Fortnite x My Hero Academia Release Date Update In 2022

Fortnite x My Hero Academia: Our next anime crossover is coming to Fortnite in Season 1, ChapteFortnite x My Hero Academia Release Date In 2022r 4: My Hero Academia, and here’s how to get Izuku Midoriya (AKA Deku).

There will soon be a new huge crossover between Fortnite and an anime series that many players enjoy. As with Naruto and Dragon Ball Super before it, My Hero Academia has been given the Fortnite makeover.

Deku, the series’ protagonist, will undoubtedly make an appearance on the island, but Midoriya probably won’t be the only recognisable person players will recognise.

Fortnite x My Hero Academia Release Date

We now know that the Fortnite x My Hero Academia crossover will be released in December of 2022. Nonetheless, a snooped-on Japanese ad seems to hint at December 16 as the crossover’s release date.

Deku and One For All are expected to release sometime in the middle of December, after the holiday rush has died down a bit.

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Which My Hero Academia Skins Are Coming To Fortnite?

Currently, Epic Games has only confirmed that Izuku Midoriya, better known by his stage name, Deku, will be making an appearance in Fortnite. However, a harvesting tool reminiscent of All Might was teased for the Battle Royale in Chapter 4 of Season 1.

Is this a possible clue that All Might will make an appearance in My Hero Academia? The fact that Deku is an All Might stan means that this pickaxe is also ideal for him.

When the Naruto and Dragon Ball crossover and the Dragon Ball and Super crossover releases were both released, they each included four skins. Given the current trajectory set by My Hero Academia, the following skins have the best chance of making it to Fortnite:

  • Izuku Midoriya (Deku)
  • Ochako Uraraka (Uravity)
  • Katsuki Bakugo (Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight)
Fortnite x My Hero Academia
Fortnite x My Hero Academia

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Is One For All Coming To Fortnite?

It appears that during the collaboration, a new mythic item called “One For All” will be added to Fortnite. This ability seems to require the user to charge up before unleashing a powerful blast in a specific direction, like the Kamehameha.

This time, it appears that pressing the One For All button will unleash a massive windstorm that will completely destroy any structures in its path. It’s hard to say how much damage Midoriya’s Quirk does to opposing players, but their buildings will certainly fall over from the force of it.

What Is My Hero Academia In Fortnite?

Nearly everyone in the world of the renowned anime and manga series My Hero Academia possesses a “Quirk,” or unique ability.

Many citizens of this civilization with superpowers are employed as Heroes, working with law enforcement to catch criminals and keep the peace.

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