Who Is Mikan Tsumiki? What Are Talents And Abilities?

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair focuses on the Killing School Trip experienced by Class 77-B of Hope’s Peak Academy, including one of its students, Mikan Tsumiki. Her official title recognizes her as a “Super High School Level Health Committee Member” (lit. “Ultimate Nurse”).

Mikan Tsumiki Appearance:

Because of bullying, Mikan’s long, dark, plum hair is cut in choppy, uneven snips. It looks like her hair is at its longest just past her hands and at its shortest just above her neck. Her bangs flow straight down but are also cut at noticeably varied levels. Her eyes are a faint greyish mauve, and they almost always betray worry or tears. She has a beauty mark at the outer corner of her left eye.

She is dressed in the standard nursing uniform of a light pink short-sleeved shirt with a white collar and puffed white sleeves. Underneath, there is a short, pleated, pale blue skirt. Upon this, Mikan ties a white apron around her neck from behind. On the left side of the apron, there are two red lines: one vertical line that descends to her midsection, and another, shorter red line that runs perpendicular to the first. She also has bandages on her right leg from the middle of the thigh to just above her ankle, and her left forearm and hand, minus the fingers. She is also donning a square gauze bandage on her left kneecap, pale pink crew socks, and white loafers.

She went through high school in the traditional Hope’s Peak Academy uniform, which included off-white crew-length socks. Her hair was a little longer now, reaching to her mid-thigh at its longest and her shoulder at its shortest. She had new bandages applied; these covered her right knee and right leg from knee to ankle, her left forearm, and her right cheek.

In her first appearance as the Ultimate Despair, she was dressed in a white, buttoned nurse uniform with a white nurse’s cap and the same red line symbol that appeared on her apron. This time, she’s got bandages on her right forearm and left leg (from the thigh to the ankle). She has a black strap across her right leg and is dressed in a medical glove that reaches her elbow on her left arm and a shorter glove that ends at the bandages on her right hand. She also appears to be armed with a syringe and is dressed in more understated loafers.

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Mikan Tsumiki Personality:

After years of severe abuse and bullying, Mikan has become a timid, paranoid, and fragile person with a dangerously low sense of self-worth. This has led to a wide range of behavioural symptoms, such as showing weakness to intimidation, crying at the slightest provocation, apologizing excessively, and speaking with a nervous stutter. She is so concerned about annoying, boring, or offending others that she once asked Hajime Hinata for permission to use his name when she first met him. This fragile persona makes her an ideal target for Hiyoko Saionji’s predatory and vicious disposition.

However, as the Ultimate Nurse, Mikan tends to act lot more confident when doing her work, and she is informed and bright. Her medical training proves to be valuable in murders, as she offers autopsy reports, containing information on the corpse’s status, specifics on injuries, cause of death, and time of death. In addition, she may start describing things like bodily functions in way too much detail in an effort to give the other students information on the subject at hand, and she may offer (often unwanted) health advice to others concerning things like eating and sleeping. Mikan has stated that she enjoys her time on Jabberwock Island because her peers recognize her and she is able to contribute because of her abilities.

Mikan is proven to be quite excellent at reading people’s faces, perhaps due to her advanced knowledge of human physiology; yet, she has a tendency to overanalyze them and is quick to conclude that those around her detest her. She has a deep desire to be liked and to be helpful to others, but her extreme lack of self-assurance and her desire to avoid being a burden mean that she rarely asserts herself or expresses her feelings openly, and when she does, she usually seeks approval from her peers. This is especially problematic during Class Trials since her expertise would be invaluable in uncovering a murder, yet she almost never volunteers this information on her own.

Due of her lack of social sense, she will likely blame herself if there is a lull in the conversation. Nonetheless, Mikan does make an effort to blend in with her surroundings by adapting certain aspects of her behavior to match what she perceives as the thoughts of her peers. Notably, she appears exaggeratedly clumsy and often finds herself in uncomfortable and exposed situations, leading to her apologies, yet it has been strongly indicated and even pointed out by Hiyoko that Mikan does these poses on purpose to attract attention and pity. Even though she is usually treated with compassion and understanding by her peers, many of them still find her off-putting, incompetent, or obnoxious because of her persistently clumsy and cloying nature.

Mikan is exceedingly socially awkward and has a skewed sense of both positive and bad social contact as a result of the harsh trauma she has suffered in the past. When shown compassion or personal attention, she often acts bewildered and wrongly assumes she has done something wrong. She tells Hajime she has done this many times with other students so they won’t dislike her and will continue to interact with her when they first become friends by offering to get beaten, stripped, drawn on, or other horrible things to her.

She draws parallels between this and her view that being ignored is worse than being abused, since she concludes that those who don’t bully her don’t care that she exists. She can’t seem to separate her positive and negative emotions in a healthy way, so if someone is consistently nice to her, she becomes obsessed with them and clings to them like a stalker, which is seen as incredibly creepy (at least by Hajime). The person she thought she loved used this weakness to his advantage, turning her into a pathological slave.

Mikan is somewhat prone to unusual outbursts since she often resorts to extreme submissiveness and self-deprecation as a defensive mechanism. During these episodes, previously repressed aspects of her personality suddenly emerge for a few moments before being buried again. Some examples of these characteristics are her intense desire for control, attention, and sympathy, as her sexual urges; her deep-seated resentment for her abusers; her general frustration with how she is treated; her various sadistic or otherwise disturbing obsessions; and her intense sexual urges.

