Is There Going To Be A Fifth Season of Black Clover?

In a world where magic is commonplace, the story follows Asta, the only person who is unable to utilize it. Asta, however, remains unfazed, and he and his adoptive brother Yuno continue to work toward their goal of becoming the wizard king. The first volume of the manga was released in 2015, making the total number of volumes up to 31. Anime based on the manga began airing in 2017. The anime runs for a total of 170 episodes across its four seasons.

Will There Be Season 5 Of Black Clover?

After a slow start, the anime quickly gained traction, and its subsequent seasons aired nonstop from 2017 to 2019. The show, which had been scheduled for only 51 episodes, was renewed for a second season airing from October 2018 until 2021 (with a hiatus in 2020).

The final episode of the anime was confirmed for March 30, 2021, in February 2021. The “important announcement” was both on the official anime website and in the last episode. Anime News Network also noted that on March 30 at 6:00 p.m., the cast and crew appeared live on Avex Pictures’ official YouTube channel.

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What Will The Plot Of Black Clover Season 5 Be?

The events of the manga up until Chapter 270, “Dark Prison Hunting Ground,” left viewers hanging at the end of Season 4. Asta’s inner demon, Liebe, is the focus of this chapter’s action.

Black Clover Season 5
Black Clover Season 5

Asta has triumphed over Liebe, therefore instead of forcing him to do his bidding, Liebe has decided to make friends with Asta. Asta’s biological mother being revealed is another interesting plot point. As an alternative to a new season of the anime, this may be addressed in the film that is next in line.

Who Is The Cast Of Black Clover Season 5?

Asta and Yuno, voiced by Gakuto Kajiwara and Nobunaga Shimazaki, will undoubtedly appear in the new season. There will also be a return appearance by Noelle Silva (Kana Yuki), who plays Asta’s romantic interest. Others may or may not be included in Season 5 depending on the outcome of the film. Assuming, of course, that the planned fifth season actually happens.

Black Clover Season 5 Trailer

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