Who Is Porco Galliard In Attack On Titan?

Porco Galliard ( Poruko Garido? ), younger brother of Eldian and fellow citizen Marcel Galliard, went by the name Porco. Marley’s warrior who inherited the Jaw Titan from Ymir.

Porco Galliard Appearance

Human Form

While in human form, Galliard resembled a young man of about average height and build. His blond hair was brushed back in an undercut style, and his grey eyes were serious. He was decked out in cargo shorts and a short coat for fighting. On his left arm, he wore the Eldian wristband, as did all Eldians subject to Marley’s command. A member of the Yeagerists, Galliard borrowed a Garrison uniform and went undercover on Paradis Island.

Jaw Titan Form

Jaw Titan, Galliard’s Titan, was a tall, blond male with heavy brows, deep-set eyes, and a mane of long, blond hair. His chin was covered in a long beard, but the rest of his face was bare, and in place of lips was a cog-like arrangement of what seemed like hard skin. Armor seemed to cover his Titan’s face, fingers, and knuckles. As with the Cart Titan, Galliard’s Titan was muscular and toned, and he typically moved around on all fours.

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Porco Galliard Personality

Galliard cut an impressive figure, dodging gunfire with the help of his Titan and defending his comrades, Eldians Gabi and Falco. However, it’s also plausible that Galliard wasn’t acting out of bravery but rather confidence in his ability to resist gunfire given the lack of anti-Titan artillery, which would suggest he had experience fighting on battlefields. He was the type of Warrior who would plunge headfirst into the thick of battle, swarming an enemy sniper, and stomping on him for the sake of his people.

In addition, he possessed a bitter character and was depicted as being condescending to others, especially Reiner Braun. Galliard’s resentment against Reiner may explain why he frequently resorts to passive-aggressive language. After a dispute with Reiner, he hit him, thus he clearly has a violent streak or did in the past. He seems overconfident in his abilities; when confronted by the well-trained Survey Corps, he was visibly taken aback by their ability to battle to a stalemate despite his superior Titan powers.

Galliard, despite his gruff demeanor, had profound feelings for his fellow Warriors. Despite his initial coldness and rejection of their friendly efforts, he soon displayed extreme panic and wrath after Pieck and Zeke Yeager were killed while fighting the Survey Corps. He also shown to be a very independent and possibly irresponsible individual under pressure. After learning of Bertolt Hoover’s death and Paradis’s use of his former Titan to destroy the Marleyan fleet, Galliard went against Eren in blind wrath, ignoring Pieck’s pleas for calm.

This made Pieck and Zeke easier targets for attackers, giving the Survey Corps the opening they needed to ultimately prevail. Because of this tendency, Mikasa Ackerman ambushed Galliard when she predicted he would take unnecessary risks upon seeing the airship from Paradis Island flying above Liberia. Because of this, he was mutilated and used to break Lara Tybur’s crystal armor.

Porco Galliard History

Galliard had been considered for the Armored Titan’s leadership role for some time prior to the Paradis Island Operation. Along with other young Eldians, he took part in a selection process. They were both selected as Warriors candidates after enduring a gruelling physical exam that included a run through the rain while carrying heavy military gear.

Galliard scolded Reiner Braun after he and the other six candidates were reunited and given details about the impending offensive against Paradis Island because, in Galliard’s estimation, Braun was the only one without a special talent, being driven only by his love for Marley and adulation of their superiors. Galliard punched Reiner when the latter accused him of being an Eldian spy, but his brother Marcel intervened and the two brothers carried on to their goal with Galliard continuing to make fun of Reiner.

After much deliberation, in the year 843 it was decided that Reiner would be the one to inherit the Armored Titan’s strength, while Galliard’s brother Marcel would take over the Jaw Titan. Galliard stayed on the mainland as the Warriors travelled to Paradis Island.

Porco Galliard Story

After the Paradis Island Operation is cancelled in 850, Ymir is returned to Marley. He had previously eaten Marcel and so stolen the power of the Jaw Titan. After that, Marley selects Galliard to retrieve the Jaw Titan. By ingesting Ymir, Galliard becomes a Pure Titan and inherits the Titans’ might. From Ymir, he learns about her past and motivations, but from his brother, he learns nothing.

