lives in combat. Later it is revealed that this is because Mikasa’s father is a member of the Ackerman clan, an Eldian family that was genetically manipulated to generate super soldiers equal to a Titan in power. Their original purpose was to guard Eldia’s king.

Under stress, a descendant may be able to draw on their predecessors’ war experience thanks to the skills they acquired from them. Eren’s encouragement for Mikasa to ‘fight’ back against her kidnappers in the wake of her parents’ deaths was the initial spark that ignited her dormant Ackerman instincts. She is the only person of Asian heritage known to be living within the Walls, and she is only half-Asian.

She wears a tattoo on her wrist passed down from her mother that shows she is a descendant of the powerful Azumabito family, a cadet Shogun branch from the Eastern nation of Hizuru. Her ancestors were respected ambassadors who brought their culture to Paradis. Eren tells Mikasa that he has always loathed her because her Ackerman blood “forces” her to protect him while they investigate the Marleyan Volunteers with the Survey Corps. Dejected, she takes the scarf off her neck. Mikasa, who still cares deeply for Eren, chooses to join the alliance in order to thwart Eren’s plans for global genocide.

Armin Arlert

Armin, another of Eren and Mikasa’s childhood friends, decides to join them to serve humanity and realise his lifelong ambition of travelling the world. Armin was raised by his grandfather when the First Interior Squad of the Military Police killed his parents for trying to escape to the outside world with a homemade hot air balloon when he was a child. Armin discovered that his grandfather had been hiding an illegal book on life outside the Walls in his house.

Armin presented it to his best buddy Eren, who was enthralled by the descriptions of a massive body of saltwater, flaming water, land formed of ice, and plains of sand. Armin lost both his parents and grandparents in the collapse of Wall Maria. His grandfather was among the one-fifth of the population (mainly Wall Maria refugees) who were dispatched on a high-risk operation to “reclaim Wall Maria” and killed. The Royal Government had really planned the expedition to reduce the number of refugees and consequently the need for food aid.

Attack on Titan Characters
Attack on Titan Characters

Armin’s early insecurity in the Training Corps stemmed from his realisation that he was outclassed by Eren and Mikasa in terms of battle and endurance. He bemoans his apparent lack of bravery and reliance on his companions, but his self-assurance developed as he learned to put his intellect and strategic skills to use on their behalf.

After Eren’s identity as a Titan was disclosed to the military, he defended him fiercely and eventually coaxed him out of his feral Titan condition after Eren attacked Mikasa during his second complete metamorphosis. By accurately identifying the Female Titan as a human, Armin wins the praise of his superiors and succeeds in convincing Eren to overcome his reluctance to face her during their encounter in the Stohess District. His intelligence, tactical prowess, sound judgement, and capacity to think creatively are praised in later chapters.

Armin devises a plot to capture Bertolt during the battle in Shiganshina, but he is fatally injured by the horrific burns he sustained. After Levi injects Armin with Titan serum to save him, Armin eats Bertolt to get the Colossal Titan’s abilities. The Yeagerists throw him in prison in the Shiganshina district after he investigates the Volunteers to find out Zeke and Eren’s plans. He fights Pieck during the Marleyan ambush and then becomes frightened by Eren’s plans to use the complete Rumbling. To prevent Eren from wiping out all life beyond Paradis, he eventually joins the alliance.

Reiner Braun

The Armored Titan is currently held by Reiner, a member of the Warrior Unit of the Marleyan armed forces. For the most of the story, he is one of the primary adversaries because he leads the infiltration squad responsible for Marley’s initial onslaught against the Walls on the island of Paradis.

After completing his time with the 104th Training Corps, Reiner is presented as the class valedictorian. Trainer Keith Shadis praised him as a natural leader with “ox-like strength,” and he didn’t take long to gain the respect of his peers in the Paradisian Survey Corps.
In order to become an honorary Marleyan and be reunited with his Marleyan father, Reiner and his Eldian mother joined Marley’s Warrior Unit when he was a young boy.

Despite being disowned by his biological father, he is driven to succeed in his mission to retrieve the Founding Titan (also known as the “Coordinate”) from Paradis Island by the fierce patriotism instilled in him by his mother. When Marcel, the group’s leader, is eaten on the road, leaving only Annie and Bertolt, Reiner steps up to lead the surviving warriors.

By collapsing the District’s outer gate and then breaching the gate at Wall Maria, they unleash an army of rampaging “Pure Titans” upon Shiganshina. Before joining the Paradisian military, they blend in among the hordes of Wall Rose residents by pretending to be refugees.

Due to his inability to locate the Coordinates, Reiner plans an assault on Wall Rose in order to apprehend its possessor. Reiner suspects Eren of having the Coordinate after seeing him turn into a giant during the ensuing battle of Trost and assigns Annie the mission of capturing him. Unfortunately, the plot backfires, and Annie is kidnapped. Since Marley is planning another attack on Paradis, Reiner tells Eren about his purpose and urges him to go with him and Bertholt.

Instead of giving up, Reiner and Bertolt change and try to forcibly remove Eren from the situation. Nonetheless, the rest of the Survey Corps stops them, and they are forced to retreat, taking Ymir with them. Reiner and Berthold have reunited with Beast Titan holder Zeke Yeager and his Pure Titan army. Reiner is severely injured in the Battle of Shiganshina, but Zeke and his allies are able to get him to safety before the Survey Corps can use their new ‘Thunder Spear’ on him.

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