Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 406: What Will Happen Now?

Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 406: It’s clear that Nie is maturing both physically and intellectually. He set out for a mysterious land, where he would first acquire the picture of rivers and mountains stretching for miles. As a result, he is currently struggling to maintain his cover while imprisoned within the thousand-illusionary array. But in Chapter 406 of Tales of Demons and Gods, everything will shift radically. Nie plans to investigate his finding, which will advance him to the next level and ultimately lead him to the treasure. If you want to learn more, read on!

Some new information will pique Nie’s interest in the upcoming plot. He’ll be interested in figuring out what those stone pillars are all about. To that end, he plans to stay and continue trying to decipher the array rather than leave.

Tales of Demons And Gods Chapter 406: Release Date

Gold and treasure will keep Nie and Xiao very busy. However, this new information will cause Nie some trouble. Is Xiao going to lend a hand to him? This information will be available in Chapter 406 of Tales of Demons and Gods on November 18, 2022. Both Naver Webtoon and Kakao pages will host it. We’ll keep you updated. Anime news? The Anime Daily has you covered.

Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 406
Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 406

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Tales of Demons And Gods Chapter 406: What Will Happen Now?

As for what’s ahead, in the following chapter, it’ll be all about Nie’s next mission. He now possesses the artefacts and treasure that were hidden in the illusory stone formation. But he has no idea that a set of stone pillars stands between him and the goal. Something has been written on them. Although Xiao appears preoccupied with stealing the gold and artifacts, Nie does his best to learn from it. Meanwhile, Son Li will be waiting for Nie outside the stone array, his rage only growing in intensity as he does so.

Yan Yang, however, puts an end to his advance, and the two of them will continue to spar. But Nie hasn’t noticed this, so he keeps walking into the stone pillar. This is not going to be simple, as it is written in an ancient language, so Nie will need to focus his energy in order to use the array. Xiao will ask Nie to leave the array, but he will persist in entering it. Is it safe to do so? Nie will take whatever comes his way in stride.

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Tales of Demons And Gods Chapter 405 Recap

In Tales of Demons and Gods, Chapter 405, Nie enters the stone array and is able to discover a way through it without succumbing to its illusion. He was shocked to find the spiritual illusionary gem there. He discovered the mystical gem in that place. In battle against a superior foe, the spiritual pearl proved to be an invaluable distraction weapon. On top of that, the spiritual pearl can have other powers. So, Nie resolved to catch it while giving Xiao orders to acquire artefacts and essences made from gold spiritual stones.

Since Xiao seemed to be engaged retrieving the spiritual pearl, Nie had a chance to snag it. Nie had some difficulty catching it, though. Once he got within touching distance of the spiritual gem, the flames engulfed him. He was not fooled, though, because he recognised it was an illusion and chose to follow it. However, the pearl of spiritual wisdom began to flee as he approached it. He was able to capture the spiritual gem with the aid of a picture spanning countless mountain ranges and rivers. Still in disbelief, he turned his attention to several stone pillars.

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