Galliard witnesses the Battle of Fort Slava, which takes place four years after the return of the Warriors. He and his fellow Warrior, Pieck, have been forbidden by their Marleyan superiors, led by Commander Magath, from fighting the Mid-East Allied Forces at the fort because of the presence of the extremely lethal anti-Titan weaponry. After Gabi successfully bombs the armoured train carrying the artillery, Galliard joins the action, protecting Gabi and Falco from machine gun fire and then pushing forward to utterly destroy the opposition’s defences.

After the enemy’s defences have been breached, Galliard presses forward, murdering numerous troops in the trenches and using his enormous jaw to shatter the railroads. The Armored Titan destroys multiple anti-Titan artillery platforms after being deployed within the stronghold. He hastily leaves the remaining soldiers to the care of the Armored Titan and the Beast Titan and retreats.

Galliard tends to Reiner as he heals from his wounds after the siege of Fort Slava. Upon regaining consciousness, Reiner expresses gratitude to Galliard for having rescued him in Fort Slava, but Galliard brusquely explains that he was merely trying to protect Marley’s possession of the Armored Titan. Galliard then explains that he did not receive his brother’s memories but did inherit Ymir’s recollections, and he brutally berates Reiner for relying on his fellow soldiers so frequently, especially after the death of Marcel, whom Galliard blames on Reiner. After Pieck joins them, Reiner leaves, and Galliard stays behind to be with Pieck.

Later, Galliard rides back to Marleya with the rest of the military, taking his place among the other Warriors.

In the aftermath of their arrival in Liberio, a hungover Colt needs Galliard’s assistance getting around. Once inside the Internment Zone, he is met by a male and female guard.

Shortly after, Zeke calls Galliard to the Warriors’ headquarters. In his travels, he encounters Pieck, who is practising her Cart Titan impression by walking on all fours. Once they get there, Zeke will tell them that he plans to resume the Paradis Island Operation to retake the Founding Titan in order to balance Marley’s slowly dwindling power. Galliard is upset to learn that the respected Tybur family will be representing the Warriors during the affair, but Reiner and Zeke manage to persuade him to go along with it nevertheless.

Galliard is present but unobtrusive at a military conference when plans for an invasion on Paradis Island are discussed. When the meeting is over, he and the other Warriors head out to a balcony and sarcastically praise the senior officers for their wisdom. In the aftermath of Falco’s victory over Gabi in a footrace, in which Colt insists Gabi’s superior rating will stand, Galliard criticises the selection criterion as amorphous. Galliard’s silence after Zeke’s comment to Colt, in which he said it was only normal for a big brother to not want Falco to become a Warrior, shows that Zeke’s words hit close to home. Before Willy Tybur’s address as envoy to Marley, Galliard and the other Warriors are seated.

A Marley soldier tells the Warriors to have a seat and that Magath would like to meet with them. Once Zeke is gone, the soldier ushers Galliard and Pieck into a room with no one in it. When Galliard inquires as to the whereabouts of Magath, the soldier responds by severing a nearby rope and releasing a trap door beneath them.

The two men, Galliard and Pieck, break their bones when they land on a bed of straw. Pieck says the crater is a decommissioned Warrior prison, and they discuss the paucity of room to metamorphose. When Galliard inquires as to the soldier’s strategy, Pieck replies that she is unsure but that she does recognise the man.

Warriors held captive report shaking in their cell. That battle amongst Titans is what led to their capture, and Pieck now knows why. Just as Galliard is beginning to wonder how they can get away, the Panzer Unit arrives to help. According to Pieck, she felt unsafe while being accompanied by a “escort,” so she took extra precautions. The unit then lowers a rope that the Warriors use to pull themselves up and out of the trap.

The heroes who came to their aid tell them that an Attack Titan has suddenly appeared and that the War Hammer Titan is currently engaged in battle with it. Time Pieck instructs her troops, Galliard gets ready to go join the conflict, but she tells him to hold off for a while so he can assess the situation. Next, Galliard witnesses something he’s never seen before: a squad of soldiers employing anti-personnel vertical moving equipment to dart over them.

After some time alone from Pieck, Galliard transforms into his Jaw Titan and joins the fight. In order to prevent Eren Yeager’s Attack Titan from devouring Lara Tybur, he creeps up on it from behind and jumps upon its nape. Galliard then sinks his teeth into the Attack Titan’s neck, saying that he has been waiting for this opportunity to reclaim the Founder for Marley all his life. Unaware that a soldier had slashed the muscles on the left side of his Titan’s face, he is bewildered when he is unable to bite through. Next, the Attack Titan slams Galliard into a building behind them, and as he sees the soldier scurrying around, he realises in horror that it is an Ackerman.

