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Aka Akasaka’s Kaguya-sama: Love Is War manga contains a large ensemble cast. The plot takes set at Shuchiin Academy, and it focuses on the senior class and the student council president, Miyuki Shirogane, and the vice president, Kaguya Shinomiya, and their many schemes to get the other to proclaim their love for them.

Kaguya’s childhood friend and aide Ai Hayasaka also plays an important role, as does student council secretary Chika Fujiwara, treasurer Yu Ishigami, auditor Miko Ino, and many more.

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Main characters

Kaguya Shinomiya

Kaguya Shinomiya, the protagonist of the show, holds the position of vice president in the student council at Shuchiin Academy. Her family owns one of Japan’s major corporate giants, thus she is famous for her looks, brains, and money. Ch. 1 Kaguya was born into a wealthy family and was raised in a manner that made her proud, cold, and calculating. However, Kaguya is, at her core, a sweet, generous, and reasonable adolescent. Her inner pain from loneliness and isolation is exacerbated by her privileged background and upbringing.

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She is remarkably bad at using social media and modern technologies, despite her intelligence and money (although she excels at older, analogue methods of input such as typewriter). She’s also a bit naive when it comes to sex life; she had to be schooled in the ways of fashion and femininity before she could fully embrace them. Every time she wants Miyuki to admit his feelings for her, whether it be directly or indirectly, she has to prepare ahead and make sure the odds are stacked in her favour. She is active in extracurriculars such as the Archery club and the Student Council. Ch. 28

Later in the novel, it is revealed that Kaguya’s mother, Nayotake Shimizu, was a prostitute and the result of an affair between Kaguya’s father and the woman (Ch. 254); as a result, Kaguya is not technically a member of the family according to Japanese custom. Even though her father loves her just as much as the rest of his children, her two older brothers continue to use her as if she were nothing more than a political pawn.

Chapter 249 reveals that Akasaka revealed he based Kaguya on Kaguya-hime, explaining that both characters appear to be princesses at first, but eventually reveal hidden depths to their personalities. Both Kaguya and Miyuki appeared proud and scholarly on the outside, but he crafted them to turn out to be “goofy idiots” once you got to know them. He planned to make Kaguya become the “bad girl” of the two later on. Akasaka added that, despite Kaguya’s shadowy side, he strives to keep the good and negative sentiments about her in check since he doesn’t want people to hate her.

Miyuki Shirogane

Miyuki Shirogane is the head of the Shuchiin Academy student government. Chapter 1 He is well-known for being the school’s top student and for having placed second overall in national mock examinations, both of which are attributable to his constant studying, which explains his dishevelled appearance and the black circles under his eyes. Ch. 4 Similar to Kaguya, he lacks prior experience in romantic partnerships. Miyuki has a crippling fear of bugs, particularly cockroaches, and she has trouble participating in physical sports that require expertise.

Ch. 7, 15 Ch. 83 and his younger sister Kei frequently work part-time jobs to help support their family now that their father, a previous factory owner, is unemployed and his mother abandoned them when he was a toddler. Ch. 34, 52, 83 The series’ recurring comedy is that he refuses to tell Kaguya how he feels because he thinks she’ll look down on him and say, “How sweet.” Miyuki is a Ch. 56 enthusiast who hopes to make a living as a professional astronomer.

Like the Emperor in the Kaguya-hime narrative, he appreciates traditional folk tales and thinks he would have tried to kidnap the princess back if he were in the Emperor’s position. In Chapter 248, Akasaka reveals that he considered naming him Mikado, after the Emperor in the Kaguya-hime tale, but ultimately settled on the name Otomo no Miyuki. He shaped Miyuki to be an identical twin to Kaguya at first, but then he steered him in a different direction by making him a “nice boy.” He appreciates the ability to appear cool and collected on the outside, even while his thoughts might be racing wildly.

Chika Fujiwara

Student Council Secretary of Shuchiin Academy, Chika Fujiwara. Chika is a tall, slender girl with blue eyes and a huge breast size, light skin, and silver hair (light pink in the anime) that is tied with a black bow in the centre of her square bangs. She has known Kaguya Shinomiya since they were in middle school, but their friendship has always been under the radar due to Kaguya’s aloof demeanour.

While she claims to be an expert on reading emotions, her reads tend to be rather hit-or-miss; for example, she is able to tell that Miko harbours feelings for Yu despite her antagonistic attitude towards him, despite the fact that Miko has been antagonistic towards Yu since the beginning of the series. Chapter 226 and was the only student council member who didn’t know Kaguya and Miyuki were dating.

Ch. 223 Many of the disagreements that arise in Kaguya and Miyuki’s games of love are fueled by their lack of social awareness of their relationship, such as when Kaguya proposes to Miyuki in Chapter 53 of The Game of Life and when she steals his lunch. Ch. 5 Despite this, she is always the first to cheer up her fellow student council members and the last to leave them feeling down.

