Collar x Malice game: A anime Adaptation Of The Romantic Suspense Game Is Set for 2023!

The Otomate label of Idea Factory revealed on Monday that the theatrical anime adaptation of their Collar x Malice video game will begin showing in 2023. A short trailer for the film is now available online, courtesy of Otomate.

After a terrible attack by a terrorist group, they gave you a lethal souvenir: a poison collar that may kill you at any time. As things begin to spin out of hand and time begins to run out, five unknown people suddenly materialise to help you uncover the truth.

Can you rely on anyone? Do you have what it takes to save Shinjuku’s spirit and yourself from the depths of the unknown? You are the only one who can save this city from its enslaving hatred.

Collar x Malice game
Collar x Malice game

After its initial release in Japan by Otomate in August 2016, Collar X Malice was ported to English by Aksys Games in July 2017. In July of 2018, a fan disc for Collar x Malice Unlimited was released in Japan for the PlayStation Vita. It featured an intermission, a sequel tale, and three ancillary stories.

In March of 2020, the Japanese edition of Collar x Malice and Collar x Malice Unlimited for Switch was launched. In August of that year, North American shipments of the English edition of Collar x Malice Unlimited began.

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