How Many Episodes Will Bleach: why Did They Stop Bleach Anime?

Bleach is coming back after a long hiatus to wrap up unfinished business. How many episodes of Thousand Year Blood War will be needed to wrap up the story? The original anime was one of the longest-running hits of the early 2000s.

How Long is Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War?

It’s crucial to emphasize how long the Thousand Year Blood War is in the Bleach manga, for the benefit of readers who may not be familiar with it. What we have here is not a simple new season, but rather an epic, multi-part story.

Just around a third of the entire Bleach manga is dedicated to the Thousand Year Blood War.

To give you an idea of how massive Thousand Year Blood War may be, the remaining two-thirds have been condensed into about 300 episodes (approximately accounting for fillers).

How Many Episodes Will Bleach
How Many Episodes Will Bleach

How Many Episodes Will Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War Have?

Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War may or may not have as many episodes as the original series. However, prior adaptations and the information at hand lead us to believe that it will be at least 108 episodes long.

This estimate of 108 episodes comes mainly from looking at the median runtime of previous Bleach adaptations.

During the final three non-filler seasons (12, 14, and 16), the average number of chapters covered per episode was a little over 2. At that rate, TYBW would have somewhere around 100 episodes.

The standard number of episodes in a season of anime is 12 or 13, and most modern adaptations of manga follow this pattern. Bleach, whether on a continuous schedule or in two halves, will probably need to follow this pattern. Because of this, it makes sense to have 108 episodes total or 9 courses of 12 episodes each.

That estimate includes filler episodes, which are typically used in long-running adaptations to make the show more enjoyable for viewers. The episode count could go up even higher if there is a lot of padding or extra material added to the comic plot.

After the first season of Thousand Year Blood War premieres in the Fall of 2022, we will have a clearer understanding of the pacing. But for the time being, you can be assured that Bleach will be around for a fairly long period – perhaps more than two years!

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