Boruto Episode 275 Spoiler Release Date

Boruto Episode 275: On Sunday, November 13th, 2022, at 5:30 p.m. JST, the 275th episode of Boruto will air. The show will premiere on TV TOKYO and other regional Japanese networks first, before being made available to viewers around the world.

Boruto Episode 275 Spoiler Release Date

Titled “To the Sky Again,” Boruto Episode 275 will premiere on TV on November 13, 2022. Futatabi Sora e (Japanese: ) is the name of this song in its transcribed form. This episode’s world premiere will take place in Japan on Fuji TV. The following is the worldwide premiere schedule for the newest One Piece episode. Countries represented include the USA, Brazil, France, the UK, and India.

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Recap of Boruto Episode 274 Summary

Boruto tries to talk to Ikada when Team Sarada finally reaches the Funato flagship, but Ikada immediately wrecks their ship and compels them to board. Ikada and Araumi are sceptical of Boruto’s claims that Chojuro volunteered to retreat if the Funato did, but Boruto blurts it out nonetheless. Boruto tries to talk some sense into Ikada by bringing up his dreams, but Ikada is still angry about the death of Seiren and uses his sea-controlling talents to attack Boruto. The Denki, Buntan, and Kyoho teams leave to join forces with Team Sarada in battle.

To make up for the Funato’s losses, Ikada promises to draw more blood from the Mist. The Shinonome is destroyed by Tenma’s repaired mobile fortress. Kawaki joins Araumi on the fortress’s deck. Any attempt to reason with Ikada is met with anger, and he immediately calls for Kobuna. In exchange for the head of Chojuro, Ikada pledges to call off the combat if Boruto gives it to him. Sarada and Mitsuki come to terms with the fact that logic no longer holds any water. In an effort to spare Chojuro, Boruto offers to make the ultimate sacrifice.

The only way Ikada will consider Boruto’s offer of self-sacrifice is if Sarada and Mitsuki are there to watch, and they aren’t. Even though Boruto convinces them to stop, the Funato still beat him to death. Ikada allows Kobuna the opportunity to deal the killing blow, but when Boruto sees how terrified the kid is, he jumps into the churning water himself.

Both Mitsuki and Sarada cry as Ikada tries to incite them to seek vengeance against Boruto. Seeing their promise to refrain from revenge, Ikada immediately comes to Boruto’s aid. During the jubilation of Team Sarada, Ikada orders the fleet to withdraw. Despite this, Araumi attempts to fire the Chakra Cannon at the Shinonome, but Kawaki quickly steps in and incapacitates him by slicing his throat. At the same time that Buntan, Metal, and Kyodo have finally let go of their vengeance, Boruto and Ikada are having a heartfelt conversation as friends.

Boruto Episode 275
Boruto Episode 275

After returning to the Leaf, Naruto offers Team Sarada his congratulations for their successes in the Mist. Moreover, according to Shikamaru, both Araumi and Jibiki have been incarcerated, while Ikada’s whereabouts are currently unknown. Before storming off, Kawaki criticises Boruto’s naiveté and his opinions on the conflict. Upon encountering Team Denki, he discovers that they are exactly as immature as Boruto. Boruto’s hardships with war are relatable to Naruto, who urges he make amends with Kawaki.

Having regained their freedom, Buntan and Kyoho bid farewell to Kagura and Hebiichigo at their graves. Kyoho remains in Kagura’s settlement, and Buntan returns to the Mist. Chojuro decides that Ikada, who played a crucial role in ending the war, will be punished by Kajiki’s constant surveillance. Sarada and Boruto approach Kawaki to discuss the situation, but the two end up fighting while Mitsuki and Naruto observe. Exhausted, Kawaki and Boruto come to their senses, and Naruto offers to buy them all ramen.

What Happened In Boruto Episode 274?

In the previous episode, titled “The Flightless Hawk,” Sasuke’s hawk retired, prompting him and his student Boruto to go in search of the Thousand Mile Hawk. In contrast to other hawks, this one didn’t need to stop for fuel every thousand miles. It was determined that a man named Maruta was the hawk-keeper.

They track down their target, but discover an underground trade operating nearby. In Episode 274, we meet Shikatiri Mozu, a cruel dealer who buys and sells exotic creatures to the likes of A-listers and multibillion dollar corporations. Later on, Boruto befriends Mozu’s son Tsuzura and assists him in hunting with the aid of Mozu’s white hawk, Yuki.

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