Who Is Mahito? Is He Dead In The Jujutsu Kaisen Manga?

Mahito ( Mahito?) is a recurring bad guy in the Jujutsu Kaisen manga and anime series. In the company of Pseudo-Geto, he is a cursed ghost. The end purpose of his group is to wipe off all humans and replace them with evil ghosts.

Mahito Appearance

Jujutsu witch doctors have described Mahito as a cursed spirit with a human appearance, a patchwork face, and grey eyes. (Mahito has heterochromia in the anime; his left eye is a deep blue while his right eye is a neutral grey.) His grayish-blue hair is long enough to reach his neck and is tied off in three thick sections. Mahito appears to have been stitched together in more places than just his face.

The black shawl Mahito typically wears is divided into three sections at the left arm. And he wears those white sneakers with matching jeans.

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Mahito Personality

A nasty and immature cursed spirit, Mahito takes pleasure in playing with people’s feelings. He considers himself the physical embodiment of humankind’s inherent hatred for one another and thinks he was spawned from their sins. Since humans are the source of all evil, in Mahito’s opinion they should be wiped out and replaced by cursed spirits.

Mahito seems to not care about human life or even his own life. He is completely devoted to his mission, placing the revival of Sukuna ahead of his own personal safety. Mahito doesn’t care if he lives or dies so long as cursed spirits win in the end. Mahito, in contrast to his ally Jogo, who is quick to anger and boasts about his superiority over others, is a peaceful and jovial person. Despite this, they have the same aspirations for the future of their race.

Mahito’s birth may have given him a natural talent for communicating with and manipulating other people. He uses their animosity, grief, and fears to manipulate them into doing what he wants, even if it goes against their better judgement. As a result of his role in Junpei’s mother’s death, Junpei becomes a curse user out of a desire for vengeance and because he is certain that it was Shota Ito who placed Sukuna’s finger in his house, attracting the curse.

Even after viewing Mahito’s experiments in the sewer, Junpei still sought to defend him from Yuuji. Mahito had controlled Junpei so thoroughly that he didn’t even consider the possibility that Mahito was evil until he tried to defend him from Yuuji.

Nanami says that Mahito is very immature and that he has superficiality like Satoru Gojo. Even when his life is on the line in war, he can’t resist the temptation to play with humans. Mahito liked Junpei as a buddy because he thought he would be amusing to play with. He lived off of Junpei’s animosity and used that to manipulate him into using curses. Mahito had killed Yuji cold turkey when his toy was no longer useful to him.

When it comes to the nature of human souls, Mahito is similarly philosophical. He is fascinated by the concept of the soul and thinks it before the physical body. His afflicted method stems from this fixation, and he employs it to conduct experiments on helpless humans in the pursuit of insight.


His serenity is generally unshaken, but he shows signs of fear when his own safety is at stake, like when Yuji demonstrated that Mahito may be seriously injured by his own strikes. Later, he was taken aback when Nobara Kugisaki unleashed her cursed technique on him; like Yuji’s strikes, it is capable of penetrating physical defences and striking directly at the soul. The subsequent emphasis on his eliminating her reveals his determination to eliminate any potential threat to his safety.

Seeing in Yuji the same callous scorn that Mahito gave others, Mahito became afraid of Yuji near the end of their second encounter, when Mahito was gravely damaged by Black Flash and fatigued. And then, when the repercussions of his deeds finally came up with him, Mahito desperately wanted to flee Yuji, revealing that underneath all his bluster and pontification, he was really just a vicious child who relished hurting others when he was in no danger himself.

Mahito Abilities And Powers

Mahito is an undocumented Special Grade cursed spirit who is more powerful than three of Sukuna’s fingers combined, giving her an overall Skill Level of High. He lacks Jogo’s expertise and starting firepower because he’s a lot younger. Despite this, Mahito has grown rapidly over the span of only two months, showing that she is significantly stronger than the average Special Grade cursed spirit.

He’s exceptionally bright, and he uses a cursed technique that could kill you. Mahito has shown tremendous growth potential on several occasions, including during intense combat.

In a one-on-one confrontation, he was able to defeat the Grade 1 sorcerer Kento Nanami by rendering his cursed technique ineffective. After their battle, Nanami was convinced that Mahito needed to be exorcised right away to prevent him from developing into a threat that Jujutsu High couldn’t handle.

If it weren’t for Sukuna’s interference, Mahito probably would have beaten both Nanami and Yuji in their one-on-one duel as well. In the face of certain death, Mahito was able to forge the strength and resolve enough to invoke his own Domain Expansion during this battle.

Later, during the Shibuya Incident, Mahito pushed himself even farther, creating complete, indistinguishable clones of himself and honing his Soul-manipulating talents. After sacrificing some of his cursed energy to make a copy of himself, the new Mahito still fought with relativism toward Yuji. By landing many black flashes on Yuji and then Todo, he learned enough about cursed energy and his own soul to activate the Instant Spirit Body of Distorted Killing, greatly enhancing his strength.

Enhanced Strength: Mahito is a powerful fighter. In their second bout, he severely beaten Yuji Itadori to the point where he coughed up blood. Idle Transfiguration allowed him to execute a hit to Yuji that was so powerful that it caused him to bleed profusely from the forehead, despite the fact that his strength had been split in two after he had split his body to make a twin.

Mahito said he could have broken Yuji’s head if he had placed more of his weight behind the blow. He was powerful enough to hold down Nanami and destroy a large number of Mechamarus. Mahito’s strikes, when augmented by Black Flash, may be so devastating that they even made Aoi Todo cough up blood, despite the latter’s best efforts to concentrate his cursed energies.

Enhanced Speed: Mahito is really quick, too. Utilizing Idle Transfiguration, he quickly whizzed through Nanami’s defenses during their battle. He outran Yuji and attacked Todo so quickly that Todo had no choice but to concentrate his cursed energies.

Enhanced Reflexes: Superb reflexes are one of Mahito’s many strengths. It was possible for him to counter Yuji and Todo’s attacks due to his quick reflexes. Mahito was even able to keep up with Todo’s Boogie Woogie. Even more impressively, he fought Yuji and Nanami separately, using only his wits to avoid their assaults and quickly counter them with his own.

Is Mahito Dead In Jujutsu Kaisen Manga?

Cursed spirits cannot be slain, just exorcised, therefore technically Mahito is still alive. In the Jujutsu Kaisen anime, this is the reason why Yuuji Itadori faces a moral conundrum when he is ordered to execute people who have been twisted by Mahito’s Idle Transfiguration.

That said, Mahito’s existence right now is somewhat of a Scrodinger’s cat issue, due to Geto’s odd exorcism technique.

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