Who Is Mary Saotome? What Are Appearance And Personality?

Mary Saotome: (, Saotome Meari) is a key character in the spin-off series Kakegurui Twin and the deuteragonist of the original Kakegurui. Hyakkaou Private Academy classmate of Yumeko Jabami and Ryota Suzui (the first character in the series to challenge Yumeko and lose).

Her Japanese voice actress is Minami Tanaka, and her English voice actress is Kira Buckland. In the live-action adaptation, Aoi Morikawa takes on the role. Christina Kelly provides her voice in the English dub of Sentai. likewise, now we can see people searching for Mary Saotome and more.

Mary Saotome Description

The first victim of Yumeko’s ability at gambling is Mary, the female in charge of Yumeko’s class at the new school. Due to her failure to recover from her losses when she challenged Yuriko Nishinotouin, she was relegated to the role of house pet and was eventually paired with Yumeko in the school’s debt consolidation game, where they ultimately emerged victorious and became friendly.

Mary Saotome Appearance

Mary is a short-to-average-height girl with long blonde hair that is pulled back and fastened with black ribbons and dark-yellow eyes.

Her outfit at Hyakkaou Private Academy consists of a red jacket with black trim at the collar and cuffs and gold buttons. She is sporting a white button-down shirt and a black tie under her red blazer. She is dressed in a grey pleated skirt, black stockings, and classic brown loafers with black soles.

She also like natural cosmetics, including mascara and blush, and a pinkish-beige lip colour.

Mary Saotome Personality

In the beginning, Mary appears to be a truly nasty and sick person. Her treatment of fellow student Ryota Suzui, who has been demoted to the status of a “housepet” at the academy, is indicative of her character. During their gambling matches, she is depicted ruthlessly teasing her opponents. She has also been proven to be incredibly conceited both during and after bouts. Mary also has a tendency to laugh at and mock her opponents when it appears that she will win a match.

Mary had no further aspirations save regaining her standing at the academy after her defeat at Yumeko Jabami’s hands and enjoying life as a housepet. Mary’s mental collapse during a battle with Yuriko Nishinotouin leads to her losing her pride and ultimately losing the match. She seems to have lost her haughtiness and cruelty since regaining her prominence. Even though she loves them very much, she is sometimes irritated by Ryota’s timidity or Yumeko’s impulsiveness. She also grew to despise the student council and wanted revenge for the mistreatment of housepets at their hands.

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It is revealed in Twin that she receives a scholarship to attend Hyakkaou Private Academy due to the fact that she comes from a financially humble background. Her parents saw the importance of her associating with children from affluent backgrounds from an early age, and they encouraged her to do so. She is self-confident in her wits and her ability to win at gambling and is offended when others disregard her because of her wealth. In the prologue, she is also noticeably less cruel. Mary is seen to still be using her hairpin despite the fact that Tsuzura Hanatemari no longer appears in the novel. What happened to her friend has clearly affected her deeply. She may be hiding her melancholy behind her cold and superior exterior.

Mary Saotome Profile

Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler

At the outset of the show, Mary is shown winning a poker game, with Ryota Suzui ultimately owing her $5,000,000 because he lost. When she can’t afford to, she takes Suzui in as a pet and treats him inhumanely by ordering him to bring her food and even using him as a footstool when she claims she’s too tired to stand. Mary’s jealousy of Yumeko Jabami’s fame and closeness to Ryota begins the moment she transfers into their class. Mary pretended to challenge Yumeko to a game of Vote Rock, Paper, Scissors, but in reality she was trying to trick Yumeko into becoming her housepet by means of cheating.

Yumeko placed modest wagers and let fate determine the outcome. With greater at risk, though, she resorted to her cheating ways and came out on top. She laughed at how naive Yumeko was being and anticipated taking her down. Yumeko, however, admitted that she had discovered her cheating strategy just before the final cards were dealt. likewise, now we can see people searching for Mary Saotome

Mary had previously been certain in her ability to win, but now she was not so sure. Yumeko, however, prevailed in their battle. Mary claims she is in dire straits and cannot pay her back. Since the game was so entertaining, Yumeko thinks it’s great and she’ll forgive the debt. But by that point, nobody still had any respect for Mary. A day after her loss, the rankings of how much money each student donated to the council were disclosed, and Mary found herself in the bottom 100.

After that, the following day at school, everyone sees Saotome’s desk covered in graffiti and topped with a shattered doll that looks just like her. When Jabami expresses concern, she is told to “shut up” and that the incident occurred as a result of her defeat at the hands of Jabami. Even if she hasn’t calmed down much, her ex-friends are already telling her what to do. She weeps, feeling sorry for herself and confused by what’s transpired.

Mary Saotome
Mary Saotome Mary Saotome

Mary Saotome makes one more attempt to pay off her debt by betting against Yuriko Nishinotouin. Late in the game, Yumeko drops by, further infuriating Mary. But she goes bankrupt and ends herself owing the Council even more money. She was confident that she could have afforded to pay back her past loan, but she decided to take the chance nevertheless.

In addition, the Student Council has arranged for her to get a lifeplan. She is required to wed a public official, according to the document. Runa Yomozuki is so bemused by the question that she refuses to answer it when consulted. Mary is infuriated and refuses to accept it, but she must. Then, Mary Saotome decides to play the Debt Settlement game. Mary Saotome complains that she was paired with Yumeko Jabami, who recently became a housepet in one game, despite the game’s pairings appearing to be completely at random (Two-Card Indian Poker). But during the course of the game, the two come up with a scheme to switch declarations and work together to get themselves out of debt. Their strategy against Jun Kiwatari worked well, and he didn’t catch on until the very end of the game. The battle is over, and Mary has won her freedom.

Yumeko phones her friend Mary Saotome after the game to report how much fun she had. At first, she feels awkward admitting that she enjoyed playing with Yumeko as well. This is especially true if Yumeko gets a little too close to her. She is taken aback by Yumeko’s sudden warmth, but she is beginning to embrace it. Affection for her grows despite her continued misgivings about her daring behaviour. She eventually runs into the other housepets that taunted her back in the day. They felt bad about it and offered an apology. Mary Saotome dismissed the incident with a shrug, but she was still irritated. But she couldn’t blame them; the student government was innocent.

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