Eren Yeager: What Happens Once Eren Passes Away?

Eren Yeager used to be a Survey Corps officer. From the perspective of Attack on Titan, he was the hero. Until the collapse of Wall Maria, he had been living in Shiganshina District with his parents; at that time, he helplessly watched as a Titan devoured his mother. As a result of this tragedy, Eren would grow to despise the Titans to the point where he would vow to eradicate them from the planet.

Shortly thereafter, his father Grisha Yeager located him and gave Eren the key to the cellar, directing him to retrieve it and recapture Wall Maria at whatever cost. Next, he gave Eren an injection of Titan serum.

Eren, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Arlert all enlisted in the 104th Training Corps in the year 847. Following their graduation, the three enlisted in the Survey Corps to help with the aftermath of the war in the Trost District, where Eren had placed fifth.

When Eren finally located the basement and accessed his father’s memories, he discovered the truth about the Titans and Eldia and Marley’s past. Eren then determined to rescue his people from their real foe: the rest of humanity.

The strength of three Titans was vested in Eren. Eren got the Titan abilities of Attack and Founding from his father. He acquired War Hammer Titan after consuming Lara Tybur during the Liberio Raid.

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Eren was an average-height young man with a muscular frame. His long, rounded face and large, expressive grey eyes were very similar to his mother’s. His bangs fell in a natural, middle-parted, curtain-like way, and his hair was short and black. During his time in the military, he developed into a highly fit and muscular man, but this was often hidden by his baggy uniform. Eren’s hair grew to his neck length after the time jump of four years.

Eren was originally seen dressed in the garb of his hometown, which comprised of plain brown shoes, a brown belt, a green shirt with string tassels at the collar, and a reddish-brown coat. He also sported a black scarf, which he gifted to Mikasa Ackerman on their first day together, a few years before Wall Maria’s collapsed.

As a young man, he frequently wore the standard Survey Corps training uniform. He was dressed casually in a long beige shirt, white pants, and brown knee-high boots. The shirt and sash were both from his initial appearance. The key his dad gave him was usually swinging from a cord around his neck.

Eren is noticeably taller and his hair is down to his shoulders by the time he infiltrates Marley in the year 854. Bandages covered his forehead and left eye, and he had a thin moustache and goatee.

Even though Falco Grice had him switch to wearing the Eldian wristband on his left arm, he had originally worn it on his right. Eren abandoned his Survey Corps uniform upon his return to Paradis Island, replacing it with a white shirt, dark slacks, and a plain black mantle. He shaved off his moustache and goatee and pulled his hair back into a bun.

Attack Titan Form

When Eren became the Attack Titan, he underwent a dramatic shift in appearance. His hair reached his shoulders, he grew an extra foot in height, and his ears and tongue lengthened. His eyes sank deeply into their sockets, his nose became hooked, and his mouth took on an odd, jagged shape that made it difficult for him to articulate comprehensible words. Despite this, he was still able to howl and roar to vent his frustration and weariness. His teeth were also visible because he had no lips and no skin on his cheeks.

Eren’s Titan form, like those of previous Attack Titan holders, was proportionate and fit, with a defined, lean, and muscular appearance in place of the more typical pot-bellied or emaciated Titan appearances.

Founding Titan Form

The Doomsday Titan that Eren created was vastly different from the Founding Titan that Ymir Fritz created, or any other Titan’s Founding Titan for that matter. Even though the Titan was first obscured by the Wall Titans’ vapour, its enormous size stood out against the crowd.

There was no visible skin on what was supposed to be the torso, making it look more like an oversized set of ribs. The ribs reached the ground, and the arch of the spine went far into the sky, while the vertebral bodies were abnormally elongated into knobs. However, the pelvis and legs were noticeably small and appeared to be of no value. Although shorter than the Wall Titans, they were nevertheless physically larger.

Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager

The “ribcage” didn’t look too big compared to the rest of the body, so the upper body and legs looked about the same size (although it was revealed that the “ribcage” arose from the lower back). The only fleshy part of the body was the head, which was severely malformed: the ears and hair were abnormally long, the cheeks were gone, revealing the molars, and the lower jaw was virtually naked, leaving only the lips and chin.

The upper body was supported like a suspension bridge by the vertebral knobs and was suspended from them by sinew like a puppet. Eren’s head and torso were no longer linked inside the Titan; instead, they were separated by a number of vertebrae after he had been severed and reassembled using Ymir’s strength. His head is held up by a sinewy structure.

The Titan moved its “ribcage” in an undulating motion, much like the legs of a millipede. It moved swiftly enough to stay in view of the Rumbling.

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