The Fruit of Evolution: Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made Season 2!

Before I knew it, my life was perfect, thanks to evolution. Season 2 will come out in January 2023, during the Winter 2023 season of anime TV.

The official Twitter account says that the new title for Season 2 of The Fruit of Evolution is True: Fruit of Evolution: Before I Knew It, My Life Was Made (Shin Shinka no Mi: Shiranai Uchi ni Kachigumi Jinsei).

On April 1, 2022, at 10 a.m. JST, the second season was first talked about. Even though it sounds like a joke, the anime industry sometimes makes real announcements on April 1. Keep in mind that the second season of the anime TV show was also joked about at the end of the first season.

There was an official website at that started counting down to the premiere date of the anime 126 days after the announcement. The countdown began on August 5, 2022, the first day of Crunchyroll Expo 2022… However, when the countdown on the anime teaser website hit zero, the negative numbers started to roll in.

The “minus counter is in process,” as stated on the official Twitter account. The advertising for the show has been just as offbeat as the anime itself, so the announcement on August 6, 2022, at Crunchyroll Expo 2022 wasn’t too shocking.

The franchise has launched a new campaign called “The Forest of Evolution,” which features exclusive Fruit of Evolution NFT artwork and gives you an idea of just how out there this series can become. On April 29, 2022, all registrants will be entered into a lottery for 100 NFT to be distributed via OpenSea.

Both Studio feels and Studio Children’s Playground Entertainment worked together to create the first season. Among the studio’s most well-known works is the anime Remake Our Life!, the first season of Dagashi Kashi, and the film Oregairu 3: My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Climax.

For its first few years in business, Studio Children’s Playground Entertainment served as a subcontractor on the productions of other studios. Hatena Illusion and Tsukiuta Season 2 were their first two works, both of which debuted in 2020. The Faraway Paladin, which premiered in 2021, is their most successful anime to date.

The first season of the Fruit of Evolution anime was directed by Yoshiaki Okumura (episode director on Eyeshield 21, Lupin the Third). As of now, Fukase Shigeru will be the primary director, and he will take on the role of Chief Director.

The script and series composition will once again be handled by Gigaemon Ichikawa (GeGeGe no Kitaro).

Minami Eda, an inexperienced animation artist, was in charge of character design for the pilot episode. Mitsuki Iroha and Hayashi Nobuhide are taking his place. The first season’s soundtrack was composed by Hifumi, Inc.

Not much is known about the opening and closing themes for Season 2 of Fruit of Evolution.

Yoshino Nanjou, the Japanese voice actress who played Karen Kannazuki in the first season, sang the opening theme song “Evolution” for Fruit of Evolution. Poppin’ Party sang “Moonlight Walk” for the end credits.

Episode 12 of The Fruit of Evolution’s first season premiered on December 20, 2021. (or, after midnight in Japan on December 21, 2021).

The Fruit of Evolution, containing all 12 episodes, will be available on Blu-ray as a single collection. Since the official website needs at least 300 pre-orders to justify a BD release, a release date has not yet been set. On January 31, 2022, the anime production committee will decide on whether or not the Blu-ray will be available for purchase.

  • Updated September 23, 2022: Added new key visual.
  • Updated August 8, 2022: The Fruit of Evolution Season 2 release date confirmed for Winter 2023.
  • Updated April 1, 2022: The Fruit of Evolution Season 2 confirmed.

The Fruit of Evolution: Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made Season 2 release date in January 2023

There has been no official confirmation of a specific release date for Season 2 of The Fruit of Evolution from Studio Children’s Playground Entertainment, Studio feel, or any other entity involved in the production of the anime. Nonetheless, on April 1, 2022, it was revealed that a sequel to The Fruit of Evolution would be produced. On August 6, 2022, the time frame of Winter 2023 was established.

The final Seichii’s status scene ended with Saria hinting, “You’ll just have to look forward to more next time!” But why would there be a “next time” at all?

If you believe the reviews for The Fruit of Evolution, the professional critics want to give the anime a Darwin Award and put it out of its misery by discreetly dragging it behind the shed.

Some have argued that the entirety of the Fruit of Evolution anime is about Seiichi being a terrible protagonist. Critics say this isn’t KonoSuba humorous since it’s neither original nor fresh, even though many harem isekai include trashy characters.