Galliard, realising the peril he’s in after chipping away at the Attack Titan’s arm, tries to run away but is hit by a Thunder Spear, sending him crashing to the ground. As a result, many members of the Survey Corps quickly encircle Galliard. At first he can’t believe that a group of humans have managed to paralyse him in his Titan form and are now trying to kill him, but soon he figures out that the troops battling him are the devils of Paradis Island. And suddenly, to Galliard’s utter amazement, Pieck’s Cart Titan swoops in with the Panzer Unit, armed with machine guns, and mows down several of the enemy. Galliard and Pieck accompany the Beast Titan on the battlefield, where they face off against the rest of the Survey Corps.

Porco Aot
Porco Aot

Galliard sees an enemy soldier swooping down on the Cart Titan, preparing to strike, and he immediately leaps into the air to attack him. Much to Pieck’s relief, he succeeds in killing the soldier and then tossing his body away. He emerges from his Titan in part to alert Pieck about the Ackerman, who had lost sight of him.

After hearing Pieck’s assessment, he opines that the enemy would lose their trump card if they were able to capture the Founding Titan. An unexpectedly large explosion rocks the harbour, and Pieck understands it came from the Colossus Titan and that Bertolt has been murdered and his Titan ability stolen by the enemy. Infuriated, Galliard redoubles his assault on Eren Yeager, saying that his elimination would devastate the enemy’s preparations. Since there is yet another Ackerman in his path, Galliard rushes towards her as she readies her blades to attack.

Galliard is astounded to watch Levi defeat Zeke’s Titan and discover that the Cart Titan has also been disabled. He becomes enraged once more, this time aiming his fury towards Eren out of fear that they are both dead. Galliard, in his Titan form, grows out claws to defend himself from Mikasa’s attacks, but he is instead smacked in the face by the Attack Titan. Nonetheless, Galliard holds on and sinks his teeth into Eren’s clenched fist. He then repeatedly slashes at the Attack Titan’s face, with one blow being blocked by Lara Tybur’s crystal armour. Galliard takes cover for a second inside the War Hammer Titan’s shell.

Galliard sees a departing airship and deduces that this is the means by which the Survey Corps intends to withdraw. When he shifts his focus elsewhere and fails to notice Mikasa, the latter cuts through his Titan’s legs and amputates his right foot, severely crippling his opponent. This causes Galliard to crash down before Eren, who then incapacitates the Jaw Titan by ripping off both of its arms and forcing the crystal into its mouth. Although Galliard is aware that Eren intends to use him to take the War Hammer Titan, he is powerless to prevent it. Eren ultimately forces Galliard to bite down on the crystal, killing the Lara Tybur and granting Eren access to her Titan powers.

And then Eren slams him to the ground and knocks him out cold while he tries to bite his nape and devour him whole. Gabi and Falco see this and start screaming for Reiner to come save them, and he eventually comes to. The unarmored Titan Reiner emerges, snatching Galliard away from Eren before he, too, is thrown to the ground by a punch. At this point, Eren gives up on trying to devour Galliard and runs away with Mikasa.

Porco Galliard Abilities

Galliard was an Eldian Warrior, therefore he had received special training to use the Titan power. He was in peak physical condition and possessed talents sufficient to qualify him as an Eldian Warrior.

Power of The Titans

Jaw: The most striking thing about Galliard, and the reason he was given a Titan’s name, is his mouth, which was designed to bite through extremely tough materials. He lacked lips but made do with an extra set of teeth on the outside of his mouth. The second set of teeth is found within the mouth, and it consists of sharp canines separated by gaps between each tooth. Rails may be bitten from the ground with this deadly weapon without causing any damage to the beast’s own mouth. The crystal of the War Hammer Titan was no match for his powerful bite.

Speed: For a Titan, Galliard’s speed and agility were remarkable. Whether on the offensive or evading an opponent’s onslaught, he could traverse tremendous distances with his impressive jumping ability. As an example, he eliminated the troops at Fort Slava who were attacking Reiner without their realising at the time because of how quickly he could move—even in his Titan form, he was able to perform surprise strikes that the adversary was not able to expect. [ Some even claimed he was faster than his predecessor, Ymir.

Regeneration: Just like everyone else who wields Titan power, Galliard could heal from any harm. Galliard took many bullets while in Titan form during the fight of Fort Slava. The bullet wounds to his face and shoulder, however, had seemingly healed by the time Reiner arrived on the battlefield.

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