Yu Ishigami

Yu Ishigami, a sophomore at Shuchiin Academy, serves as the student council’s treasurer. The boy has dark hair and a haircut that gives him an emo appearance; his bangs hide one of his eyes. He was the truant second son of a modest toy manufacturer until Miyuki persuaded him to be the company’s treasurer.

He prefers to be alone and plays video games in silence on his portable console, but he has a good eye for human nature and can often spot secrets that others would rather keep hidden. Kaguya’s threatening glances and remarks have him worried that she may try to kill him. Vol. 3 Sometimes Chika will beat him up if he makes a remark that Chika finds offensive. Vol. 3

Kaguya-sama Love is War Characters
Kaguya-sama Love is War Characters

Yu is shown to be very honest and sincere of others, to the point that he will compromise his own reputation in order to avoid others from being wounded; as the novel progresses, he becomes more open with the council, particularly with Kaguya, who begins to love his presence as a junior. His history reveals that he was rejected by his peers and ultimately suspended from school for trying to intervene on behalf of a friend who was in danger from an abusive relationship. When Miyuki and the student council find out about him, they rally around him.

Yu is able to get past his ordeal and continue on with his life. Tsubame, a year older than him and the vice captain of the cheerleading squad he joined at random, gradually grows on him. He casually offers Tsubame a heart-shaped present at the school festival, not realising the gift represents a confession to her. Despite being rejected, he decides to work on himself to win her affection.

Ai Hayasaka

Since Ai Hayasaka’s mother was Kaguya’s wet-nurse and her father is Kaguya’s godfather, it’s safe to assume that Ai has known Kaguya since they were young children. When Kaguya was two years old, she was sent to live at the Shinomiya main house, and the two girls did not see each other again until they were seven. Volume 2, Character Sketch Her ancestors had been Shinomiya servants for years; they were originally rivals but were assimilated into the family because of their superior genetics.

Ch. 19 Her short, strawberry-blonde hair is a giveaway that she is a part Irish. Description: Chapter 29 She tries too hard to fit in with the trendy crowd by breaking the school’s dress code with her short skirts, loose collars, manicures, and other accessories. Ch. 25, 29 She doesn’t let Miyuki or Chika in on the fact that she’s friends with Kaguya. At the all-girls school where Miyuki is a student, the maid disguises herself as a student named Smirka A. Haski, Chapter 35, Episode 9.

Ch. 58 When Chika comes to visit, she dresses as the male butler, Mr. Haski. In Chapter 106, Episode 28, Ai teases Kaguya regularly because she is more socially savvy than Kaguya and may be calculative at times, but she is also very sensitive because she, too, wants a normal high school life and a boyfriend.

In Chapter 42, she reveals her true identity to Miyuki, earning his friendship and taunting Kaguya that it’s the first step toward something more serious between the two of them. Ch. 106–108 A little later, she resigns from her employment as assistant, confessing that she had been working for Kaguya’s brother all these years to spy on Kaguya. With Kaguya’s pardon, she is able to return to school, where she will be treated fairly. Ch. 179–187

Miko Ino

Yu’s first year of school is shared with Miko Ino. At the conclusion of Miyuki’s first term as student council president, she makes her first appearance as a candidate for the position of student council president and a member of the disciplinary committee. In an effort to bring about greater discipline and decorum among the student body, she proposes measures such as requiring all males to get crew haircut, all females to wear long skirts, and the outright prohibition of romantic connections.

She has strong opinions and is not afraid to voice them, yet she is terrified of public speaking and is therefore very timid. At the candidate speeches, she is unable to say what she really thinks until Miyuki creates a one-on-one chat and debate. Despite losing the election, she receives a respectable number of votes, and her former mockers now hold her in more esteem due to this. She continues to serve on the disciplinary panel while also joining the student council as the auditor of the budget.

Vol. 7 Later, she softens up a bit because she learns she needs to see things from other people’s viewpoints and that her techniques are too aggressive to be effective. Ch. 233
Her father is a high court judge, and her mother works for an international humanitarian relief organisation, thus Miko was raised with a strong sense of fairness. She is the smartest student in her class, and while she respects Chika’s talent as a pianist, she despises Yu for her lackadaisical attitude toward education. She used to view Miyuki as a giant playboy and Kaguya as a nasty villain because she frequently caught them in steamy makeout sessions.

Vol. 7-8 She encouraged Yu to make Tsubame his girlfriend, but now realises she has emotions for Yu herself. Ch. 190 Akasaka intended for Miko to have a dual personality, one in which she is a serious member of the Discipline Committee but is secretly vulgar, and another in which she is an honour student but is easily swayed by a boy’s kindness. In addition to providing comic relief, Miko’s appearance in the student council meeting room at the end of a chapter was often used as a punchline.

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