Inuyasha: What Your Favorite Character Says About You!

Inuyasha is a timeless fantasy epic that introduced thousands of young people to the world of anime and helped define a generation. The series features a cast of interesting, multifaceted characters of varying ages, sexes, and backgrounds that come together to tell a touching, thoughtful tale with surprising turns of events.

1. Inuyasha

Fans of the anime series Inuyasha are strong-willed and outspoken, but they are also developing their emotional depth and maturity. Many of Inuyasha’s supporters hold the opinion that he is egocentric since he is so self-assured. As a result of his need to dominate his surroundings, he might be aggressive and conceited.

Inuyasha is highly sensitive, yet he hides it behind an impenetrable exterior. Because of his traumatic upbringing and Kikyo’s treachery, Inuyasha developed a deep-seated fear of letting anybody into his heart for fear of losing his strength and being left defenceless. Inuyasha initially plays the tough guy, but after meeting Kagome and making friends along the way, he begins to loosen up and become more open.

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2. Kagome

People who like Kagome tend to be kind, sociable, and just, but they also have a temper. Kagome is empathetic and well-intentioned, so she has no trouble striking up conversations with strangers. She is able to make her way through the Warring States Period with the support of her good nature and willingness to assist others.

Because of her open and empathetic nature, she is able to make friends with both demonic and human beings in the most unusual of situations. Kagome is not a two-dimensional character; she is jealous, possessive, and has a short fuse. She has a kind heart and wants to be compassionate, but she is a headstrong teenager about to embark on a dangerous adventure.

3. Kikyo

A Kikyo fan might be vindictive, but they also have a clear goal in mind and strong morals. She treats both children and bandits with kindness because she is human. She felt the weight of being a priestess, but she made the ultimate sacrifice by destroying the Shikon Jewel and accepting her death.

Her sense of good and wrong gradually returns as she fights through bitterness and perfectionism following her resurrection from the dead, but she remains obsessed by hatred for Inuyasha. Kikyo has difficulty expressing her desires since she is so committed to her beliefs, which leads to her being viewed as stiff by those around her. Kikyo gradually develops a sense of forgiveness, acceptance, and even love for life as she uncovers the truth about her demise.

5. Sesshomaru

Sesshomaru fans are self-assured and dominant in social situations, but they are also warm and nurturing with their closest friends and family. Sesshomaru knows he has immense potential and prospects because of his birth. He has such confidence in himself that he would fight the most powerful demons in the world if just to prove that he can.

Like his younger brother Inuyasha, Sesshomaru believes he was born to rule over everyone and everything he encounters. His interaction with Rin causes him to soften and become less power-hungry over the course of the novel. Sesshomaru gains compassion and purpose by caring for a human girl while maintaining his authority and dignity, thanks to his Tenseiga heritage.

6. Koga

Fans of Koga tend to be forthright and resolute, yet they might be indifferent to the needs of those around them. Koga is a true leader and passionately loyal to his pack, as evidenced by the fact that he would willingly risk his own life to defend his family and friends. He lacks empathy for human beings at initially, but his growing feelings for Kagome help him change his mind.

inuyasha characters
inuyasha characters

Kagome is fearless and brash; she never hesitates to jump into a problem without first considering all of her options. His untamed nature and keen instincts make him a formidable opponent, but he can also be selfish and insensitive to the needs of those around him. However, his feelings for Kagome are undeniable, and he truly cares for his friends and is willing to lay down his life to safeguard those who mean the most to him.

7. Sango

Sango devotees are hard-working and dedicated, yet they frequently struggle with anxiety brought on by having too much on their plates. Sango is a fierce and proud warrior who feels an immense sense of responsibility to her family, her demon-slaying mission, and Kohaku herself.

Sango’s emotional journey can make her defensive and unsure of what to do. Underneath her laid-back demeanour is a young woman who craves stability and acceptance; nevertheless, once she finds it, she is unwavering in her devotion to her companions. Even though she is a skilled yokai taijiya, she struggles with insecurity and worry, particularly in regards to her brother. She has conflicting traits that make her a fascinating and likeable character: she can be both soft and tough, trusting and sceptical.

8. Shippo

It’s true that Shippo fans have a lot of drive and determination, but they also tend to be sensitive and even codependent. Shippo, despite being the frailest and least capable of the group, always comes to the battle with his friends.

If he decides on anything, he does not give up until he achieves it. Avenging his father’s death required him to face the Thunder Brothers, who were far more powerful than he, but he didn’t give up and, with the support of Kagome and Inuyasha, he was victorious. Shippo is happiest when he is surrounded by friends, and he takes great pleasure in assisting others in achieving their objectives.

9. Rin

Fans of Rin tend to be receptive and laid-back, if not occasionally complacent. Rin is excessively trusting and optimistic, and she sometimes goes along with Sesshomaru’s harsh antics. She has a tendency toward formality in social interactions and likes to avoid conflict wherever possible. But due of her past experiences, Rin is cynical about people in general and adults in particular.

With her easygoing attitude and ability to provide peace to her fellow travellers, Rin is always well taken care of. Sometimes, she fails to speak up for what she wants since she is so loyal to Sesshomaru. Despite this, Rin makes an effort to have a positive outlook and regularly goes above and above in expressing her appreciation and love for her loved ones.

10. Kagura

Kagura fans are strong-willed, goal-oriented, and despise being micromanaged. Because of her unfortunate situation, Kagura is regularly influenced by Naraku, who doesn’t care about her well-being. Because of this, Kagura has no choice but to resort to the same strategies she used to survive: she lies to and manipulates people around her.

Kagura has some common ground with Inuyasha and his friends in their shared desire to escape from Naraku. The wind user is coldly pragmatic; she lets Inuyasha escape repeatedly so that he can vanquish Naraku. Kagura, who works for Naraku, shows affection for Kohaku and Kanna and develops feelings for Sesshomaru, despite the fact that she is Naraku’s servant. Kagura values autonomy and independence above all else.

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