One Piece: What Filler Episodes Could Be Like After Wano?

Now that they’ve escaped Wano, the Straw Hat Pirates appear to have some time before they need to arrive somewhere else. This potential timeline rift could provide Toei Animation with the opportunity to tell alternate narratives. The specifics of the tales’ plots, though, are tough to imagine.

The One Piece finale will follow Wano. It was OK to use filler while the series was approaching its halfway point, but times have changed. With just the world’s major powers standing between the Straw Hats and Laugh Tale, the time has come for them to make their move. Toei will need to get more innovative in the future if it wants to fill the gaps between major story cycles.

The growing strength of the Straw Hats is one factor that will make coming up with post-Wano content challenging. Back when they were little, it was simple to match them up with an unknown pirate group. They are now unquestionably one of the world’s strongest crews, and there aren’t many who can offer a credible threat to them.

All good filler antagonists should be able to check off a few simple boxes. In other words, they need not be as dangerous as the standard villains. The Straw Hats, even the tougher ones like Luffy and Zoro, should be challenged by them. A formidable foe who has managed to avoid detection despite being powerful enough to face an Emperor-level crew would require a good justification for this.

More than that, they’ll likely need to be flanked by equally powerful allies who can divert the attention of the rest of the Straw Hats. Additionally, while it’s not required, it’s strongly advised to have compelling reasons for your character’s actions and feelings, and a backstory could help with this.

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The Straw Hats may go off against seasoned pirates. These are the pirates like Shiki the Golden Lion that have been there since Gol D Roger’s time but have lost their relevance in the modern world. There must be a plethora of pirates in this condition with a lot of fighting remaining in them.

The historical prevalence of such filler pirates is an intriguing aspect of their phenomenon. Despite being from Roger’s era, Luffy and company were more than up to the challenge. Since they’ve left Wano, the Straw Hats are the only team that can pose a rational threat to the legendary pirates.

Older pirates might originate from anywhere. Some of them might have formerly been candidates for Pirate Warlord. Throughout the narrative, the definition of a Warlord has amusingly evolved alongside Luffy’s meteoric rise. Given the new connotation of the title—pirates worth billions of Berries—anyone applying for this job would be more than capable of challenging the Straw Hats.

Additionally, among the numerous escapees from Impel Down Level 6 were a number of seasoned pirates. In all honesty, just one piece of information may provide enough padding for the rest of the series.

Many of history’s most notorious pirates may potentially be out on the open seas, and this is a lot more terrifying prospect than most people give it credit for. It has produced not only half of Blackbeard’s crew but also formidable adversaries like as Byrnndi World and Douglas Bullet. Who else was held captive in those bowels, if anyone, is a mystery?

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It is possible that some of the older pirates have retired to a private island like Crocus to enjoy some peace and quiet. If the Straw Hats need a reason to fight, the mere fact that they are in their land could be enough to spark a war. It’s possible that our more seasoned adversaries have simply been hiding out, waiting for the appropriate opportunity to make a comeback, wherever they may be.

One Piece

It is not required that the Straw Hats face up against more seasoned pirates. They may face competition from up-and-coming pirates, such as Supernovas, now that they’ve made a reputation for themselves. It’s clear from the battle between the Emperors and the Worst Generation that the current generation of pirates will one day be more successful than their predecessors.

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Luffy may also utilise Gear Five to access cartoon physics and defeat his foes that way. Although this shape can overcome most challenges by sheer might, the ability to warp reality opens up a lot of other possibilities. Because of its adaptability, the style is increasingly being used in low-stakes filler encounters despite its excessively overwhelming potency.

Remember that not every filler needs a climactic battle at its heart. Some of them can simply hang around on an island and enjoy themselves as Straw Hats, mingling with the natives and perhaps even joining in on the celebrations. It’s fine if a fight breaks out in the middle of it for added drama. The goal of the story isn’t how much better the Straw Hats are than the baddies, so it doesn’t matter how much better they are.

There may be episodes that explore the world and history of One Piece, in addition to the continuing adventures of the Straw Hats. It would be simple and inexpensive for Toei to implement a flashback sequence featuring the Straw Hats’ earlier adventures. Some of their most iconic scenes might be re-animated to showcase the new look.

When we talk about the new art style in One Piece, even the filler material will look amazing. Since the beginning of the Wano Arc, the anime has become known for its dynamic camera angles, fluid motions, impactful confrontations, and cinematic directing. It’s hard to fathom, but it’s not impossible for non-canon episodes to be given the same level of care as official ones.

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Between Wano and the next stop for the Straw Hats, the anime has plenty of time for several side storylines. Oda has set up a lot of cover stories that might be developed into episodes or mini-arcs. For instance, the cover story revolving around Germa 66’s attempt to flee Whole Cake Island is intriguing enough to warrant at least one more episode.

Nothing here is filler in the strict sense of the word, but considering how much Toei would have to add to the narrative, it might as well be.

With this in mind, One Piece can take its sweet time returning to the established plot. Non-canon material should be utilized sparingly in the anime, and hopefully, the pacing will be good enough that it won’t be necessary. While waiting for the main tale to get back up, audiences should be provided with moderately entertaining side stories.

Now it’s time to end…Stay tuned to for more updates.

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