In Chapter 2, she suddenly and seemingly without provocation lashes out in anger, yelling something like “you are done for” and “you’re not going to get away now that I’ve found you,” before trying to explain it away by saying she says illogical things when she’s frightened. She says in Island Mode that she likes horror movies because of all the blood and defenseless victims, and she says during one of the Class Trials that she finds a sudden drive to kill fairly reasonable (implying she has had such dreams of exacting revenge on her abusers).

Whenever she has access to the Pharmacy, she offers Hajime syringes and shots, and once, during a Free-Time Event, she even pursues him around and tries to inject him. There are hints that she may have stalked Hajime because of the way she looks at him while they’re alone, as well as the fact that he’s got the impression that she’s always watching him no matter where they are. Despite her typically restrained appearance, Mikan displays the strongest sexual yearning for Hajime of any of the female students in Class 77-B. In two separate instances, she cradles his head and falls asleep on top of him due to exhaustion or the Despair Disease, and she makes some quick, suggestive comments that strongly imply she would like to have intercourse with him. Her sexual innuendos are the most overt in the class, second only to Teruteru Hanamura’s.

Mikan’s conflicting reasons for striving to become the Ultimate Nurse are emblematic of her dual personality. Mikan, in stark contrast to her attackers, is eager to provide a hand to the group and support people who have also suffered physical harm. She has stated, however, that there are times when she enjoys the control she exercises over the weak and unwell, who have no option but to follow her orders in order to stay alive.

As a nurse, she can fulfill a need she doesn’t usually have: the desire to exert complete control over someone or something, a feeling she rarely gets because she’s so submissive. In her Island Mode ending, she admits she considered making Hajime a cripple so he could live with her forever, but he persuades her that he would stay with her no matter what. This demonstrates Hajime’s empathetic awareness of Mikan’s maniacal need for social interaction despite her perception of herself as an unattractive company.

Chapter 3 introduces the Remembrance Disease, the Despair strain responsible for Mikan’s memory recovery and subsequent transformation back into a Remnant of Despair, accompanied by a profound change in character that manifests itself subtly but inexorably as she becomes the prime suspect in the Class Trial’s investigation into the blackened. Her rage, manipulation, and dangerousness—and, in a private moment with Hajime, a hint of seduction—come from a culmination of all her repressed, bad, and selfish tendencies. She has been very hurt and humiliated by the treatment she has received, and now, unlike in the past, she openly confronts the others about it, including those who stood up for her during the trial but ignored her thereafter.

She takes advantage of her students’ sympathy while accusing them of being to fault for her terrible actions and descent into Despair. A selfless person who would change for the good of others and to avoid confrontation, Mikan was transformed by the Despair Disease into someone who would lie and cheat to protect herself at any cost. Even when her behaviour becomes increasingly erratic and aggressive, she maintains her practise of apologising by constantly asking for forgiveness as if it were a chant, all the while vehemently denying her wrongdoing and even tearing out her hair in anger when she is charged.

Mikan Tsumiki
Mikan Tsumiki

After being cornered and exposed as the killer, Mikan finds comfort in her loved one and claims that love for them was the only thing on her mind. She says she has completely lost interest in life and cares about nothing but finding that one person who she believes will love and accept her as she is. When Mikan is brainwashed into her Ultimate Despair form in Danganronpa 3, she takes on the appearance of a cruel horror nurse, and it is hinted that she tortures and sexually harasses her victims using her medical knowledge and equipment.

When Mikan wakes up from her coma, she has reverted back to her normal personality and the brainwashing by Junko Enoshima has been undone. It is implied that she feels terrible about her past acts as an Ultimate Despair and seeks penance along with her other students. She has shown she can defend herself; she saved Hiyoko while brandishing a huge syringe. She also cared for Kyoko on her own and ultimately prevented her death. Her insecurities remain evident, but she seems to have overcome them, growing closer to her peers and even developing a friendly connection with Hiyoko.

Mikan Tsumiki Talents & Abilities:

As a result of having to tend to her own wounds at such an early age, Mikan became a self-reliant person. A growing interest in nursing developed as she realized that caring for the sick and injured provided her a sense of power, particularly over the weaker patients who would have to put their lives in her hands. She kept learning new things and soon she seemed to have almost all the skills and abilities required of a nurse, such as administering first aid, making different medicines and drugs, performing surgery, immediately critically analyzing her patients’ conditions, and adapting to various medical emergencies.

Mikan’s expertise as “The Ultimate Nurse” in the medical field comes in handy while solving crimes. She compiles autopsy reports that include the condition of the body, any injuries, the manner in which the person died, and the time and date of their passing. In addition, she often offers others her (unwanted) opinion on their health. While breastfeeding, she also seems to get a sense of assurance. She enjoys her time on Jabberwock Island more than most kids do since her peers recognize her talent and she can contribute to the community.

Mikan is a skilled nurse, although she was doubtful that she could save Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu after he was severely injured in Peko Pekoyama’s execution, One Woman Army. Kyoko Kirigiri, who had used Seiko Kimura’s medicine to survive her NG Code Poisoning in the Final Killing Game, was brought back from the brink of death thanks to her skills.

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