Chainsaw Man Editor Confirms Manga Author’s New Twitter Account

Chainsaw Man Editor: Tatsuki Fujimoto, the man behind the Chainsaw Man comic, is not just an accomplished artist but also one of the more eccentric people on Twitter. The fact that he only started posting under his own identity this weekend, while desperately trying to convince others that he really is behind the account, makes his presence on the platform all the more hilarious.

For a long time, an account purporting to be Tatsuki Fujimoto’s younger sister shared the artist’s work online. Users speculated that Fujimoto, using the alias “Koharu Nagayama,” was behind the account. If there was any question before the anime premiere, it was dispelled by “Nagayama’s” live impressions and creator discussion posted after each episode.

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Sadly, the young “Nagayama” was killed off last Friday on Twitter. Shihei Lin, the editor of the Chainsaw Man manga, has stated that the account was temporarily locked due to the user’s declared age. The minimum age for a Twitter account is 13, yet “Koharu Nagayama” has been in elementary school for at least two years and is currently in her third grade.

Chainsaw Man Editor
Chainsaw Man Editor

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Shihei Lin shared the bad news, and shortly after, an anonymous user called “Lin-san!,” replied Tatsuki Fujimoto. It’s me, Tatsuki Fujimoto. Believe me, please. Actually, it is the case!”

The line recalls a humorous episode in the manga where Denji tries to assert that he is the Chainsaw Man, as pointed out by several Twitter users. According to Shihei Lin, “the brother of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s little sister,” whose Twitter handle is @ashitaka eva, created the account the following day. He went on to say that the account’s authenticity is confirmed by the posting of unaccepted Chainsaw Man concept artwork.

As of this writing, “Tatsuki Fujimoto” has been tweeting about his fruitless attempts to have Koharu Nagayama’s account restored by contacting Twitter’s nonexistent Japanese technical support. If Koharu Nagayama’s account isn’t back by Tuesday, when the next episode of the Chainsaw Man anime is released, then “Tatsuki Fujimoto” has declared that he will post his live impressions on this temporary account. He has also been posting random trivia about his favourite manga (Welcome Back, Alice by Shz Oshimi) and Ghibli films (Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away).

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