7 Times BTS Members As Anime Characters: The best of both worlds

In recent years, BTS has reached new heights of fame and glory. The exponential growth of the septet’s popularity is a clear indication of the band’s widespread appeal. As a result of their intense devotion, ARMYs have produced a wealth of original content, including parodies, video edits, and fan-made collaborations that are nothing short of hilarious or astonishing.

Even though there is a lot of creative stuff out there, BTS X Anime is still a huge hit with fans. The Bangtan Boys’ obsession with anime may also be a contributing factor to their recent outburst on social media. Tanners have developed their tight ties to Japanese animation through a variety of means, including open declarations of admiration for the medium and the streaming of shows like Haikyuu and My Hero Academia in backstage green rooms.

1) RM – Loid Forger

To anyone familiar with the Spy X Family anime, RM (Kim Nam-Joon) is unmistakably Loid Forger. They are remarkably similar, from an instinctual need to defend their “chosen” family to a willingness to take huge risks in pursuit of perfection.

There is a great deal of pressure on both Loid, as a spy, and RM, as the group’s leader. They are very thoughtful and systematic, and they will go to any length to do their jobs.

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2) Jin – Gojo Satoru

The BTS member with the most goofiness is Jin, the group’s oldest. Like his perfect sibling, Gojo Satoru from Jujutsu Kaisen sets the tone for his world.

Even while they put on a happy and carefree front when they’re with their pals, they’re not above alerting the authorities if something seems amiss. Jin’s unrepentant call out of antis charging chart manipulation might be seen as analogous to Gojo’s callous attitude toward his opponents and open disregard for Principal Gakuganji.

3) SUGA – L

Suga of BTS, the band known as Daechwita, is set to meet his match in L of Death Note. Both possess analytical minds and the capacity to solve problems, two key attributes they share. While neither is particularly good at attracting attention to themselves, their charisma and attention to detail make them formidable opponents.

Both are cool under pressure and unafraid to state their beliefs. Both SUGA and L reveal Light Yagami’s true identity while sitting next to him, and L makes a remark about how Bang PD (Bang Si-Hyuk) tricked him into dancing.

4) j-hope – Luffy

Both j-hope of BTS and Luffy of One Piece are identical twins separated at birth. Both of them have a positive outlook on life and are always ready to spread joy and laughter.

They can persuade anyone with their honesty and confidence. On the other hand, the one thing they both have in common is an extremely radiant and infectious grin.

5) Jimin – Kamado Tanjiro

Jimin from BTS can see a lot of himself in Demon Slayer Kamado Tanjiro’s main character. Jimin has received explicit and vile hate remarks to date, while Tanjiro has survived on the brink of death protecting his sole remaining family member, Nezuko (sister), but the two remain full of warmth and compassion despite their hardships.

Bts As Anime Characters
Bts As Anime Characters

They will do anything for their best friends, including giving their own lives. Their admirers love them with all their hearts because of their modesty, charity, and general niceness.

6) V – Gray Fullbuster

Gray Fullbuster of Fairytail and V of BTS (real name: Kim Tae-Hyung) both love to strip down to their underwear. His upbringing is made evident by the innumerable selcas of the K-pop idol’s bare chest that have gone viral and caused a frenzy among his followers.

Both V and Gray are stubborn and casual until it’s time to get in shape and take drastic action. They come out as frank and forthright but are actually complete floofballs. The most popular men and women in both domains are actually very sensitive and kind people who will go out of their way to show their loved ones how much they care.

7) Jung Kook – Yuno

The character of Jung Kook complements that of Black Clover’s young genius, Yuno. Even the golden maknae and the extraordinary grimoire owner are fierce competitors. Both Yuno, who is determined to outdo the magic emperor, and Jung Kook, who is intent on accomplishing everything, go above and beyond in their efforts.

They excel at a wide variety of tasks and give the impression of being in control, but their dedication and perseverance are what really keeps them moving forward. In spite of their perfectionist tendencies, Jung Kook and Yuno are both down-to-earth and modest people.

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