Viewers of the entire first season agree that they have to turn off their critical faculties to fully appreciate the show’s absurdist comedy, which knowingly subverts isekai cliches for laughs. You might as well take pleasure in the filth and swim backwards through it if that’s what you enjoy doing.

Unfortunately, the number of people who dislike the isekai comedy appears to be much more than the number of people who like it. The Fruit of Evolution is the spider that needs to be killed with fire if Arifureta was the ugly stepchild of the isekai anime genre.

Excuse me while I veer off topic… The biggest problem is that negative feedback hasn’t necessarily resulted in less money made from streams. In addition to Demon Slayer: Kimetsuo no Yaiba, The World’s Finest Assassin, and Takt op. Destiny, this anime frequently appeared in the Top 5 of Crunchyroll’s popular anime section.

And a TV show’s prospects of being renewed aren’t necessarily doomed if it’s mocked by critics in the industry. By the way, Season 2 of Arifureta won’t premiere until 2022. Multiple other 2021 isekai anime, such as Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy and Spirit Chronicles, have also been renewed for a second season.

However, the Combatants Will Be Dispatched! anime, adapted from the new book series by the creator of KonoSuba, has a similar level of isekai humour. Unfortunate Combatants Will Be Deployed! There has been no confirmation of Season 2.

Although production on The Fruit of Evolution 2 has been approved, a secondary problem is that anime studios are often booked up years in advance due to the industry running at full capacity. The issue was fixed once they began using Studio HOTLINE.

The Fruit of Evolution Season 2 English dub Release Date

Its first season was available online via Crunchyroll and VRV, albeit exclusively with English subtitles (not Netflix, Hulu, FUNimation, or Amazon Prime Video). The Fruit of Evolution’s English dub premiered on Crunchyroll at 6:30 PM EST on Thursday, May 5, 2022.

Here is The Fruit of Evolution dub cast:

  • Mark Allen Jr. (Nazumi in SSSS.DYNAZENON) as Seiichi
  • Jalitza Delgado (Raido’s Little Sister in Aharen-san wa Hakarenai) as Saria
  • Corona Lewin (Climb in Overlord) as Saria (Kaiser Kong)
  • Corey Pettit (Sawa Sugimoto in Kageki Shoujo!!) as Artoria
  • Erica Muse (Diva in She Professed Herself the Pupil of the Wise Man) as Kannazuki

Presumably, Crunchyroll’s The Fruit of Evolution Season 2 English dub release date will be announced in the time frame of the second season’s premiere.

The Fruit of Evolution manga/light novel series compared to the anime

The Fruit of Evolution is a light novel series written by Miku and illustrated by U35, and its tale serves as the basis for the anime. The author started self-publishing the story in January 2014 as an online novel on the “Shsetsuka ni Nar” (Let’s Become Novelists) website, following the pattern of numerous harem isekai stories.

Light novel volumes of the series were first released on September 30, 2014, after being bought by Japanese publisher Futabasha’s Monster Bunko label. As of March 30, 2022, there were a total of 14 volumes in the light novel series.

Web Comic Action, published by Futabasha, began serialising the manga The Fruit of Evolution by the original creator and artist Sorano in September 2017. The manga series reached Volume 7 as of the 30th of September, 2021.

No North American publishing house has declared plans to release an official English translation of the light novel series or the manga. While official translations only go until Volume 3, as of December 2021, fans have completed Volumes 4 and 5. As of November 2021, there is also a translation project for this web novel into English, which is currently up to Chapter 213.

Studio Children’s Playground Entertainment has proven with the Faraway Paladin anime that it can successfully adapt an isekai manga into an anime. However, the possibilities are limited by the fact that the content is focused solely on a fast-paced harem adventure.

It’s to be expected that the light novel exposition in The Fruit of Evolution would be glossed over in the manga adaptation. The anime adapted a lot more material than the manga did, which is unusual given that anime usually has to restrict the story information even further to fit within the time constraints of the TV episodic format.

For instance, in the anime, the guild members do even crazier things during the big battle in Episode 11 of The Fruit of Evolution. Aqua Louise’s sword attack and Adventurer’s Guild leader Gatthur Krut’s biceps garnered most of the attention in Chapter 24 of the manga, but di** beam guy Slan “Bare It All” Algard and baby guy Walter “Protector of Little Girls” Beratt and their “milk play” got almost little screen time at all. Manga Chapter 25 showed some affection for the dudes, but at least viewers were spared the cyclops’ rose fist.

