Are Cru And Brooke Still Together From Back In The Groove?

Are Cru And Brooke Still Together: The thrilling dating reality programme ‘Back In The Groove’ on Hulu follows three single women in their forties who are hoping to meet younger men. This leads them to The Groove Hotel, where 24 suitors are vying for their attention. While the bachelors try to make an impression during group dates and one-on-one chats, it is the ladies who get to whittle down the pool until they find their ideal matches.

When Brooke Mora first checked into The Groove Hotel, she opened up about her history of romantic disappointment. But by the end of the show, she had opened up emotionally, and while she had become close to several eligible bachelors, none could compare to the connection she had with Cru Eaton.

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Brooke And Cru’s Back In The Groove Journey

Personal trainer Brooke Mora, a resident of Los Angeles, California, turned 42 years old during filming. While discussing her romantic history, she mentioned feeling upset on more than one occasion, which led her to unintentionally build barriers between herself and future partners.

What this means is that she had a hard time trusting people and was afraid to fully commit to a relationship for fear of being hurt again. Cru, a 30-year-old tattoo artist from Provo, Utah, on the other hand, said he was attracted to older women because of their self-assurance and their firm grasp on their wants and needs. In addition, Cru anticipated that a relationship with an older lady would be stable and free of conflict.

Cru fell hard for Brooke the moment they met, and he knew he had to win her over before anyone else could. As a result, he didn’t waste any time snatching her away from the first mixer to spend some quiet time with. This method, as well as the fact that he cared about even the slightest details and was willing to share his thoughts and feelings with her, pleased Brooke greatly. Cru was overjoyed with his progress because he and his date kissed on their one-on-one and their subsequent, more intimate first date.

are cru and brooke still together
are cru and brooke still together

However, in the days that followed, Brooke made moves to pursue other relationships, much to Cru’s dismay. The Utah native did try his best to stay relevant, yet she made it clear that her past had taught her to weigh her options before making a final decision. Interestingly, she got quite close to Josh Taylor during these days, but once he got jealous of her closeness with Cru and tried to break them apart, she knew she had to cut him off.

Still, Brooke was open to new experiences and ideas, which is why she connected so well with Gary and Matt Booher. A chasm opened up between her and Cru as a result of these friendships, and her personal trainer caught on quickly. Even though the Los Angeles native had a passionate encounter with Matt around this time, she ultimately decided that her true love was with the local tattoo artist.

For this reason, Brooke wanted to test Cru’s dedication by having them get matching tattoos, and Cru gladly agreed. And then, after Gary found out about these tattoos, he realised where his interests lay and opted to leave the programme voluntarily.

Are Brooke Mora And Cru Eaton Still Together?

Because of Gary’s departure, Brooke and Cru became closer than ever before. Besides, even her sister, who arrived at the Groove Hotel to support her, appreciated Cru’s efforts and was happy to note he was completely invested in Brooke. Even more so, after an amazing final date in the previous episode, Brook invited Cru to spend the night at her apartment, and the two then checked out of The Groove Hotel as a pair.

Brooke and Cru are both quite secretive, therefore we don’t know much about their current relationship status. Despite their obvious closeness to the other members of the cast of “Back In The Groove” and their willingness to provide glimpses into their daily lives, the two have yet to appear on each other’s social media profiles.

But Brooke did say on the show that Cru had helped her heal by just being himself, and they did make a pact to be one other’s strengths forever. This promise, coupled with everything they went through and the incredible commitment they portrayed, makes us believe that the pair are still going strong. However, we are hopeful despite the lack of confirmation as of this writing.

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