Ten Anime Characters Who Fight While Closing Their Eyes!

However, the act of closing one’s eyes may convey more than just a penchant for intrigue and deception. The eyelids must be closed to make use of some ocular skills. Characters may opt to practice with their eyes closed in order to focus on developing their other senses. Anime characters’ ability to fight blindly is a reflection of their cunning, egotism, or years of war experience.

Yoshinobu Gakuganji Is A Traditionalist Headmaster Who Has Seen It All (Jujutsu Kaisen)

The principal of Kyoto Jujutsu High School at Jujutsu Kaisen is named Yoshinobu Gakuganji. He is against risking Sukuna’s revival and is therefore for Itadori’s execution, given his advanced age and familiarity with the sorcerous realm and its dangers. He dislikes Gojo because he thinks Gojo is careless with his powers and harmful.

Blue Anime  Eyes
Blue Anime Eyes

In spite of this, Yoshinobu has a soft spot for his students, as evidenced by his cooperation with Gojo to save the students during the Goodwill Event attack. Still, Yoshinobu does not open his eyes when he employs his sound amplification skills via guitar, demonstrating unwavering faith in his wizardry and immersion in the ecstasy of the music.

Nonohara Kaede Is A Tough-Love Practitioner (Hayate The Combat Butler)

A member of the Azumamiya family, Nonohara Kaede serves as a fight butler in Hayate: The Combat Butler. He’s Koutaro Azumamiya’s devoted servant. Nonohara always seems to have a creepy grin on his face. His initial pleasantness and politeness to friends and rivals belie a nasty underbelly.

Blue Anime  Eyes
Blue Anime Eyes

Many of Nonohara’s training methods for Koutaro involve hitting him. He says he’s teaching by example, but his front belies an unexpected vulnerability: he gets really upset anytime Koutaro is in danger. In Kendo, which he does expertly, he still prefers to battle with his eyes closed.

Chouza Akimichi Isn’t Big On The Whole “Seeing” Thing (Naruto)

Chouza Akimichi of Naruto is the father of Choji and one-third of the original Ina-Shika-Cho trio. The Akimichi family has mastered the art of chakra transformation through the consumption of food. Chouza is well-versed in the methods of his clan and is capable of incredible feats, such as stopping the tail of the tailed beast Shuukaku and destroying the Asura Path of Pain.

Blue Anime  Eyes
Blue Anime Eyes

Chouza is a kind and thoughtful man who deeply adores his son. Furthermore, he is harsh, often admonishing Choji to “bring out the best in you” while facing off against an opponent. He loves to eat, but his heart is much bigger.

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