One Piece Confirms Yamato’s Plot Change!

The fact that Yamato ultimately decided against joining the Straw Hat Pirates, despite so much teasing to the contrary, has been a major point of contention in recent episodes of One Piece. The manga’s chapter #1059, however, strongly implies that the story’s flaws are due to last-minute revisions.

During the invasion of Onigashima, Yamato, the son of Kaido, the major antagonist of the Wano Arc, abandoned his cruel father and took Luffy’s side, helping to free Wano from its captors. In the aftermath of the battle, Yamato reveals a lifelong yearning to travel the globe and readiness to join Luffy’s crew as the lone remaining Straw Hat, but she ultimately does not.

Readers anticipated Yamato’s presence on the Thousand Sunny when it came time to take a sail, but she choose to remain in Wano to learn about the land and assist the new Shogun Momonosuke in defending it. Readers were taken aback because Momonosuke had only recently given Yamato her approval to leave, but her decision was explained by her admiration for Momonosuke’s father, Oden, and her ambition to travel the country in his footsteps.

The decision and its justification were baffling, and several viewers saw it as a betrayal of their expectations for the One Piece franchise. Chapter 1059, however, suggests that perhaps Eiichiro Oda reconsidered at the last minute. A strange and out-of-place sequence takes place in this chapter, as Marco, the former Whitebeard Pirates captain who aided the Straw Hats in beating Kaido, recalls his last moments with Luffy in Wano.

In the brief flashback, the Straw Hat captain can be seen speaking with Yamato, who explains that she did not decide to join the crew because she was afraid that powerful opponents could target Wano now that Kaido was gone, as demonstrated by the attack from Marine Admiral Ryokugyu. Yamato stays behind to safeguard Momonosuke and Japan itself.

This seems to be a “retcon” to explain Yamato’s odd choice in chapter 1057 and her even odder reasoning for making that choice. Yamato says that the strange “I want to see the land” bit is her way of staying so as not to insult Momonosuke’s dignity as the Shogun. Chapter 1059 centers on the actions of Boa Hancock, Blackbeard, Coby, and Silvers Rayleigh on the Amazon Lily, and has nothing to do with the Straw Hats, Wano, or Yamato. It feels like a cop-out to use a flashback from Marco’s (who also does nothing in this chapter) perspective to explain Yamato’s goals.

This sequence doesn’t belong here, which is presumably why it appears so odd. To clear things up and put an end to the “Yamato as the new Straw Hat” controversy once and for all, Eiichiro Oda wrote chapter #1059. Of all, this is just conjecture, and Marco’s memory still doesn’t belong in this chapter. Time will tell if there is any truth to this, but there is still reason for One Piece fans to hold out hope that Yamato will eventually join the Straw Hat Pirates.

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Kaidou is Yamato’s father. Yamato was raised from childhood to be Kaidou’s heir, but despite being his daughter, she grew to admire the warrior Kozuki Oden. Yamato decided to impersonate Oden and begin acting like him when he passed away. Yamato wanted to be Oden so much that he resolved to become a man and introduce himself to the crew as Kaidou’s son.

Yamato has spent a significant portion of his life imprisoned on Onigashima due to his conflict with Kaidou and their subsequent divergent paths. While in Wano Country, Yamato became friendly with Portgas D. Ace, and following Ace’s death, he waited for the arrival of his sworn brother, Monkey D. Luffy. While Yamato had planned to join Luffy’s crew, he has decided to stay aboard Wano for the time being.

Yamato Appearance:

Since he was given the feminine gender at birth and doesn’t actively want to present as a male, Yamato is often mistaken for a female by those he meets for the first time. At 263 cm (8’8″), Yamato towers over most people. Like Kaidou, he has long, white hair that is tied in a ponytail at the back with orange rods, and which gradually turns aqua green and eventually blue as it nears the end. Yamato has a red crest atop his head that fades to flesh at the base, enormous orange eyes with thick lashes, gold hoops in both ears, and a broad nose.

The top half of Yamato’s current attire is indigo and patterned with wisps of colour, and the bottom half is a sleeveless white top with a diamond design on both sides. Like Oden, he wears a big purple and white nio-dasuki behind his back and a pair of red hakama pants and sandals.

Yamato One Piece
Yamato One Piece

Before, when Yamato was in disguise, he also wore a hannya mask, which consists of a blue wig with a long blue goatee linked to the bottom and a wild blue mane attached to the top.

The long white sleeves of Yamato’s kimono were taken off along with the remainder of the disguise, revealing the kimono’s true shape.

Yamato wore a long-sleeved dress very identical to this four years ago, albeit with different emblems above the bust. Those signs look like an oden skewer, right?

Yamato had a costume quite similar to the one he wears now when he was eight years old, with the exception of a mask that had shorter horns and a beard and did not have a nio-dasuki.

This clothing didn’t have the diamond pattern in the manga.

Yamato Personality:

Yamato looks up to the renowned samurai Kozuki Oden so much that he claims to be a direct descendant of Oden. Because Oden is a guy, Yamato has repeatedly claimed to be Kaidou’s son and identified as him. Although Yamato was initially unsure of how to present as Oden, she has been increasingly forthright about her identity as Oden over time, even telling Oden’s son Momonosuke that she is Oden, much to his distress.

Yamato has adopted this identity with complete sincerity, although he still considers Yamato to be his “other name.” It appears that Yamato does not appreciate being called by an incorrect name, as she promptly set Luffy straight when he called her by an inappropriate moniker.

Yamato, inspired by Oden’s logbook (which he calls “bible”), longs to leave the safety of Wano Country and sail the seven seas with the Straw Hat Pirates, much as Oden did decades earlier with the Whitebeard and Roger Pirates. The opening of Wano’s frontiers is an objective shared by Oden and Yamato, both of whom are opposed to Kaidou’s plans for the country.

Yamato is a very determined ship, as seen by her decades-long struggle against Kaidou’s incarceration. The confrontation between Yamato and Ace, which began when Yamato refused to back down from Ace’s attacks, resulted in the destruction of Kaidou’s dragon monument and subsequent open defiance. Yamato has repeatedly clashed with Kaidou and has verbally opposed and defied Kaidou’s plans for them, often with accompanying insults.

Yamato’s willingness to help the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance when they invaded Onigashima was evident, as was his commitment to the group, as he attacked members of his father’s crew. Yamato, who practically kidnapped Luffy to get to talk to him and persisted with this technique even when Luffy fought back, is also willing to go to considerable measures to achieve his goals.

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