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Another Chicago Med Doctor Is Set To Leave In Season 8
Another Chicago Med Doctor Is Set To Leave In Season 8

Another Chicago Med Doctor Is Set To Leave In Season 8

Another Chicago Med Doctor Is Set To Leave In Season 8: The bombs keep dropping on Chicago Med. Even though only six episodes have aired so far, there has already been a shocking amount of cast turnover. The problem is that employee turnover is expected to continue.

To help you keep track of everything that has happened so far in Season 8 and get ready for what’s to come, we’ve compiled this handy list of everyone who has died so far and everyone who is expected to die in the upcoming episodes.

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Vanessa Taylor leaving Chicago Med

Dr. Dylan Scott’s tragic death occurred in the season 8 premiere (Guy Lockard). Despite only appearing in one season of the show, the character was instantly beloved by viewers thanks to his charming demeanour and selfless motivation. Tragically, his past as a police officer caught up with him, and his good intentions to aid a fellow officer ended in tragedy.

While understanding why Scott had to leave at the end of the premiere after the trauma he had been through, it was still difficult to see him go. It seems like a wasted opportunity that he didn’t get more crossovers with Chicago PD, especially considering his history with the force.

Sarah Rafferty’s Dr. Pamela Blake also ended her relationship with Gaffney, though this was foreshadowed in the season finale. Her career as a surgeon ended after a botched operation to correct problems with her hands.

Vanessa Taylor was the most recent (but certainly not the last) name to be added to this roster. In spite of the fact that she seemed like a permanent member of the staff, the protagonist ultimately decided to leave her position and relocate to the Philippines in order to provide aid to the underprivileged there. It was a dramatic turn of events that brought out strong feelings in viewers and in the characters themselves.

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And then there’s Professor Ethan Choi Though Choi has been absent for some time, his contributions to the Chicago Med pilot have not gone unnoticed. The character has been confirmed to leave Med before the season’s halfway point, though the circumstances of his departure are unclear.

And now that April Sexton (Yaya DaCosta) is back in the fold, she may very well end up being a factor in his decision to leave, making things even more bittersweet. We applaud Med’s efforts to make these departures feel natural and comprehensible to the audience, but we hope there won’t be too many more in the future!

Why Rachel DiPillo’s Sarah Reese Left Chicago Med

Sarah Reese left Chicago Med because Charles, in an effort to protect her, never told her that her father, Robert, was a psychopathic serial killer. But, as with most secrets in the Chicago series, word quickly spread. Reese saw that after Charles confronted Robert with the evidence, causing Robert to have a heart attack, Charles did not attempt to resuscitate him.

Of course, this didn’t help Charles’ situation, but Reese left in the end because she couldn’t bring herself to stop trusting the one doctor who had helped her the most in her life and career. Charles not only educated Reese in the field of psychiatry, but he also assisted her in working through the self-doubt and paranoia that had been holding her back.

Despite its relative brevity, the mentor-mentee relationship between Charles and Reese was not only a boon to Chicago Med creator Dick Wolf’s bank account but also one of the show’s most thought-provoking plot lines.

Another Chicago Med Doctor Is Set To Leave In Season 8
Another Chicago Med Doctor Is Set To Leave In Season 8

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Charles was extremely irritated by the fact that despite Reese’s intelligence as a psychiatrist, she lacked the tools to recognise her father Robert’s emotional manipulation. This is why, instead of going to Reese first, Charles confronted Robert with his suspicions that Robert might be a serial killer. Although Reese didn’t realise it at the time, Charles had hurt her on purpose in order to protect her.

While Charles could have been right that Reese couldn’t handle the truth, she may have stayed at Gaffney had he just mentioned Robert. Anyhow, after that, Reese had very few options.

During the season 4 premiere of Chicago Med, titled “Be My Better Half,” Rachel DiPillo made her final appearance, making way for new characters like Dominic Rains’ Dr. Crockett Marcel, Steven Weber’s Dr. Dean Archer, and Guy Lockard’s Dr. Dylan Scott.

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