To do this, the anime glossed over the mechanics of Seiichi’s RPG-style statistics and his cheat equipment. The harem humour, however, was given more attention, pushing the drama and action battles to the background.

But since the idea of levels is primarily utilised as a joke, it’s not a huge concern if you don’t know the RPG metrics. A later novel in the series reveals that Seiichi’s status window, unable to comprehend his might, leaves him on a journey to gain strength to properly reflect Seiichi’s OP status. Seiichi becomes a walking Chuck Norris joke in the isekai genre.

The Fruit of Evolution Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made Season 2
The Fruit of Evolution Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made Season 2

When it comes to how quickly the manga was adapted into episodes of anime, that medium was roughly two chapters for each episode. 13 chapters of the manga were turned into the first six episodes.

Lulu, the ex-donkey girl, made her debut in episode 7. For context, Lululune made her first appearance in the light novel series in Volume 3. (and manga Chapter 15).

Origa Carmelia, a cat girl assassin, Louise, a Valkyrie (an Aqua lookalike), and Lucia, the daughter of the Demon King, were all introduced by Episode 8. Light novel volume 4 and manga chapter 18 introduced readers to Origa; manga chapters 17 and 20 introduced Louise and Lucia, respectively.

Overall, it is anticipated that Shinka no Mi Episode 12 of the first season will coincide with the conclusion of Light Novel Volume 4. (or manga Volume 5).

Since there’s a significant battle where Seiichi displays his god-like Judgement magic, it’s the greatest place to pause. The Kaiser Empire’s secret history has come to light. What’s more, the majority of the harem members have congregated.

It was unexpected that the Demon Lord, Garland, and Seto Airi alias Airin made brief cameos in the last episode. They weren’t just exhibited as a teaser; they were even given Japanese voice actors. That can be seen as a promising sign for a second season.

As was already established, compared to the manga, the anime adapts more material from light novels. As a result, the first season’s finale spent most of its time detailing what transpired following the major conflict, but the manga abruptly turned its attention to the Barbados Magic Academy plot arc. Even the perspective of the Demon Lord’s followers was not included in the manga.

Shinka no Mi Season 2 anime spoilers Plot

When we last saw Seiichi “The Man Who Made The World Yield” Hiiragi on the small screen, he had just become the Nightmare of All Monsters after single-handedly wiping out an army of S-Rank level boss demon monsters.

Seiichi has progressed to a level where he seriously questions his humanity. Even more impressively, he inadvertently develops a farming smartphone that will enable him to cultivate additional evolutionary fruit in a secure area.

The powerful sorcerer Saint Barnabas, principal of Barbados Magic Academy, understood the significance of the Judgement spell Seiichi cast during the conflict. Now, he’s trying to get Seiichi to join the faculty of the school in the buffer zone.

Seiichi responds by insisting that his harem/friends accompany him. While Artoria Greem can teach combat and Origa can work as Seiichi’s assistant, Saria and Lulune can join the ranks of the students. However, Louise will be left behind because of how crucial she is to the country’s security as a person.

Though Seiichi doesn’t understand why Barnabas would suddenly make such a request, he is concerned about his old friends who are now enrolled in the school as “heroes,” among them Karen Kannazuki.

(At this moment, it’s hard not to think of Arifureta, since that other anime hurried through the light book to reconnect the protagonist with his peers.)

Not to mention the pretentious First Prince Robert Illoas Wimbug, Second Prince Geonis Guardian Wimburg, and First Princess Lattice Tia Wimburg of the Kingdom of Limburg, there is also the upcoming emperor of the Kaiser Empire, Teobolt.

Seiichi’s job is to produce fighters who can hold their own against the heroes of the Kaiser Empire. Seiichi’s class, however, is placed in Class F, one of the most disruptive sections of the school.

Young punk Agnos Passion dons a Yankee suit and pompadour in the style of Tokyo Revengers.

Seiichi is tasked with bringing out the best in this band of eccentric “failures,” and he is assisted in this endeavour by a female teacher named Beatrice Rogeuna. Seiichi has to use his cheating skills to get the weakest students in school to the top, but the bigger difficulty is that they lack the magical talents necessary to employ them.

How will Seiichi, a new “teacher” who was bullied as a student on Earth, respond to this difficulty?

Stay tuned to for more updates like these in the meanwhile.

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