What is a Pokemon Anime and Celebrates 24th Anniversary!

The success of Pokemon has cemented the franchise’s position as one of the most ubiquitous in the world. From movies to video games, the IP is a phenomenon wherever it goes.

;The first episode of Pokemon was first released in Japan, and the community is now celebrating its debut in the United States.

Today is the 24th anniversary of Pokemon’s introduction to America. After premiering in Japan over a year prior, the show finally made its way to the U.S.

After all, the first episode aired internationally in April 1997, and Japanese fans continue to receive new episodes before their American counterparts.

This is as good a day as any to refresh your memory on Pokemon’s backstory if you can’t recall what happened in the very first episode. Ash Ketchum, a little boy of ten, is introduced to the world in “Pokemon! I Choose You!,” the first episode of the Pokemon anime.

Pokemon Anime Celebrates 24th Anniversary
Pokemon Anime Celebrates 24th Anniversary

In this episode, Ash gets his first Pokemon, a Pikachu with a stubborn head and a mean streak. The two argue with each other until Ash risks everything to save his new friend from a flock of hostile birds.

The first episode is pivotal since it not only introduces Ash and Pikachu, but also several other characters. This first episode also has cameos by Misty, Professor Oak, Gary Oak, and Ash’s parents. 4Kids in the United States is responsible for making Pokemon an iconic franchise through their licence of the anime.

After all, the anime was a huge success in the United States, and it drove increased demand for the original generation of Pokemon video games. It’s been over twenty years, but the Ash Anime franchise still going strong with new episodes and features.

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