What Are Osana Najimi Appearances, And History?

One of the main protagonists of Komi Can’t Communicate is a woman named Najimi Osana ( Osana Najimi?). The gender of this person is a mystery. Furthermore, they are the polar opposite of the Komi Shouko, as their extraordinary interpersonal skills allow them to become fast friends with virtually anyone within a matter of minutes.

Osana Najimi Appearance

Najimi’s short, violet, wavy hair is styled into spiky ends. They are short in stature overall and both in terms of height and body weight. When they first met Komi in grade school, they sported shorts and t-shirts. When they became friends with Hitohito, they wore the uniform of middle school students (gakuran) and asked to be addressed with the masculine suffix (-Kun). Najimi initially fooled everyone at her new high school by dressing as a girl in the female uniform skirt while also donning a masculine necktie.

When they’re not in school, they’ll often wear clothes that don’t clearly define them as either male or female, embracing an androgynous aesthetic.

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Osana Najimi History

Najimi is widely regarded as a gifted communicator. Because of their many school transfers, everyone at Itan Private School is an old acquaintance, even Tadano Hirohito, whose deepest secrets Najimi knows. Najimi’s talent helped propel it to the position of Class 1 vice president.

When Najimi and Shouko were in their second year of elementary school, they had their first encounter. Najimi had been making friends left and right, but Shouko’s incapacity to communicate put a halt to that. Najimi spent a week in bed, unable to move from shock.

Their trembling upon making eye contact with Shouko in high school was a direct result of the trauma they experienced. Najimi first refused Hitohito’s request that he and Shouko become friends. However, I managed to convince them to give up after much pleading. After being spurned by Najimi and Shouko and Hitohito on their walk home, a former classmate confessed to him.

Najimi Osana
Najimi Osana

Shouko saw that the attacker had dropped his keys and tried to return them to him, but she was unable to speak and accidentally scared him away with her anxious demeanor. As a result of this, Najimi admitted that they were wrong about Shouko and decided to assist her in expanding her social circle.

Najimi insists on being addressed as “chan,” the feminine suffix in Japanese, but she has been known to use the “boy” pronoun when it suits her purposes, such as when she is rejecting a male classmate who has come clean.

No one, not even Najimi’s professors, knows Najimi’s true gender, therefore they are referred to by both male and female pronouns.

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